August 28, 2007, - 10:27 am

EXCLUSIVE: Top Muslim Brotherhood/HAMAS Official Infiltrated NASA, Now Iraqi Ambassador to Japan; ICE/DoJ Ties

**** EXCLUSIVE – MUST CITE and link to (That Means You, , , and Steven Emerson) ****
A telephone directory is the most interesting exhibit in the ongoing federal trial against officials of a charity accused of being a HAMAS fundraising entity.
It’s evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated NASA and now has a part in Iraq’s post-Saddam government.

Ghanim Al-Jumaily, (Left) Top Muslim Brotherhood Official Infiltrated NASA, Had Top Fed Friends; Now Iraqi Ambassador to Japan

During recent testimony at the ongoing trial, an FBI agent testified that operatives of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development were part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to infiltrate the United States on behalf of HAMAS.
An exhibit introduced during her testimony is a 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document outlining the organizations goals in America, via HAMAS, as “a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”
Along with that document, Special Agent Lara Burns authenticated a . It listed the names and numbers of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in the United States. Among the fifteen names listed as “Members of the Board of Directors” is “G. Aljumaily.”
With the help of private investigator Bill Warner (who’s done a great deal of ground-breaking investigations of Islamic terrorism), I’ve confirmed that the phone number listed is that of Dr. Ghanim Al-Jumaily.
That’s significant because Al-Jumaily worked at the highest levels of NASA as a jet propulsion engineer on the Mars Rover Team and in that capacity had high-level security clearances and access to classified information. And he’s now Iraq’s Ambassador to Japan, a post he’s held since late 2004.
In the Muslim Brotherhood directory, Al-Jumaily is listed as being in charge of the Iraq Committee for the American branch of the Brotherhood. Whether that means he was in charge of propaganda in favor of then-Saddam-controlled Iraq or raising money for Hussein is unclear.
Regardless, as chief of the Detroit-area Islamic charity, LIFE For Relief and Development (a charity , both in the New York Post and ) for over a decade, Al-Jumaily performed both services and helped fund the Brotherhood’s HAMAS division. In the late 1990s LIFE–America’s largest Islamic charity–openly declared on its federal tax forms that it sent millions to a group the FBI identified as HAMAS’ Jordanian operation. In 2002, Jumaily and LIFE organized the trip for three anti-war U.S. Congressmen to go to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein and see his version of the country just months before the U.S. invasion. (The trip was paid for by Shakir Alkhafaji, the only American named in the oil-for-food scandal that has not been prosecuted.)
And the presence of Jumaily on the Brotherhood’s American board confirms what has long been known: that the Brotherhood is part of Al-Qaeda and should be put on the State Department terrorist list. LIFE’s founding resident agent is tied to Al-Qaeda, and one of its former employees, Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan, is also tied to terrorists. The charity is believed to be a major funder of Al-Qaeda insurgents in Iraq, one of the reasons the U.S. Army raided its Iraq offices in 2004 and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force raided its Michigan offices, last September. Under Al-Jumaily’s leadership, LIFE held several private fundraisers, including one in Los Angeles, where officials implied that the money would go to “more Fallujahs.” The keynote speaker at the fundraiser was Wagdi Mohammed Ghoneim, an Islamic cleric who has since been deported because of his meetings with two of the 9/11 hijackers.
But Al-Jumaily didn’t just carry out fundraising for the Brotherhood and aid Saddam Hussein. He helped spread propaganda and gain access to top public officials. Under Al-Jumaily’s direction, LIFE spokesman Mohammed Alomari wrote a book alleging the United States was created by the Jews as a Zionist plot. His website claimed Jews and the U.S. “organized” the 9/11 attacks. And Al-Jumaily had access to government officials at the highest levels. Top FBI, ICE and Justice Department officials repeatedly broke pita with him.
That includes current (a Bush Federal Court of Appeals nominee), past Bush U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Collins, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge for Michigan/Ohio, , and several FBI Special Agents in Charge. Of more concern, is the tight relationship between these individuals and American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee official, , an FBI award revokee and “former” Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Terrorist. As I’ve repeatedly documented on this site, Hamad works very closely with LIFE. His ADC lay President is LIFE’s General Counsel, and Hamad was credited with getting LIFE USAID accreditation and money. Hamad and LIFE officials went on several trips to Syria and Lebanon together, which officials suspect were trips involving money-laundering for terrorists.

