October 1, 2007, - 9:57 am

Houssein Zorkot: More on Dearbornistan’s Latest Hezbollah Terrorist; Prosecutor: “Jihad Has So Many Meanings”

Several of my Dearbornistan friends and spies were at the preliminary exam of
Pathetic and predictable, my Deabornistanite Infidels tell me that the prosecutor was adamant that we can’t be sure what the word “jihad” means. That’s a typical Islamist line to cover up what we all know jihad actually means as it is used against America: Holy War involving violence. (Yes, I know that jihad means “struggle.”)

Houssein Zorkot:

Dearbornistan Hezbollah Terrorist Meant “Peace & Love” By Jihad

Why is that important? Well, on the day that Zorkot was arrested in camouflage with an AK-47 in Dearbornistan’s Hemlock Park, he had just posted on his site, “The Start of My Personal Jihad (in the U.S.)” with a picture of a man in camouflage pointing a machine gun at the viewer. Clearly, his jihad against the U.S. involved an AK-47 and violence.
Yet, the limp prosecutor–speaking in favor of upholding the $1,000,000 bond for Zorkot told :

Your honor, Mr. Zorkot posted information about jihad on his website that day. And your honor, we all know that “jihad” has so many interpretations. We all know that word has so many meanings and we’re still trying to find out just what he meant by that. We’re still investigating.

Houssein Zorkot’s “Personal Jihad (in the U.S.)”: How Many Interpretations Are There to This? . . .

Geez, with investigators like that, no wonder we’re in trouble. FYI, we’re lucky that Judge Hultgren has been charged (and awaits a formal hearing) by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission for accepting bribes. Otherwise, Zorkot’s lawyers (which include Islamist lawyer for terrorists ) would be able to pay Hultgren off and get Zorkot freed. That was standard Hultgren procedure until now. And frankly, Hultgren should have been suspended from the bench until he is tried.
My Dearbornistan Infidel friends also tell me that the prosecutor announced that Zorkot’s mother lives in South Lebanon a/k/a Hezbollah Country and that Wayne State University told the medical student that he’s no longer welcome on campus.
The Dhimmi Dearborn Press and Guide, of course, did not mention the prosecutor’s pandering comments about jihad, but has some of the same and a little more, though not much more.
Of note, police found photos of Zorkot in front of the , which I wrote about . Who took the photos? Probably not him. This tells me that he has a partner in all of this Hezbollah activity. Are the FBI and Dearbornistan Police looking for that partner or trying to determine who took those photos? Don’t bet on it.
And, FYI, how appropriate that Zorkot was arraigned on September 11th. My favorite part of the police report is that he had a copy of the movie, “The Neverending Story” a/k/a “Tales from the Neverending Story.” Hilarious. It’s a kids movie, and watch for Zorkot’s attorneys (who read this site) to seize on that as evidence that he was disturbed, especially since it’s the tale of a kid whose fanciful imagination grows upon the death of his mother (again, Zorkot’s mommy is alive and well in Hezbo country).
Also of note, our favorite “former” terrorist/U.S. citizen, FBI award revokee, and ICE crony, , predictably stands up for the terrorist. Can you imagine a Christian or Jewish group demanding we not rush to judgment if we found one of their co-religionists training with an AK-47 in an American park after declaring war on America? Wouldn’t happen:

