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Simply “Vomitous”: Liberal Dem is Lone Sane Voice on Myers/ICE Vote

When I was in grad school (law school and business school) at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), to make a little extra money, I was an academic tutor for the athletic department. One of the Wisconsin football players I tutored, Azree Commander (an ex-Muslim and a good, smart guy), had a great word for anything that was an outrage: “That’s vomitous!” he would say.

Liberal Dem Claire McCaskill: Lone Non-“Vomitous” Voice on The ICE Princess Nomination

(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde)

Upon hearing Wednesday’s predictable vote in favor of the absurd Julie L. Myers nomination for Assistant Homeland Security Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), I could think of no better adjective for the final 8-1 tally: Vomitous. Even though it’s not a real word, it best describes the ridiculous pandering to and gushing over The ICE Princess at her confirmation hearing held a few weeks ago and, later, yesterday’s vote.
Watch the nauseating webcast video. You’ll see Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman display why I think conservatives are all wet when they praise his position on staying in Iraq. He may rail against the jihad there, but he prominently enables it here. Lieberman had no problems with Myers on her extensive waste of money and resources meant for immigration enforcement, and, in fact, even praised her financial performance. Just what is he smoking? No qualms whatsoever on her abysmal record of illegal alien arrests.
Lieberman took her word for it that catch-and-release of aliens–which continues ad infinitum–had ended. And Lieberman praised “written answers to our questions” that Myers provided. Does he really think Myers provided those answers? Hello . . . she doesn’t even know what her agency does, which is why a month ago she was being furiously tutored. She’s like Voshon Lenard, who in college didn’t know who George Washington was, but whose smart friend wrote the paper.
While Lieberman did cite , which show , he acted as if it didn’t matter. And I’m not sure why he cited it, as he went on to brown his nose with an apocryphal Myers record. (His kowtowing to her reminded me of his kowtowing to Louis Farrakhan when he was Al Gore’s Veep candidate.)
But then, there’s what Lieberman DID cite as his concerns with Myers. He had a problem with ICE allegedly singling out members of a certain religion, not allowing them to practice it, and discriminating against them. You can guess which religion that is. Here’s a hint: It’s the same one he claims is the reason we need to stay in Iraq (yet doesn’t give a damn about its cancerous metastasization here). And he cited alleged problems of ICE agents’ treatment of those seeking asylum here. Again, guess which religion files the highest percentage of asylum cases? And guess which religion has the highest percentage of phony asylum cases filed?
And then there’s Ranking Republican Senatrix Susan Collins of Maine. She’s the poster child for liberal Republican birth control (or abortion, if necessary–and I’m pro-life). If her liberal parents practiced it, there wouldn’t be this silly Yaya Sisterhood grrrlpower dynamic on this commmittee that seems to whitewash, er . . . pinkwash, the complete incompetence and disaster that emanates from ICE under Julie Myers’ “leadership.” Listening to Ms. Collins was not only “vomitous.” It was impossible. I had to close the video screen. It’s like listening to constipation.
Ditto for Myers’ written speech–also written by her smart friend/basketball tutor–from which she read and hadn’t a clue and her rehearsed answers. The flailing hands were the best, her “tell” that she didn’t know anything and was rotely regurgitating.
But then, there is the lone voice of reason–the sole Senator on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs–Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri. She was the only vote against The ICE Princess, and not based on partisanship. Listen to her reasons. This chick gets it . . . in spades:

The only dissent came Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., who complained that Myers has not shown enough interest in tracking how many employers are prosecuted for hiring illegal immigrants.
McCaskill has spent weeks asking the agency to reveal the number of employers who have faced legal action for hiring illegal workers. But Myers has said law enforcement statistics do not break out records that way.
Late Tuesday night, the agency finally sent McCaskill a list of all 716 people charged with immigration violations in the most recent fiscal year. McCaskill claims the list will show the Bush administration has not seriously pursued employers who break the law.
“All you have to do is glance at the list and you do not get a good feeling that employers are being held accountable,” McCaskill said.

Right on, sistah!
Like McCaskill, I know The ICE Princess lied about obtaining the info McCaskill wanted. If the figures were favorable to her, Myers would have easily obtained the breakdown of employers facing legal action. But, as we all know, few employers have faced anything–that’s why The ICE Princess wouldn’t turn over the goods on that (there’s no way even her statistical massage experts could fake this statistic). And the few who’ve been prosecuted have gotten a slap on the hand.
Myers simply doesn’t go after employers. She merely conducts show arrests of aliens and wastes agents’ time and our tax money.
But, other than Senator McCaskill–who’s earned newfound respect from me–don’t expect the rest of the idiots on the Senate Homeland Security Committee to care.
They already told us–before the hearings–they’d vote to confirm Myers. And all too often, they engage in premature articulation.
They just can’t help themselves with the Empress, er . . . ICE Princess, who wears no clothing.
And that’s nothing short of VOMITOUS.

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Quoting Han Solo when they were trapped by the Death Star’s tractor beam, “I have a bad feeling about this”.

John Cunningham on September 27, 2007 at 4:08 pm

Having been a “Fed” for 15 odd years, I can tell you my impression of how you get a job at the SES level and above: You get promoted there to get you out of the way, the Peter Principle in Action….or you get the appointment due to mass quatities of butt sniffing on politicos. Knowledge of a field is the l-a-s-t thing required.
As for data she couldn’t provide “becasue we don’t track it”….right on, she was lying, but possibly out of gross ignorance. If it is in database for anything it can be queried up and provided, ad hoc queries are a rather mundane SQL skill. I have never met a SES or higher who had a clue how to do it, however….or that knew anyone who did know. They prefer Powerpointless charts and scripts written by others. Take that away and they’re functionally mute.

Zoyadog on September 27, 2007 at 5:51 pm

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