Then-US Attorney Jeffrey Collins (center) w/LIFE Officials Muthanna Al-Hanooti, Imad Hamad, unidentified person, and Mohammed Alomari

Now it’s clear that Hamad is a top associate of–and working in concert with–the Muslim Brotherhood’s and HAMAS’ U.S. operation. Will Feds finally stay away from him? Unfortunately, don’t count on it.
When the new Iraqi government announced its appointment of Al-Jumaily to an ambassadorship, Shi’ite Muslims protested outside LIFE’s offices. They maintained that Al-Jumaily was a puppet of Hussein and helped fund the murders of their relatives.
But now we know, he was far more than that–a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood. And he helped carry out its “grand jihad [against] Western civilization.”

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It is not too surprising that he was able to hold a high level security clearance in our system. Our system has been geared to looking for Russian communists, the old threat. Consequently, it cannot even detect Red Chinese communists such as the one employed at Los Alamos and Kee Mak who worked for a US defense contractor, both with high level clearances. The islamic threat is just now being recognized in some quarters and is still denied in others, so this would raise no red flag regarding his security status at the time he worked for NASA. We have been blind for a long time.

Dr. D on August 28, 2007 at 11:47 am

Just out of curiosity, Debbie (I’m no attorney) – do you have any recourse if it’s reported on Hannity and Colmes tonight?

CaptShady on August 28, 2007 at 12:51 pm

Great piece of investigative reporting (I can do without your commentary on pop culture, however).
When I was in grad school some 15 years ago, a Muslim classmate crowed about the number of Muslims at NASA. I’ve wondered if the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster was an act of sabotage on the part of Muslim employees, given that the crew included Col. Ilan Ramon, who helped take out the nuclear reactor in Saddam’s Iraq, and Kalpana Chawla, whose father fled communal terror in Punjab.

northernvirginiastan on August 28, 2007 at 1:15 pm

Northernvirginiastan – you beat me to the punch – just what I was thinking about the Shuttle. If you google shuttle & sabotage, nothing is out there now about the Columbia. But in the early days, there was a story about how NASA has farmed out the task of cleaning up the shuttles after the completion of a mission. It was done out in California by contractors and sub-contractors (not sure if this still happens). When the shuttle got back to Florida, all kinds of crap was found inside the craft. People think that the security would be so tight but I don’t think that’s true any more. You can get away with most anything if you have the will to do so. Great Job, Debbie!

Sioux on August 28, 2007 at 2:50 pm

He must have dual citizenship to have worked at NASA and to become Iraq’s Ambassador to Japan. How many more are out there that have dual allegiances?
If this is true why hasn’t the Bush Administration sought to bring them down? Sounds to me like this is far more dangerous than Jose Padilla, who then AG Ashcroft breathlessly announced from a podium in Russia, was a terrorist bent on setting off a dirty bomb.
The reason is, as it has always been, because the Bush Administration is inconsistent on the GWOT.
Yep, lock up a bunch of knuckleheads from Florida, looking for boots to wear and who want to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, but have never been there. Take the word of a drugged up knucklehead looking for a plea bargain that fingers a jihadi wannabe.
Yet, when there are provable significant ties between individuals and known terrorist groups, they get a pass because, like Saddam was, they are useful tools.
Regardless of what the knuckleheads in Congress do, or not do, the next terrorist attack will lay squarely at the feet of Pres Bush.

