September 6, 2007, - 5:47 am

EXCLUSIVE/OUTRAGE – The Myers Hearings: Immigration Chieftess & Senator Cornyn Trade Votes & Raids; Alien Tats

On 1695 Washington Blvd. in the fancy Detroit suburb of Birmingham, a $600,000 bungalow sits for sale. It has remained unsold for well over a year.
The unsuccessful seller is the U.S. government. That’s because the home’s last resident, , a top Michigan Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official, moved out. A year ago, Albence was a rising star in ICE, as one of the few former INS agents promoted to the heights at the agency. He left the Detroit area to become a top official of the ICE Academy where all new agents are trained.

Cornyn & Myers:

Senator Aids & Abets Unqualified Immigration Nominee In Exchange for Canceled (Reduced) Raid on Illegal Aliens

(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde)

But he is now gone from the agency. Like many other agents who see the handwriting on the wall under the “leadership” of , he eagerly left ICE for a job with the TSA.
Albence is emblematic of what has happened to ICE in the almost two years that it has been headed by the unqualified, inexperienced niece of General Richard Myers. Good, experienced agents are leaving in droves, most of them well before they are eligible for retirement.
Myers doesn’t notice or, if she does, seem to care. She’s busy preparing for her September 12th confirmation hearings with the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Since July, she has been tutored and grilled by top ICE officials in mock Senate hearings. That there is a need for these “murder boards” is odd because she’s been atop ICE since January 9, 2006. You’d think she’d have gotten to know the agency she supposedly runs. But you would be wrong. Agents involved in the Myers tutoring sessions tell me she’s been coached on the most minor of things and is clearly clueless. They tell me there will be a lot of brown-nosing responses like, “That’s a great question, Senator.”
The confirmation hearings, although set long ago, were hushed by both Myers and her staff. She did not want Senators to be inundated with letters, phone calls, and perhaps testimony from the many angry, demoralized, and disappointed agents who work for her . . . responses she knew would certainly come if agents had any advance warning. That’s why the hearings were only announced on the Committee website, yesterday–just a week before she’s scheduled to appear.
And Myers recently brought a big group of her inexperienced cronies to ICE Headquarters to cook the books and massage ICE figures and statistics to make it look like she is actually accomplishing goals in arresting and deporting dangerous illegal aliens, a job at which her agency is failing miserably.
One of the figures that will be highly “exaggerated” (a nice euphemism for fraudulent) is the number of arrests and deportations of violent criminal and gang member aliens. I’ve learned from many ICE agents that they’ve been ordered to take photos of detained aliens’ tattoos. That’s because any alien caught with a tattoo is then classified as a criminal and gang member. That’s despite the fact that many aliens with tattoos range in age from their early fifties to senior citizenship. Their tattoos are often hearts with their mothers’ or girlfriends’ names. Agents have told me they are ordered to note on the records that these aliens are gang members because of the tattoos. It’s all a way of massaging the Myers stats.
And then there is the outrage of Senator John Cornyn from Texas and his traded vote. I have cornfirmed that a scheduled large-scale raid on a plant for a Texas-based company was canceled pursuant to a shady bargain between Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn. The raid–scheduled for a plant in another state (not Texas)–was in planning for almost two years, the entire tenure of the Myers ICE administration. Originally, over 200 criminal arrests of illegal aliens were to have been made and even arrests of managers and executives who knowingly employed them.
But the large-scale raid has now been transformed into a tiny “raid” with a few criminal arrests, in exchange for Senator Cornyn supporting and voting for Julie Myers’ confirmation as ICE Secretary. (ICE Headquarters is still “negotiating” with other parties to decide how many criminal arrests agents will make.)
Although Senator Cornyn is not on the Homeland Security Committee, he is on the important Senate Judiciary Committee and was a “persuaded critic” of hers at Myers’ 2005 hearings. He is important because he is seen as one of the loudest Senate voices for tough immigration enforcement, and his endorsement of Myers will go a long way. But the truth is, image is completely different from reality. Senator Cornyn did not want the out-of-state plant (or any other plant) of his Texas constituents raided. His–as with many politicians–is a case of NIMBY immigration enforcement. Not In My Backyard. Arrest illegal aliens but not MY states’ companies’ illegal aliens.
, Senator Cornyn took a liking to Myers and served as her ally and “surrogate” in the Senate, trying to smooth her nomination. He :

