September 4, 2007, - 9:51 am

Chutzpah: Muslim Qaeda Terrorist Who “Got Off” Sues Terrorism Prosecutor

What’s the definition of “Chutzpah”? Well, the Yiddish (and Hebrew) word means gall or nerve. But a synonym might be “Karim Koubriti.”
Koubriti, a member of the Detroit Al-Qaeda terrorist cell, is suing former federal prosecutor Richard Convertino for prosecuting him (he’s suing two federal agents, too).

Karim Koubriti:

Yet Another Smiling Islamic Terrorist Yanks America’s Chain

Koubriti–who, along with his co-conspirators, planned to blow up several American tourist cites and the Incirlik Army Base in Turkey (from which American AWACS and Israeli F-16s take off)–lucked out. The 28-year-old punk, who lived a crummy house on Norman street in Detroit, was convicted at trial. But in a political move spurred by the jealousy of the then-U.S. Attorney, Convertino’s case was sabotaged by superiors, who then got the judge to overturn the conviction. Meanwhile, the government is pursuing insurance fraud charges against Koubriti (as a way to deport the man they know is a terrorist, but whose conviction they politically overturned).
, vindictive Justice Department officials indicted Convertino–the earnest counterterrorism prosecutor. But that was not enough for them. It’s believed that they suggested to terrorist Koubriti that he pursue a suit against Convertino.
Convertino isn’t the only object of Koubriti’s litigious nature. The terrorist is also suing over his purported poor treatment in jail, where he claims he was strip searched, confined to his cell, and forced to eat pork. And the crime here is . . .?
Koubriti’s suit against Convertino is frivolous and with no merit, and Koubriti’s lawyer Ben Gonek–who has been reprimanded FOUR TIMES(!) and twice disciplined by the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission–should know better. As famed Michigan criminal defense attorney and former chief of the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission (and full disclosure: my friend and lawyer) Michael A. Schwartz notes, the federal case of Imbler v. Pachtman bestows immunity on government prosecutors for their actions performed within the scope of their duties. The case should be immediately thrown out and Gonek and his client should be assessed thousands in sanctions. And a grievance should be filed over this wasteful clogging of our legal system on behalf of Islamic terrorists.
Only in America: A Muslim terrorist goes free. His prosecutor is indicted for pursuing him. Then, the terrorist has the chutzpah to sue the prosecutor.
Yup, only in America.

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4 Responses

It seems like only in Detroit can an ex convicted muslim terrorist sue his prosecutor under the charges of racism akin to the flying imam case. I bet elsewhere is not much different considering how feckless and corrupt the justice systems we have in our province.

Jew Chick on September 4, 2007 at 12:41 pm

Somebody (not Mark Cuban) needs to write a book or make a movie about the Convertino case. Perfect illustration about the lie that Bush administration cares about the war on domestic terrorism.

sonomaca on September 4, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Didn’t know one could sue Feds or FBI, or them there spooks.
THe old way, one had to bear the hard times of fate, the best way one could. There was NO suing, and one did have a hell ione chance.
Only the islamics can get way with that.

allat on September 4, 2007 at 2:06 pm

Debbie – you have provided details on this prosecutor who has been harrassed for prosecuting Detroit area terrorists before. As I live in the 6th Circuit also (Ohio), could you please perhaps devote an entire blog to describing what this poor man has to put up with? Hey, don’t sweat it though – maybe he could settle and donate money to some worthy Islamic “charities” and attend CAIR sponsored sensitivity training sessions.

JasonBourne81 on September 4, 2007 at 3:40 pm

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