zyzzyg on August 28, 2007 at 3:27 pm

Its time to call in another conference meeting with ZOA and Mossad to conspire another major attack in the U.S.A on NASA. Since the muslims seem to enjoy playing the blame game, the next thing we’ll hear that the 19 hijackers were really mossad agents in guise of muslim names and Mohammed Atta was really Moshe Attarowitz. If you really want to go p.c. I’ll give you a list of global atrocities committed by radical ethnic groups excluding Islam. As you all well know, the poor innocent jihadists have nothing to do with the cycle of violence around the world except for the fact that they are merely victims. Its those evil christians, jews, and non believers that are persecuting the muslims. Its us that are causing mayhem for having ties with Israel, for not forcing India to surrender Kashmir to the islamists, for not demolishing every buddist temple in Southeast Asia, for interfering with their conquest in Darfur and Sudan for territory etc. We have alot to be apologetic for our display of islamophobia by racially profiling those of middle eastern origin. Wake up America and smell the aroma of diversity and ultra tolerance. Why don’t we all work hand in hand together to achieve world peace? We can do that by delving into our commonalities we share. We are all G-D’s children afterall, decendants of the same ancestor, biblically speaking.
This address is exclusively dedicated to Christiane Amanpour and her documentary on “God’s Warriors”.

Jew Chick on August 28, 2007 at 3:51 pm

Excellent, and disturbing, piece of investigative reporting. Thank you, Debbie, for your tireless Cassandra-like efforts to warn us about the tactics of our Islamic enemy and our government’s failure to respond.

commonsense on August 28, 2007 at 5:07 pm

Give us your tired, hungry, poor, murderous, racist, mysogynistic, drunk driving, freedom-hating, Judeo-Christian killing masses; the border is open, the water is fine, come on in.
Why not a Cabinet level position to assure us that the proper ammount of beheadings, explosions, rapes, murders, assaults, and vehicular homocides occur. We need to speed up the elimination of the infidel herd. There needs to be a Muslim on Mars and a Mexican on the moon by the end of the decade.
Sarcasm is about all thats left.

Southernops on August 28, 2007 at 5:21 pm

This muzzie may have dual citizenship but, make no mistake about it, his allegiance is solely to Islam.

lexi on August 28, 2007 at 5:40 pm

A group of aliens, infiltrating the US government, hellbent on forcibly converting us to a violent religion and worship under a false-god? What the hell is this?? Stargate???

Jose on August 28, 2007 at 7:44 pm

ICE continues to chase headlines by rounding up meat cutters & chicken pluckers from Mexico and Central America. Radical Islamic Terrorists and Militant Muslim Jihadists are not even on the ICE radar. ICE leadership consists of incompetent, immature, self serving managers like EverVigilantSheepdog (EVS), the Deputy Special Agent in Charge/New Orleans. Shame on DSAC Kyle Barnette and shame on Director Marcy Foreman, Assistant Secretary Julie Meyers, Secretary Chertoff and the President Bush who is ultimately responsible for the national embarrassment formerly known as INS and now known as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

FingerEleven on August 28, 2007 at 8:42 pm

What a mess. I’d like to believe these people are being watched, but I stopped giving Bush and Co. that kind of credit a long time ago.

steve ventry on August 29, 2007 at 12:03 am

Debbie, Great work (- I see they finally featured you on Red States again).
Now if America elects Obama, we will have surrendered 100%.
What a frightening and deeply sad state of affairs……………

crazycatkids on August 29, 2007 at 7:21 am

The wonderful thing is that we will know who all our enemies are when the time comes to act: if there is a wasp in the room it is better to know where it is (C.S. Lewis).
We are in the middle of our very own Phony War, with many hoping to buy peace with acquiesence. It won’t work, and the losers will be so tainted that they will be outside the debate.
The price maybe another 9/11 but we can only blame ourselves.

taffy on August 29, 2007 at 7:58 am

“He must have dual citizenship to have worked at NASA and to become Iraq’s Ambassador to Japan. How many more are out there that have dual allegiances?”
How many more? I’ll tell you. There are new citizens born everyday with muslim, non-citizen parents. These parents take their little bundle of Jihad joy right back to the middle east to train it. When it is older it can return to the US. It only has to live here for 7 years, turn 35 years old, and then it can run for president.
This has been going on FOR YEARS and I am sure there are plenty of these little “citizens” ready to start running for office all over the United States. They are going to conquer us from within and we have flung the doors wide open.