Also disturbing, word has it that Committee Chair, Republican Senator John Cornyn has taken a liking to Brunette Barbie [Myers]. Agents are wondering, out loud, what was promised or exchanged between the two. One suggested, Cornyn “should have his own source for , no?”
Cornyn is going to be Myers’ “surrogate” through the testimony. Does that mean he will also play her surrogate for the next 3.5 years when ICE gets worse under her hegemony? Several Committee Senators have softball questions ready to go–questions provided to them by Myers’ team of tutors, protectors, and breast-feeders.
Cornyn’s staff recently had a whirlwind tour of the Southwest border, and we’re told that in exchange for his cheerleading for Myers, she or her crony Chertoff will soon re-deploy interior assets to the Southwest border–not to do anything concrete against hemhorraging illegal immigration, but nice window dressing.

Now in compromising our national security and nixing raids for Senator Cornyn, it’s a repeat matter of “You Scratch Julie’s Back, She’ll Scratch Yours.”
How does Senator Cornyn know about the raids? Aren’t “raids” supposed to be a surprise? Well, actually, no. That’s the dirty little secret about immigration raids, these days. Everyone knows about them–the company being raided, the U.S. Senators from that state, etc. They are only a suprise to you, the general public. That’s because they are all a charade, a play put on for the cameras, so America will think something is being done about illegal aliens.
In fact, despite two years of “planning,” executives at the company in question–which I will not name because I hope this column will force a full-scale raid to actually happen–were alerted right away to the investigation. Myers’ boneheaded ICE superiors at headquarters sent in ICE agents from the same state as the plant into the plant in their “undercover” investigation. Predictably, the plant employed former ICE agents from the same state as “immigration consultants.” And predictably, they recognized the undercover agents. Yup, this is the Keystone Koppery under Julie Myers that dominates the highest levels of ICE.
That arresting a few hundred illegal aliens takes planning of two years should tell you something. They are barely making a dent and won’t anytime soon . . . if ever. During Myers’ almost two years in office, only a few hundred criminal arrests of illegal aliens have been made. Only a handful of executives and managers have been arrested and charged with knowingly violating immigration laws. If you are an employer who employs illegals–or an alien who works for one of them–you know the odds are heavily on your side. And, in the end, that is the only statistic that counts on the Myers watch at ICE.
And then there are the problems with ICE that the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General (DHS-OIG) has identified. DHS-OIG is generally lazy and doesn’t pursue much. Given that, it’s notable that for the time period of Fiscal Years 2005-2007, a whopping 42 “audit reports” on serious problems at ICE (most of them during Myers’ tenure), most of which remain unresolved.
The reports highlight gross ICE neglect, including budget mismanagement, turf wars with other agencies (including the FBI and other DHS components, that have negatively impacted the government’s war on terror), poor levels of service to other DHS components (including in the area of integrity investigations), inconsistent enforcement of immigration laws, and significant misconduct by senior ICE personnel (including indecency and racial and sexual discrimination by those at the very highest levels of ICE).
As one agent in the know notes:

An overview of audit reports and reviews conducted by GAO and the DHS/IG in the past couple of years paints a troubling aggregate picture of ICE’s management. . . . A significant number of these reports note problems at ICE, many of which took place on Myers’ watch and all of which demand action on her and her management team’s part to correct. The nature of the GAO and IG processes is such that we seldom see what the ICE’s corrective actions are, so it is impossible for the public to see what ICE has done to address deficiencies noted by GAO and the IG and to assure itself that the organization is being managed in the public’s best interests.

