February 17, 2010, - 3:40 pm

LUV It: More on the Dubai Duping Assassin Team & “Clean-Up on Aisle HAMAS”

By Debbie Schlussel

Readers won’t be at all shocked by the latest news coming out about the Dubai assassin team who served as the “cleaners” of top HAMAS official Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh a/k/a Mahmoud Abdel-Raouf Mohammed Hassan a/k/a “Abu Abed.”  In fact, yesterday, several readers figured it out:  that the passports and names of the assassins were fakes.  That’s why I put them in quotation marks in the headline of my entry.  Only lazy, fat, oil-rich Muslims wouldn’t figure out that the names–which sounded like the cast of characters in an English porn film–were phony.  Too busy looking for Israeli passport stamps and the JOOOS to pay attention.


Alhamdillullah [Praise allah]: The Complete “Abu Abed” Hit Team


Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh a/k/a Abu Abed, Now with the 72 Re-Virginized

And we’re also learning more details that point to this especially professional and clean job being the work of the Israelis, who did a great service to the world, if–as it seems–they performed the “clean-up job.”

The U.K. and several other European countries said that passports used by 11 suspects wanted in connection with the killing of a senior Hamas leader in Dubai had been faked.

Police in Dubai appealed for an international manhunt on Tuesday after releasing names, photographs and passport information identifying six Britons, three Irish citizens, a German and a Frenchman as suspects in the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior leader in the Palestinian militant group.

Dubai’s attorney general, Essam al-Hemaydan, said international arrest warrants have been issued for those accused of links to the slaying. Officials said they would seek the help of Interpol.

Good luck with that, Habibi.

“We are aware that the holders of six British passports have been named in this case,” a spokesman for the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office said. “We believe the passports used were fraudulent and have begun our own investigation,” he said, adding that Britain was offering its assistance to Dubai’s investigation.

The U.K. Foreign Office spokesman declined to comment on speculation that the assassination was carried out by Israeli security service Mossad.

Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs said it couldn’t find the three alleged Irish suspects in passport records and that the numbers listed were counterfeit because they had the wrong number of digits and contained no letters.

“Ireland has issued no passports in those names,” the department said in a statement to the AP.

Germany’s Interior Ministry said the passport details cited by Dubai don’t appear genuine: The five-digit passport number given for the German suspect is too short and lacks the letters that now appear on German passports. . . .

Israel has declined to comment.

At least four people who live in Israel share names with suspects identified by Dubai police investigating the killing. Three of the four said they weren’t the people whose photos were made public by Dubai; a daughter of the fourth said the allegations were a mistake.

One of the Britons, identified as Melvyn Adam Mildiner, said the passport photo on the Dubai wanted flier isn’t a picture of him, but that the passport number was correct. Mr. Mildiner, who has dual British-Israeli citizenship, said he had nothing to do with the assassination. “I have my passport. It is in my house,along with the passports of everybody else in my family,… and there’s no Dubai stamps in it because I’ve never been to Dubai,” he said.

Three other men on Dubai’s list gave similar accounts to Israeli television stations and Web sites. Most shared a profile of having immigrated to Israel from English-speaking countries and had dual nationalities.

In 1987, Britain protested to Israel about what London called the misuse by Israeli authorities of forged British passports and said it received assurances steps had been taken to prevent future occurrences.

Alain Chouet, a former chief of French spy agency DGSE, said authorities world-wide need to concentrate more on compiling and checking biometric data or risk being fooled by fake or altered passports or IDs.

While I feel for the innocent Israelis whose identities were stolen (and they now have serious safety concerns, b/c some Muslims ain’t that bright and will think they’re the real assassins), this is one form or identity theft that ain’t so bad (unless you’re the victim).  It’s for a good cause.

Don’t you love how all of these countries are all upset about this, but not upset about HAMAS or that a top HAMAS operative–who was working directly with Iran, as Mabhouh was–was comfortably, openly hanging out in Dubai, where he planned to buy arms.

Priorities, shmiorities. Perspective Shmerspective. Whoever did “Clean-up on Aisle HAMAS” (and I believe it was, in fact, the Israelis) did the world a great service and showed how it’s done . . . to the embarrassment of the Keystone Dubai Kops. One down, hundreds of thousands to go.

Can’t wait for the non-Spielberged movie version.

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25 Responses

Great stuff Debbie!!!!…my heart just bleeds for poor Mahmoud…good work team…and keep it up!!!…God Bless Israel.