4Atoms on August 29, 2007 at 10:29 am

No Sir, Shame on you, and all the cowards that hide in the shadows and throw rocks and bottles at those of us that are trying our best to make ICE the agency it can become.
The law enforcement leadership of this agency that I’m acquainted with are fine people, who are doing work that you can’t or won’t do.
I said I’d admit my true identity once someone guessed it, as I have nothing to hide. It only took you from June 1 to August 28th to figure it out.
I am in fact the Deputy Special Agent in New Orleans, and prior to that I was the acting Special Agent in Charge in Phoenix, Arizona after my friend Tom DeRouchey’s untimely death. I’ve been an Associate SAC with ICE in Phoenix during and immediately after the merger; an Associate SAC with U.S. Customs in Phoenix and Tucson. Prior to that I was the USCS Resident Agent in Charge in Nogales, Arizona, a USCS Group Supervisor in Yuma, Arizona, an Instructor at the U.S. Customs Academy at FLETC, and a Senior Special Agent and Special Agent in the then USCS SAC/Mobile, Alabama office.
You used the words “incompetent, immature and self-serving manager”. Anyone that knows me would tell you that you are wrong, and I think the list of previously held positions would speak volumes on that score. Every promotion I have received was earned, in the field, based upon merit.
I’m sure you’ll find a way to minimize those accomplishments, but as usual, you will be wrong, and I’ll still be right.
I joined this fray in June of this year in an effort to provide some balance to the numerous negative posts that tended to dominate the Debbie Schlussel blog, day-to-day.
I chose that particular day due to the numerous silly names Ms. Schlussel was calling our ICE leadership, many of whom I call friends. They can’t, due to their positions speak out to defend themselves, but I felt like someone should, and I chose to be that someone.
I also stood up and spoke out due to the numerous false rumors that seemed to germinate on this site, and then grow and grow until a large number of our employees were accepting the lies as truth. It’s my view that ugly/vicious rumors are destructive to morale, and anonymously I felt I could do my part to quell some of them. Maybe I was wrong, but that was my intent.
Nothing I’ve posted on this site has been untrue. I have not posted any government secrets or law enforcement sensitive matter on this site. My posts on this site have simply been my opinions and my perspectives on ICE; how we got here, and where we are going.
I have not been directed, coached and/or prompted by anyone in ICE Headquarters or ICE management. Surely some in ICE HQS have guessed way before now who I was, because they know me, and they know my reputation for speaking out, and speaking my mind. Contrary to popular belief however, most of the ICE leadership in the CAB don’t have the time to monitor this site everyday like some of you.
As for the attacks on the ICE Work Site Enforcement Investigations, if you were tuned into what’s really going on within ICE, you would know that none of us are independently wealthy or self-employed.
We have a chain-of-command, and when we get marching orders, we do our best to carry out those orders. Because this isn’t a hobby, we can’t stop basket weaving and take up bass fishing when the urge strikes us.
The priorities of ICE are set way, way above my pay-grade, and I’m guessing above your’s, and I’ll carry out those orders to the best of my ability, as will everyone else in the food-chain. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to do it. That’s why they call this a “JOB”. Look it up.
Effective Work Site Enforcement should have an impact on the numbers of illegal aliens coming into our country, if the incentive to come (jobs) is taken out of the equation. I’m not saying it’s going to work, or will work, but it’s the premise that is being operated under. If you have a better idea, please feel free to share.
As for your contention that I’m wasting the government’s money by using the computer at work to respond, I’d once again point out to you that diminimus use of government equipment, to include computers, has been an approved practice for many years. You see, I can and do respond to you, while not missing a beat, in my real job. It’s called multi-tasking, and I’m very capable in this arena.
Your other “gotcha” re: my commuting distance is yet another non-starter, as there is NO specified distance one can live from the job. Wasn’t one prior to the merger, and there isn’t one now. The mythical “50 mile rule” is just that; a myth. These decisions have always been left up to the discretion of the Special Agent in Charge.
You might not like it, but these are the facts.
OK, Let the personal attacks and character assassination begin. I’m a big boy, and I can defend myself quite well.
Work Safe,
Kyle E. Barnette
Deputy SAC/New Orleans
AKA: The EverVigilantSheepdog (EVS)

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 29, 2007 at 3:58 pm

Kyle (EVS), you sir are the coward as you hide under Marcy’s skirt and kiss her ass to keep your job. Tom Derouchey shot and killed himself while driving alone at 75 to 80 mph south on Interstate 10. Your judgment is as sound as that of your “friend” as you drive along Interstate 10 text messaging and putting innocent lives in harm’s way. You bring shame upon all legacy CUSTOMS agents in ICE.
EVS you are a moron and if Marcy Foreman does not reign you in, she is a bigger moron. BTW, getting head under the desk while you troll the DS blog on government time qualifies for “multi-taking” but it would still be government waste and mismanagement in the judgment of any reasonable person
I will address your many other issues in future posts if you are allowed to continue to embarrass yourself and ICE management here on the DS blog.