Even the reports (outside of the 42) that don’t specifically mention ICE relate to social security number problems and DHS management problems that ICE contributed to . . . under Myers.
Then, there are the problems with ICE investigating leads on immigration fraud referred to the agency by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS-which issues green cards, citizenship, and certain visas) and Customs and Border Protection (inspectors at the borders and Border Patrol agents). Before and at the beginning of Myers’ administration, testimony delivered by former CIS Director of Security Michael Maxwell indicated that ICE declined to pursue about 73% of those immigration fraud cases. Now agents document that the rate, under Myers is at about 81% of these cases declined to be further investigated.
And then, there is the ICE senior “management” team that has been assigned to respond to this site. All summer long, Marcy Forman-Friedman, the ICE Director of Investigations–and perhaps the most important person running ICE–has been focusing her attention on the most important immigration fraud problem facing America–my website. As I’ve noted, she made a summer world tour, traveling across the country visiting mandatory assemblages of all ICE agents in most major cities. I asked ICE agents to give me reports. At all stops on her tour, the reports came back the same: Forman discussed me at each stop and tried to dissuade agents from believing what they read here. She asked them to help turn in agents who are talking to me and/or commenting on this site. Forman is in charge of all immigration and customs fraud investigations. But, apparently, I am immigration and customs fraud problem #1.
Top ICE official Kyle Barnette is the ICE Deputy Special Agent in Charge over five states: Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Yet, instead of worrying about the massive illegal alien population of those states, he’s spent the past few months monitoring and posting on my site at the apparent behest of his friend and patron, ICE Director of Investigations Forman.
Of well over 168 comments on my site under the name “EverVigilantSheepdog,” many–if not most of them–were made from an ICE computer, which means he did so on the job. It is my policy not to out posters on my site (unless they threaten my safety or my life), but Mr. Barnette’s identity was determined by a fellow ICE agent, and Mr. Barnette willingly admitted to it on this site. With so much time spent on my site by this senior ICE official, you’d think all of the illegal aliens in his five states had repatriated back to their native countries.
Although Mr. Barnette made some important points and valid disagreements with me in his comments on this site (and I invite him to respond to this column), clearly he has too much time on his hands. Or does he? Mr. Barnette’s many gushing comments putting lipstick on the pig of failed job performances by Forman and Julie Myers are not a symptom of a teen with a crush on these two women. They are the function of a top ICE employee assigned to do this with the full sanction of the two people running ICE–Forman and Myers. And in pursuit of that, Mr. Barnette attempted to out at least one ICE agent who posts under a pseudonym on this site (His comments doing so were removed). Agents post here under fake names because they fear the extreme reprisals and vengeance that are legendary to Ms. Forman.
Finally, there are the very serious alleged integrity issues within ICE Headquarters. I’m told search warrants were reportedly issued on ICE Headquarters at FBI/DHS-Office of the Inspector General. It is a big deal, so serious that Myers met with DHS chief Michael Chertoff and others about this, last Thursday night. It is a matter of misconduct by Myers’ subordinates that she either knew or should have known about.
All of these problems and more are your tax dollars at work under Julie Myers in the name of lackluster immigration enforcement.
She is supposed to be the top immigration enforcement official in the nation. She is supposed to be our friend against the national security threat of the illegal alien invasion.
But her “performance” has clearly shown us that . . . with “friends” like Julie Myers, who needs enemies?
Write your U.S. Senators (except Sen. Cornyn who has already made his unethical deal) and the members of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Let them know what you think of the Julie Myers nomination and her job “performance” to date. , she has yet to be confirmed for this position and is on the job as a result of a recess appointment. She wants to be able to put “confirmed” on her resume. Is resume-packing the primary goal of immigration enforcement?

