August 29, 2007, - 11:52 am

What You Can’t Have on Your Vanity Plates

I don’t have vanity license plates and think those that do are ticket-magnets for police. I have enough people gunning for me already. And sometimes I wonder about the people who get them, like the time a guy in a little old beater drove by with “REDNINJA.” He was a little old man who must’ve been in his seventies. Looked like a Russian immigrant, too. Thus, the “RED” part.

But there are plenty of names you can’t have on your license plates. The Detroit Free Press reports that in Michigan–and it’s probably similar in other states–that includes: DOGPOOP, H8BUSH, SMOKPOT, BLOODS, COCAINE, 1KILL4U (for obvious reasons), AL-QAIDA, and 38DD (that means you, strippers and other silicone implantees). You also can’t have ARAFAT, ATYSSUC (Why? I hate lawyers, too, and I am one), OLDFART, HITLER, KKK, and I8ABMW (Why? The Fat Lobby will be up in arms about that). Ditto for C9H13N (chemical for Meth), REDRUM (If you saw “The Shining,” you know why), XR8D, DIM3B4G, and H8.
Oh, and by the way, the anti-lawyer plates? Those are banned because . . .? Well, in a separate article, the Freep reports that

A handful of attorneys and lawyers [DS: redundant?] who work for the Secretary of State make the final decision on what plates are approved or denied.

But MDSSUC? Maybe that still goes, though they say they don’t approve “direct hateful language toward a person or group.”
The Freep article gives more details on what you can and can’t have on your vanity plates in Michigan. Again, I would bet other states have similar rules. But I await the day that some Muslim files a First Amendment case in court because he can’t have AL-QAEDA, HAMAS, JEWSSUK, or BOMBUSA plates.
And he’ll probably win.
WhyFor has an interesting photo gallery of vanity plates from across North America and a list of Vanity Plates seen in Ontario, Canada.

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3 Responses

This is an interesting one, notice the car make/model –

FMFF on August 29, 2007 at 2:12 pm

Would Kramer still be allowed his “ASSMAN” plate??? I saw one the other day that made my head explode BA RAIN. Nuff said.

MarySJ on August 29, 2007 at 4:04 pm

No kidding — About twenty years ago, when I was living in Southern California, my brother and I saw a car drive past one afternoon with the vanity plate “HOT269”. The car was a red sporty convertible, and the driver was a 30-something blond with the California “look.”

RepublicanPatriot on August 30, 2007 at 7:41 pm

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