FingerEleven on August 29, 2007 at 9:23 pm

You have nothing to offer, but more insults. You my friend are the embarrasment.
I won’t play your games, and rebut all your silly claims, responding to your every barb, and insult, as while it may appeal to some who read this blog for entertainment, it bores me.
It’s not why I signed up, and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
You know who I am, and I’ve given it to you chapter and verse. Are you going to reciprocate, so your fans can compare our careers, or are you going to stay in the shadows and throw rocks?
I’ll be waiting…
Kyle (EVS)

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 29, 2007 at 9:53 pm

“Contrary to popular belief however, most of the ICE leadership in the CAB don’t have the time to monitor this site everyday like some of you.” EVS
OMG, you really are a moron. First of all, you spend more time reading and posting while ON government time FROM ICE computers than anyone else in ICE. So you are telling us the Deputy SAC of NEW ORLEANS, the Chief Operations Officer for ICE OI has the time to post like the rest of us slugs? But Marcy is too busy f’ing up ICE to do the same?
I got news for you Mister Delusional DSAC, Marcy is the one who told all of us during her summer tour that contrary to what ,”her friend Debbie Schlussel may say”… OBVIOUSLY she has time to read what DS posts or has time to be briefed by one of her minions.
Kyle, you just don’t get it do you? You are in charge of ICE investigative operations in four states and you come off on here like the biggest “cocoNUT” in ICE. You’re an immature bully who wants to fist fight with and run off every ICE agent who is brave enough to tell it like it is!
A blind man can see that ICE/OI is the most mucked up law enforcement agency in government. Your EVS postings confirm that beyond any reasonable doubt. Current legacy CUSTOMS ICE management is out of touch and incapable of turning this outfit around because they put egomaniac nut cases like you in charge. INS did a much better job than ICE when it comes to immigration enforcement. There is NO CUSTOMS enforcement in ICE. There are many more agents in charge just like you in cities all over this country. Many are even worse than you as you have a few redeeming qualities. My SAC has none. The majority of mature, competent managers from both legacy INS and CUSTOMS have left. The rest are trying their best to leave. ICE SUCKS. Period.

FingerEleven on August 29, 2007 at 10:07 pm

Kyle, YOU did NOT reveal the Identity of EVS. FINGER11 “outed” EVS. As usual your alligator mouth overloaded your gnat ass and it was a simple mystery to solve. Mister Eleven knew who you were long before he posted it yesterday. Finger didn’t want to make you famous. Now you can google Kyle Barnette and actually get a hit thanks to FingerEleven.
Okey Dokey Pokey, Finger accepts your challenge. YOU reveal the identify of FingerEleven and he’ll confirm. Just make sure you don’t abuse your position to solve this mystery.
Here’s your first hint. Finger11 was born in the morning but not yesterday morning.
Good Luck with all that !

FingerEleven on August 29, 2007 at 10:19 pm

As I said before, I won’t play your games. I don’t really care who you are. Just thought you might want to “man” up, and step out of the shadows. I won’t be spending any energy trying to identify you, so you can rest easy. If you don’t want to “measure up”, we’ll understand.
Kyle (EVS)