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73 Responses

NDN EXCLUSIVE Please attribute to NDN if quoted.
I have a reliable source in ICE HQ who reports that FingerEleven was interviewed by EverVigilantSheepdog (EVS) on Friday. As some of you know, Kyle was a lead instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy (FLETC) in Brunswick, Georgia. Kyle wrote the ICE Interviewing Manual used by ICE agents today. My source sent me a copy of the transcript from Friday’s interview. Here are the most pertinent excerpts:
EVS: What happened then?
Finger11: He told me, “I have to kill you because you can identify me.”
EVS: Did he kill you?
EVS: Was it you or your brother who was killed in the line of duty?
EVS: I show you Exhibit 1 and ask you if you recognize that photograph?
Finger11: That’s me.
EVS: Were you present when that photograph was taken?
EVS: Do you believe you are emotionally stable?
Finger11: I used to be.
EVS: How many times have you committed suicide?
As you can see some of us have misjudged EVS. Kyle is obviously an outstanding ICE criminal investigator and senior management official. Here are more excerpts from other EVS ICE interviews.
EVS: Now doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn’t know anything about it until the next morning?
EVS: Do you know how far pregnant you are now?
Answer: I’ll be three months on March 12th.
EVS: Apparently then, the date of conception was around January 12th?
Answer: Yes.
EVS: What were you doing at that time?
EVS: You don’t know what it was, and you don’t know what it looked like, but can you describe it?
EVS: You have three children, right?
Answer: Yes.
EVS: How many are boys?
Answer: None.
EVS: Are any of them girls?

NDN on September 9, 2007 at 2:47 am

Thanks for the new word! ROLFCOPTER I have to get the T-shirt now. It reminds me, and I know this sounds like our grandparents, “When we were kids we had to make our own toys…”, of the computer games we made in the mid-seventies. Or the handman program in Basic you had to write for the computer language course in college. Very funny, very cool!
Pardon me while I fly off to make agents happy everwhere-ROFL-ROLF-ROLF-ROLF-ROLF-ROLF-ROLF-ROLF-ROLF-ROFL-ROLF

code7 on September 9, 2007 at 8:38 am

FingerEleven AKA NDN,
Your credibility is non-existent. Your ramblings border on incoherent, but please feel free to continue posting. Everyone knows who you are, and more importantly, what you are.
Sad day,

