September 26, 2007, - 9:01 am

The ICE Princess Cometh: Immigration Chieftess’ Committee Confirm Vote, This Morning

Look for spineless, easily charmed U.S. Senators of both parties to vote in favor of the confirmation of incompetent, unqualified joke and Immigration and Customs Enforcement chieftess at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, this morning. It will be yet more proof positive that incompetence and mediocrity are not solely the commodity of the Bush Administration and pandering Republicans, but the deceptively-named “loyal opposition”–the Democrats–too.

Clueless–U.S. Senate Edition . . .

U.S. Senate As Clueless As The ICE Princess

(Clueless Julie Myers courtesy of David A. Lunde)

Even liberal Dem Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon said he would spend last night “reflecting” on whether to press . You see, this is why I hate “sensitive men.” We don’t need male Senators who spend the night “reflecting” amidst scented candles and Yanni music. We need male Senators who are warriors and who don’t want incompetent Veruca Salts with connections running one of the most vital national security and law enforcement functions: immigration enforcement. Sensitive men always cave, and that’s why they get treated like Rodney Dangerfield: no respect. I’m hearing the Minnie Riperton song in the background of Wyden’s “reflection” on the Myers nomination, last night.

Lib Dem Senator Ron Wyden “Reflecting” Overnight

on The ICE Princess Nomination

And don’t look for immigration enforcement to get better in the lame duck days of this selfish mom whose kid is being raised by nannies while she and her husband remain in long-hours positions on the government dole. Look for it to get worse. During the hearings, The ICE Princess told Senators that the only way to round up and deport illegal aliens was for her to get a $94 billion budget. (I want a golden ticket and I want it now.) She already has $4 billion. That should be enough. But the $4 billion is squandered on things like week-long Tommy Lasorda parties and stuffed monkeys and keychains. $94 billion would only geometrically multiply that waste . . . and her and her top minions’ incompetence.
So, look for this morning’s vote to be more of the same . . . incompetence, inexperience, intransigence. Besides Myers, her husband, and her top incompetent subordinates (all of whom are laughing all the way to the bank), there’s a large group of 20 million who are laughing, too, and sitting pretty. . .

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One Response

None of our would be Republican Senators have any balls to stand up for Bolton’s nomination for Ambassador but when it comes to this do nothing whore, they roll over or should I say bend over.
Congress has low opinion rating why they ask. Gee, I don’t really know.
The Senate is there to compromise and that they do all too well. America has been compromised again and again. What happens when you grow the population to large? You get what we have today morons teaching morons about government thereby electing morons.
Would the destruction of America be all that bad compared to what we have now? No more of my money goes to politics unless I’m running for office.

warpmine on September 26, 2007 at 12:46 pm

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