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 29, 2007 at 10:32 pm

EVS posts, “We have a chain-of-command, and when we get marching orders, we do our best to carry out those orders. Because this isn’t a hobby, we can’t stop basket weaving and take up bass fishing when the urge strikes us.”
Finger11 responds, WTF are you talking about?
EVS posts, “As for your contention that I’m wasting the government’s money by using the computer at work to respond, I’d once again point out to you that diminimus use of government equipment, to include computers, has been an approved practice for many years. You see, I can and do respond to you, while not missing a beat, in my real job. It’s called multi-tasking, and I’m very capable in this arena.”
Finger11 responds, WORD. Same thing can be said for every ICE agent that reads/posts DS on duty from their ICE computer. Thanks for giving ALL of us the green light big fella.
EVS posts, “Your other “gotcha” re: my commuting distance is yet another non-starter, as there is NO specified distance one can live from the job. Wasn’t one prior to the merger, and there isn’t one now. The mythical “50 mile rule” is just that; a myth. These decisions have always been left up to the discretion of the Special Agent in Charge.
You might not like it, but these are the facts.”
Finger11 responds, I love it! But not so sure the taxpayer and members of congress are as enamored with the 200 mile GOV commute as I am. Me thinks a move up state would be nice. House went on the market today. Any buyers?
EVS posts, “I’d once again point out to you that diminimus use of government equipment, to include computers, has been an approved practice for many years.”
Finger11 responds, Diminimus? You must mean de minimis. Dude, get a dictionary. If you keep making posts like that Finger gonna have to put you under mouse arrest.
Urban Dictionary say, “mouse arrest” means
Getting grounded from the government computer.
“That’s it, you are under mouse arrest Kyle!” – The SAC after discovering Kyle’s pornfolio on his Blackberry.

FingerEleven on August 29, 2007 at 10:38 pm

Your complete avoidance of my question/challenge speaks volumes. Always better to dance with your little funnies, then to put up or shut up, right?
My guess is you got your 13 after the merger, and are hoping to make it to retirement at the same grade. Good for you. I wish you well.
As I mentioned before, I’ll not respond to your little name calling games. In fact, as a unintended consequence of identifying myself yesterday, I’m now getting calls and emails from the silent majority, who it appears have been cheering these efforts, for the past three months, and are smart enough to find my email address.
And for the record, you named me, but it was I, who stepped forward and identified myself, as I said I would three months ago. I didn’t have to, but I am a man of my word, so I did what I said I would do.
I believe I’ve accomplished what I set out to do here, namely challenge the disgruntles to raise the level of the discourse, using facts, not emotional rhetoric.
I’ll leave this forum knowing I’ve done what little I could do. I’m not saying I’ll never be back, but think I’d rather carry on grown-up conversations with those people courageous enough to identify themselves, and work towards some productive solutions.
Enjoy wallowing in your self-imposed misery,
Kyle E. Barnette
Deputy SAC/New Orleans

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 30, 2007 at 8:18 am

FingerEleven and All ICE Special Agents,
I’m going to post this here, and on another thread where you’ve been abusing other posters, to ensure that you (FingerEleven), and the majority of the ICE Special Agents that read this site don’t miss it.
In an earlier post this morning I wrote that I don’t care who you are, and wouldn’t expend any energy trying to find out.
While that is still a true statement, I feel the need to let everyone know that FingerEleven’s true identity will be revealed on this site, before the weekend is up.
You see, one of this Sheepdog’s admirers dropped this little nugget in my lap (You know who you are and I really do appreciate it Darlin) and it is just too damn good to keep to myself.
The truth might hurt, but it’s still the truth. Cowards will lie, and say “that’s not me”, but you are nailed my friend, and I’ll supply the evidence in my next post.
I’m confident that when this entire game is played out, you’ll all see who the “poser” is, and it damn sure isn’t me.
FingerEleven…it’s going to get real hot in here pretty quick…might want to seek cover. LOL
Kyle (AKA EVS)

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 30, 2007 at 9:07 pm

“You see, one of this Sheepdog’s admirers dropped this little nugget in my lap (You know who you are and I really do appreciate it Darlin) and it is just too damn good to keep to myself.” -EVS, aka New Orleans DSAC & Mouth of the South
For not only is Fortune herself blind, but she generally causes those men to be blind whose interests she has more particularly embraced. Therefore they are often haughty and arrogant; nor is there anything more intolerable than a prosperous fool. And hence we often see that men who were at one time affable and agreeable are completely changed by prosperity, despising their old friends, and clinging to new.
Give it your best shot, console jockey, but we’re not dead yet and weekend draws near.

FingerEleven on August 30, 2007 at 11:54 pm

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