EverVigilantSheepdog on September 9, 2007 at 10:50 am

“Me thinks” that even a blind man can clearly see that EVS and NotAnAgent continue to be preoccupied with FingerEleven. First of all I can assure you that I am not NDN. But I must admit, I do get a chuckle from NDN’s posts. So sue me! I don’t know from nothing, but if the self appointed ICE answer man needs help with the Saturday question of the day, my daughter tells me the answer is “9”.
Deputy Special Agent in Charge EVS and Resident Shero in Charge NotAnAgent appear to be very bitter and disappointed that FingerEleven has friends and supporters. I have never challenged anyone to “out” me on this site. EVS said from day one that he was a high-ranking ICE official. EVS later challenged DS readers, especially the “13s” and EEO filers to identify him. I will not address my identity on this forum. FingerEleven will continue to post on DS.
NEWS FLASH: NotAnAgent, nobody really gives a rat’s bondonkadonk who you are. Get over yourself. Kyle claimed from day one that he was a high-ranking ICE official, which, believe me, continues to be extremely significant. The identify of the the working stiffs is not significant or relevant.
IMHO, NotAnAgent has insulted the character and integrity of all ICE legacy INS agents more than once by suggesting that these agents would place me in harms way. NotAnAgent has repeatedly and continually suggested in one way or another that I should be worried that legacy INS agents in my office will not back me up, work with me or come to my aid in a life threatening or dangerous situation. That thought has never entered my mind. I have complete trust and confidence in the legacy INS agents in my office. I have the highest regard and respect for 99% of the legacy INS agents that I know. I am NOT aware of a single legacy INS agent in my office disrespecting me openly. I can’t say the same about legacy Customs agents. I depend on legacy INS agents every single day. FingerEleven has not been properly trained to do the majority of immigration related duties just like most legacy INS agents have not been properly trained to work traditional customs cases. In my office we work together and help each other.
I do not have a “beef” with the legacy INS agents in my office. With one exception, I have the highest respect for both the working and supervisory legacy INS agents in my office. Most of the office knows the identity of that single exception and they seem to share my view. On the other hand, both legacy INS and Customs agents know the identity of the graznats.
The best ICE Group Supervisor that I worked for was a legacy INS agent. He’s now a former ICE agent like so many that have left as ICE continues in a downward spiral. In fact this legacy supervisor is one of the finest supervisors I have worked for in more than 31 years as a law enforcement agent/officer. I had his back and he had mine. The agents in my office know exactly what I am saying. I concede to making some negative comments in the heat of battle just like 99% of the other posters on this site. Anyone with basic reading comprehension skills is aware that LEGACY CUSTOMS personnel, NOT legacy INS agents were the targets of the over whelming majority of my posts.
BTW, NAA, your beliefs that the support personnel in my office will not do their duties because of YOUR perceived opinion of me, speaks volumes of YOUR character not theirs. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet; FingerEleven POSTS are NOT REQUIRED READING. This site does not belong to the public at large or ICE; this site belongs to Debbie Schlussel. DS is the ONLY person who exercises control over the posts. Here’s a news flash. I’ve been doing what I do for parts of five decades and the odds are less than zero that I am going to change. REPEAT. I AM NOT GOING TO CHANGE. STOP reading my posts if you are offended by my language, my attitude or my WHATEVER. Same goes for you EVS. Last time I checked, you neither of you are my mother and I don’t value your opinions. You will not change me. PERIOD.
IMHO, ICE is a dysfunctional agency that was dead on arrival. ICE will not rise like the phoenix from the ashes. INS did a better job with immigration investigations in spite of the disinformation that the Office of Public affairs and EVS spew in desperation. “ICE is an immigration agency being run by Customs management and it ain’t working.” The VAST majority of agents in my office share this belief and EVS can jump up and down and post thousands of messages to the contrary but it won’t change a thing. Agents in the SAC/New Orleans have recently told me that the majority in YOUR office do NOT share THE BIG DAWG optimism or opinion on the current state of ICE. They certainly have good the BEST of reasons to hide their feelings from EVS. (Neighbor Jones says, “Ya think????”)
Finally to the many friends and co-workers who have supported me and continue to support me and provide me with their valuable friendship and insight; I want to say thank you very much. You know who you are, “darlins”. I apologize to anyone of you who I may have inadvertently been offended. Your enemy is my enemy therefore we are friends. EVS would be SHOCKED to find out who some of you are. EVS should not be as shocked to know that his primary spy and his junior G-man assistant were “outed” within minutes of his infamous post. BTW, from all reports, neither Batman nor Robin were seen laughing on Tuesday. “Me thinks” they have even less to smile about today.
Many of you posters have engaged in spirited debate with me and some of you have enjoyed a few of the more “entertaining” posts. Some people “got no sense of humor” and just don’t get it. (Code7 sure as hell gets it) I thank the brave posters who are for standing up to the self appointed ICE BULLY IN CHARGE and are getting the truth out. Each of you is attempting to right the wrongs within ICE in your own unique way. Your efforts are having an effect and your labors will someday bear fruit (No offense intended to the EVS source of information)
The death of FingerEleven has been greatly exaggerated! FingerEleven has been busy taking care of “bidness” at the Chickasaw Nation and communicating with friends and supporters. (“Not enough time for the piggies or the hoosegow.”) Me Nan says take San Diego minus the points. But what does she know anyway?

FingerEleven on September 9, 2007 at 12:26 pm

Pretty feeble attempt at rehabilitating your “image” finger.
And for the record, I wouldn’t take your “assurance” that you aren’t posting under another name, without six corroborating witnesses, because your deciet is a matter of record.
“I apologize to anyone of you who I may have inadvertently been offended.”
Pretty lame “Rastis”.
Don’t think anyone is buying it, but can’t fault you for trying. I’m doubtful that you’ll gain any friends here, especially those that have read your numerous hate-filled posts over the past few months. But it doesn’t hurt to try. Damage Control 101 says, admit your mistakes, and get out in front of it.
Have a good weekend,

EverVigilantSheepdog on September 9, 2007 at 1:35 pm

To FingerEleven
To Finger Eleven, first off, I knew you couldn’t stay away. Personally, I don’t think I have to defend what I have said in any of my posts to you. Like I said yesterday, I own to what I have said and I would say the same thing to your face. So, I’m going to decline to try to decide what in the world you are talking about in your 10:09 pm post of yesterday and comment on it. Also, I don’t think your credibility is so great right now and I choose not to respond to anything you have said about me.
To the legacy INS agents, I was in no way shape or form insulting any of you. I have found that the agents, as well as all of the other employees, from INS are quite a pleasure to work with and really care about the mission now and from what I have observed cared about the mission when they worked for INS. It was hardly their fault that their mission changed at the whims or either the congress or the president.
I have personally tried to stay on the high road with my posts, but if I have offended anyone I apologize now. However, I don’t think expressing an opinion contrary to someone elses is offensive. It’s only offensive in the way it is written.
Well my college team won yesterday and a few in the conference my team plays in lost so all in all it was a good Saturday.

