August 10, 2007, - 12:31 pm

Crocodile Tears Over Gaza Snakes

So sad, too bad.
The U.N. is whining that Gaza will become completely dependent on foreign aid and experience dire consequences if the HAMAS-run terror-itory, er . . . territory, remains sealed off from Israel and Egypt.
Uh, WHY is HAMAS even getting foreign aid?

Worried About HAMAS’ Survival?

PUH-LEEZE. Who cares? They are terrorists. If only we could say the same about their Fatah buddies in the so-called “West Bank,” too. But, unfortunately, the U.S. is repeatedly rushing faster than the late Flo-Jo on steroids to bankroll those guys.
Guess what? If Bin Laden can survive, unfortunately, HAMAS will survive. And we–America–will help them in that endeavor. Because, as President Bush said right after 9/11, “You’re either on the Palestinians’ side or the terrorists’ side.”
What? You’re telling me he said, “You’re either on OUR side or the terrorists’ side”? Hmmm . . . then, why is he always siding with the terrorists?
See my crocodile tears over the “suffering” in Gaza. How’s that greenhouse workin’ for ya?

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The aid from Israel wasn’t for Hamas! It was for the civilians of gaza but Hamas took it for themselves to make the gazans poorer JUST SO ISRAEL WOULD LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUY! The only snakes in gaza are Hamas! 1.Hamas shoots at civilians from civilians then uses gaza civilians as human sheilds while they’re ether behind the sheild or underground! 2.they make Israel look like the bad guys!

Robyn on August 23, 2013 at 5:50 am

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