BIG IRISH on February 17, 2010 at 3:48 pm

And who is it that said Debbie doesn’t report much on positive, heart-warming stories? This made my day.

Jarhead on February 17, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Good job, would love to see a movie that could catch all the detailed subplots. Awesome. Thanks Debbie. Think Ill bicycle home to work off the excitement

jake49 on February 17, 2010 at 4:44 pm

“Don’t you love how all of these countries are all upset about this, but not upset about HAMAS or that a top HAMAS operative–who was working directly with Iran, as Mabhouh was–was comfortably, openly hanging out in Dubai, where he planned to buy arms.”

it is freakin amazing!!

BB on February 17, 2010 at 5:27 pm

The usual suspects are always smiling, like they know something the curtain-clad cops will never figure out.

Lars on February 17, 2010 at 5:58 pm

I was going to vacation in dubai, until I heard about their crime rate and discrimination.

Bye-bye Dubai on February 17, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Yes, this is a feel-good column indeed.

skzion on February 17, 2010 at 6:41 pm

I read an article about this in a Dubai newspaper on the web yesterday. The comments section was hysterical in that everyone was congratulating the police in Dubai on figuring this out within 24 hours. Needless to say that by the time I read it the comments section was closed (and probably always was. They were insider comments). I am sure an analogy to the Keystone Cops would have been deleted.

Karen on February 17, 2010 at 8:15 pm

Don’t you think the British should be at least a LITTLE EMBARRASSED that their passports were considered acceptable to Dubai customs officials for this operation?

On another subject: what does this say for profiling?

Just when the Arabs think that Jews are “spies”, the Israelis find “white guys” to do their dirty work.

Which brings yet another issue: why doesn’t anybody take issue with the way Dubai profiles people?

I will also add that it is fun to watch all the nutcases on the internet getting all meshugge about the nefarious “Mossad”. Let us review the facts:

1. Hamas makes no secret of it’s armed conflict with Israel and Jews everywhere.

2. Dubai is in a state of war with Israel.

3. Given facts 1 and 2 above, there is nothing morally or legally wrong with Israel assassinating a Hamas terrorist at war with Israel in a country that is also at war with Israel.

There is NO Santa Claus on February 17, 2010 at 9:18 pm

The hit team arrived only 24 hours after the terrorist arrived and had already know where he is staying and also a good detail of the hotel. In 24 hours the team had all these info at their disposal? I wont be surprised if there are plenty of Arabs who willingly help provide such info to Mossad agents. Including hotel staffs and also some in Dubai’s police and/ or security services.

Rex on February 17, 2010 at 9:49 pm

I hope the CIA was taking notes.They need to get back in the game.

ebayer on February 18, 2010 at 1:11 am

I’ve been reading about this “assassination” all morning. Funny thing, I don’t consider this an assassination. I’d prefer to call it a “Service to Humanity”. Oh and by the way I don’t particularly care who killed this murdering scumbag. Good riddance to rubbish.

kenny komodo on February 18, 2010 at 8:12 am

Excellent news. I’d like to see them do a tour like the Harlem Globe Trotters.
Everywhere they stop, they clean up some scum bags.

Joe on February 18, 2010 at 9:57 am

Like Terminex stepping on cockroach! Great job, I don’t care who they are. We all know it was not the USA as we are lead by a spineless emptyheaded idiot and his band of merry men!

mdreb on February 18, 2010 at 11:52 am

Hello from Israel

This ABU ABED guy killed 2 IDF Solders while their hands were tied

Uri on February 18, 2010 at 1:49 pm

i don’t know why they needed an entire hit squad… just activate the jason bourne asset.

howardroark on February 18, 2010 at 3:14 pm

I love a story with a happy ending! One more dead terrorist. Of course, the Brits are “outraged” about the passports. They are always “outraged” – over the wrong things!

Julian on February 18, 2010 at 3:44 pm

(((((Only lazy, fat, oil-rich Muslims wouldn’t figure out that the names–which sounded like the cast of characters in an English porn film–were phony))))) ….. {{{{At least four people who live in Israel share names with suspects identified by Dubai police investigating the killing}}}}… according to your deep, smart and professional” anal-yses, half of the Israeli people are porno stars ??? or can we say that the English porno stars are using phony Israeli names !!! you’re confusing me … but only one name i read on this page is really a turn on … guess which name :p

Takis on February 18, 2010 at 10:02 pm

looks like someone’s been punked….

Tanstaafl on February 29, 2012 at 7:28 pm

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