NotAnAgent on September 9, 2007 at 2:48 pm

Someone should have told me Team USA: World Police was playing yesterday. -just kidding NotAnAgent
But really, I was surprised that the University of Phoenix had a football team. -just kidding again.

code7 on September 9, 2007 at 3:30 pm

Hi code7, you are too funny today. No offense taken, good joke on your part.
I think even Team USA: World Police could have beaten Michigan yesterday.

NotAnAgent on September 9, 2007 at 3:42 pm

Give the old dude (EVS) credit. He just can’t seem to get pwn3d enough by FingerDigits. I just wish my boss spent his entire day pimp slappin Debbie Schlussel instead of keeping his “i” on me.

ElitePokemonSquad on September 9, 2007 at 3:46 pm

NotAnAgent- Your team looked good and Michigan will beat ND this year, they are better than they look. It seems that your team and my team will play this year, kinda depends on the rain and turf issue. Although lookout for Washington who look like the spoilers this year, funny they didn’t get much attention yet. Nice to see Oregon State back in the Junior College league, thankfully.
EVS, looks like recruiting football players that can’t read has paid off for LSU this year.

code7 on September 9, 2007 at 4:42 pm

You know it’s funny, not many of us have commented on the real subject of Debbie’s column. Senator’s selling their vote and voting for Julie Myers if ICE doesn’t do a worksite enforcement raid in their state? Food for thought.
Hey code7, how about them Ducks, seems like they can play even without the rain. (lol) There are some who say LSU should be #1 over USC. I was watching the NASCAR race last night and didn’t see the LSU game. Guess what folks, Dale Jr. didn’t make the chase and the world didn’t come to an end.

NotAnAgent on September 9, 2007 at 5:26 pm

You’re not telling me that there are some college football players that can read, are you? Damn, LSU got ripped off!! I’m not an LSU fan but I am looking forward to the Alabama/LSU game, and I do like the SAINTS. Who Dat?
NotAnAgent…But next year Dale Jr. will be in Hendrick equipment…might be all together different huh?
EPS, Your post confused me, but perhaps it was meant to. It’s true I’m getting old, and don’t understand and/or get rap music, and apparently the language you’re using to communicate with me.
Oh well, back to NFL football.

EverVigilantSheepdog on September 9, 2007 at 6:16 pm

I was an Auburn fan when I lived in Alabama as a kid (sorry about that), first place in the state track meet in the 4X440 and second in the 220, two time defensive player of the year, didn’t meet anyone faster on the field until I moved to California, where I found that by stepping on the achilles tendon, early in the game, of any receiver faster than I was, and I only remember one, gave me the slight edge I needed. Only complaint about California football is that the coaches sons were always the quarterbacks, that is why I tried so hard to maim them.

code7 on September 9, 2007 at 7:09 pm

We learned early on, living in Alabama, that you had to pick a side. You were either an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan, and you weren’t allowed to sit on the sidelines. Pretty serious about their football. Saben can lose every game this year, as long as they beat Auburn.
I guess I chose Alabama because of Bear Bryant, and the history there.
Of course, when I worked the entire state, I’d have an Alabama hat or an Auburn hat in the back window, depending on which part of the state I was in. LOL Pays to fit in.
Take care,

EverVigilantSheepdog on September 9, 2007 at 7:42 pm

“Give the old dude (EVS) credit. He just can’t seem to get pwn3d enough by FingerDigits. I just wish my boss spent his entire day pimp slappin Debbie Schlussel instead of keeping his “i” on me.”
EVS I’m not a rapper, but I am a gamer. TRANSLATION =
Mister Barnette appears to want to go out in a blaze of glory. FingerEleven owns him but EVS keeps getting up off the mat and loves to take the punishment. I wish my boss would waste his time posting on Internet blogs all day. Instead my boss is busy making sure me and all the employees under his supervision are doing what they get paid to do.
I sure hope this clears things up. My college PoliSci prof gave me the 411 on this blog. He said something about waste, fraud & mismanagement being rampant among the feds. I don’t know nuttin bout that but I sure have been enjoying the show. Being a college dude working for minimum +3, I crave cheap entertainment. FREE about as cheap as it be. I been watching from the house but it feel good to start brohamming it up at this fiesta.
Mister B, can you tell us more about this company they call ICE. Round campus ICE another word for crystal meth. Is the FB one really looking yo captains up at the IcE Palace? Can yo give us the 411 a.s.a.p. ? Oh, I almost forgot. My mum want me to ax you if the price of bird bout to jump? If a heads up called for, she can frigerate
some frozen bird and save a roll of legal tender. Things be tight at mi casa. Thanks upfront for the 411 holmes.

ElitePokemonSquad on September 9, 2007 at 8:10 pm

That was completely true, no one got to ride the fence. I picked Auburn because my brother and my neighbor’s youner brother picked Alabama. I miss having the respect or at least a nod from the entire town. There was dead silence in the classroom when the administration announced over the intercom that I won the League Championship in my track event in California; I was a senior and no one even knew I was on the track team which helped me adjust to college where none of it made any difference anyway.

code7 on September 9, 2007 at 8:40 pm

It’s going to be real interesting when Dale Jr. is in Hendrick equipment along with Gordon and Johnson and they all race at Talladega.
Dale, Jr. is not my favorite driver. Mine is Kasey Kahne, love to meet an older version of him and those georgeous blue eyes, but he has to be taller. (lol)
I know I’m going to get a comment or two about that last paragraph. Bring it on guys, I’m waiting.
I would love to comment on the college football discussion but I can’t without giving away a lot about me and where I work. So mums the word, darn it.

NotAnAgent on September 9, 2007 at 9:23 pm

Reading the posts the last couple of days, I am really saddened to see that this has become less about answers and solutions, and more about trading barbs and personal attacks – pitiful that we have cannibalized ourselves like this.
EVS has answered some of my questions regarding the budget and staffing, and I appreciate his insight. All I can say in reply is that I still have concerns about budget and staffing issues, both of which are having a real impact in my AOR. Furthermore, you know a budget system is f*cked up when Travel Manager has to shut down monthly for a few days for reconciliation, and FFMS needs three weeks (starting tomorrow) for EOY closeout; I don’t remember this ever happening with Customs. In addition, my previous comments about the Shared Services Agreement lapse on 1 October and its potentially devastating impact on budget numbers for FY ’08 have not been addressed. Also, I have come to understand that TECS and its case management functions is being phased out in favor of web-based Enforce 3 (E3) – a potential debacle in terms of case management, subject record maintenance and interface with other DHS entities, namely CBP. Any comments re. this would be greatly appreciated.
Contrary to what some might think, I REALLY do want things to work. However, like Mr. Cates has said, I get the sad feeling that ICE was set up to fail, and that, until either 9/11, Act II happens, or an administration comes into power that REALLY values border enforcement INVESTIGATIONS (we know it values round-ups, detention and deports, because the large majority of funding in ICE goes to DRO), we will continue to limp along, and many good and decent people will bail, leaving a dearth of corporate knowledge and experience.
Heartbreaking …

4EVERCUSTOMS on September 9, 2007 at 9:26 pm

It’s good to see 4evercustoms getting the discussion back on track. I don’t buy EVS on everything is ok with the budget. I saw some pretty shaky things before I left. TECS probably needs to be revamped into a web based system, hopefully they won’t change it too much, since it is probably the best case management system out there.

longshanks on September 9, 2007 at 10:45 pm

Appreciate the translation, though your perception I’m afraid is wrong. Finger owns nothing, and though he and his many aliases pretend to be “all that”, it’s all a fascade.
I’m the real deal, and I’m going nowhere anytime soon, and certainly not in a “blaze of glory”. LOL
Your college prof is no doubt another bleeding heart liberal, that tends to dominate academia these days. There is no more fraud, waste, and mismangement in the government than any other business, and probably less, due to the audits and internal controls in place.
Did you run track in college too? Always admired those fast guys. I was the 10 minute mile guy, but always said I was built for endurance, not speed. LOL
NotAnAgent – I’m hearing that Robert Yates Racing may let Hendricks have the number 38, and that Jr. will use that next year. I’m no marketing major, but I can see how having Dale Sr. and Dale Jr’s number on the same car could pull down some serious revenue.
4EVERCUSTOMS longshanks,
I’m also perplexed by the FFMS cycle, and wonder why it’s so cumbersome. Though I didn’t get a vote, I’d have liked to keep our old way of doing things. As for TECS II, the web-based system will probably be better, but like everything new, we’ll have to suffer through getting the bugs out of it. A system which marries up all the systems, where once you populate one screen, it carries over to the rest, will be good thing. Anything that accurately captures the data, but reduces the time at the computer is a good thing. Hell, I remember TECS 1, when we wrote our reports on a typewriter!! TECS II is light years ahead of that, and I have to think the new system will be better yet.
All I know is there are a lot of people, a whole lot smarter than I working on it, and thats a good thing.
I don’t think ICE was set up to fail, but I do think that’s the mantra of conspiracy theorists who can’t or won’t accept change.
I’m not saying creating ICE was a good thing. Over 20 years as a Customs Special Agent I only once worked on a case where we ran into INS, and it was an undercover smuggling case (cocaine) that took a left turn and became an alien smuggling case. We ended up bringing 63 Chinese from Panama into Baldwin County, AL, and arresting the primary smuggler. (It was a case within my group, and not my case, but I was working undercover on it as a “coyote”.)
Why the U.S. Congress thought we should all be in one agency is beyond me, though I’m guessing they were only thinking of “One face at the border”, meaning combining the legacy Customs and legacy Immigration Inspectors into one force.
But it is what it is, and I think most of us are adjusting to it alright. As DRO takes on more and more of the non-investigative work, and OI has the flexibility to work the investigations, ICE/OI will find it’s stride, and then we’ll be a force to be reckoned with.
I may be retired before that happens, but I’m confident it will happen.
Ya’ll work safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on September 9, 2007 at 11:24 pm

The web-based INS case management system (CIRS) was pretty advanced and a whole lot better than anything the Bureau was able to come up with. It had nice drop down menus and search functions, I only met a few INS agents that knew how to use it, though (my boss was not one of them). TECS is in real time and that is fast and efficient. The computers are getting faster and more capable which should help. However, the first web-based case management systems are going to torture the agents just like Travel Manager, but it has to be done and it will get done.
I have all the emails, memos, and notes on the creation of ICE, college football and NASCAR, are a whole lot more interesting topics once in a while. Nothing short of a force of character like Teddy Roosevelt could have formed ICE the way we would have liked it. Sometimes you have to paddle the canoe you have, and up stream, especially if you hear a water fall or banjos.

code7 on September 10, 2007 at 7:20 am

You got that right. Every now and then we just gotta give it a break, and relax. We aren’t going to fix it overnight anyway, so why not have an adult beverage or two, and enjoy the day? Like they say, “even GOD can’t make mountains without valleys in between them”.
Travel manager is a pain in the ass, but have you seen the web based Time and Attendence program we just went to? It is a breeze, and very user friendly, even to us non-computer types. Hopefully we’re learning something.
Have a great day & work safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on September 10, 2007 at 8:53 am

Thanks for the shout out Mister Barnette. You are right about my prof. He is a Hillary man!. I attend Fordham University, which was chosen as one of the “25 Hottest Schools in America” by the editors of Kaplan/Newsweek’s How to Get Into College Guide. You need to come up here and straighten out these Jesuits!

ElitePokemonSquad on September 11, 2007 at 12:11 am

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