Zorkot was arrested about 8:04 p.m. Sept. 8 after police were contacted by three men who saw him carrying a firearm in the north end of Hemlock Park between Schaefer and Oakman.
Zorkot was allegedly dressed in dark clothing and wearing black face paint when officers approached his 2007 Ford Explorer, which was parked in a space near the tree line in the park’s west lot. The vehicle was already running, police said.
Officers approached the vehicle, which proceeded to pull out of the parking space and head northbound toward the park’s entrance. Police were able to block the vehicle in before it was able to leave the park.
When approached by officers, Zorkot opened the driver’s side door, but remained in the vehicle. He then asked officers why they had stopped him and said, “You guys are always harassing me.”
During the confrontation, officers saw Zorkot lower his right hand toward the center console, which was out of view. According to police reports, officers feared Zorkot was reaching for a weapon and grabbed his left wrist while ordering him to exit the vehicle.
An officer at the scene observed the AK-47 in the vehicle’s back seat, and alerted her fellow officers that he was armed. Zorkot was then forcibly removed from the vehicle through the driver’s side door ‚Äî although he initially refused to let go of the door.
When he refused to release the door, officers struck Zorkot’s arm once with a plastic flashlight; however, he still refused to let go.
Officers used a Taser, which struck Zorkot between his shoulder blades. The electrical jolt caused him to fall to the ground, where he began rolling back and forth while yelling “Ali Ackbed.”
When Zorkot refused to comply with officers’ orders, he was stunned again and taken into custody. As police placed him into the back of a patrol vehicle, he allegedly said: “You think this is over? This is not over.”
Evidence technicians then searched his vehicle and found two pairs of cloth gloves; a military combat belt with a canteen and two knives; boots with socks; a receipt for the AK-47 rifle and ammunition; a gunlock and keys; a list of metropolitan Detroit shooting ranges; numerous photographs of Zorkot standing in front of a briefcase containing a laptop; and a cell phone.
Two cameras, a portable AM/FM radio, a pair of binoculars, four computer CDs, an Army surplus bag, a camouflage face paint kit, a Lebanese flag, a VCR cassette of “The Never Ending Story,” and eight prepaid international phone cards were also found inside the vehicle.
Based on the statements he made at time of his arrest, and the materials found inside his vehicle, a search warrant was issued for Zorkot’s home. Dearborn police have partnered with the FBI in Detroit to examine the items seized during that search.
Zorkot was arraigned Sept. 11 in 19th District Court on two felony charges — including one count of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent and one count felony firearm — as well as one count of possession of a loaded firearm, a misdemeanor. If convicted of the charges against him, Zorkot could be sentenced to up to nine years in prison.
Sept. 21, the Dearborn resident waived his right to a preliminary examination within 14 days of his arraignment. He is scheduled to return to court Nov. 9 after undergoing a psychological evaluation that will determine his competency and criminal responsibility in the case.
Calls to Zorkot’s attorney, Gerald J. Gleeson II, were not returned by the Press & Guide’s Friday deadline.
According to police, Zorkot does not have a criminal record and has not been identified as a terrorist. He has also not been linked to any terrorist group – including Hezbollah, which he openly supports on his Web site, www.zorkot.org.
“Expressing sympathy for something is not a crime and it does not make one a terrorist,” said Imad Hamad, regional director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. [DS: Uh-huh. Hamad is an example that this isn’t true. He was a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist and expressed it quite frequently in this country, while he helped the organization.]
“We are still learning the facts in this case and it is important not to rush to judgment. Clearly, this was an unfortunate incident perpetrated by a disturbed individual ‚Äî but I fear that some may try to use it to further anti-Arab and anti-immigrant sentiments. I pray that is not the case.” [DS: “Disturbed”? Riiight. As disturbed as Mohammed Atta.]
Zorkot is of Lebanese descent, but has resided in Dearborn for several years with his father. His mother resides in Lebanon. Zorkot previously attended medical school at Wayne State University; however, the school has severed its ties with him following his arrest.
“He is no longer welcome on their campus,” said Dearborn Detective Sgt. Ronald Beggs.
The university has declined to comment on the case.
Zorkot remains in custody on a $1 million cash bond. The bond, which Gleeson argued was excessively high given the nature of the charges against his client, was set Sept. 11 by 19th District Judge Mark Somers and upheld Sept. 21 by Judge William Hultgren.

Good luck, America. If this is the limp way we treat terrorists–and it is–we have already lost. It’s just a matter of slowing the complete growth of the cancer.
Too late to stop it.

Who Took The Photos?: Houssein Zorkot

Had Photos of Himself in Front of This Hezbollah Billboard in Windsor

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9 Responses

Jihad does not have many meanings, but it does have many forms. Jihad means Holy War, but can be waged in many ways other than armed struggle or insurrectionary activity – it can be waged through other subversive activities such as litigation, funding/alms giving (zakat I believe) to terrorist supporting organizations, as well as the demographic tactic of establishing 5th column beachheads in other countries to establish a critical mass in order to Islamize their host society.

JasonBourne81 on October 1, 2007 at 1:05 pm

I’m one of those here (I live 4 short blocks from Hemlock Park)who was in the courtroom 21 September 2007. My comments here were after 21 September and didn’t make it on the the included link posted today. Intially I am just grateful that Hultgren didn’t lower the bond, all considered, as you mentioned.
Your summary of events is dead on accurate, and I am holding my breath awaiting the 09 November hearing, which I will attend. Only thing I noticed unusual 21 September was a lack of jihadi posse on hand. Remains to be seen if that continues or whether they rally by November. If they do, I want to see with my own eyes just who shows up in support of this POS.
In the discourse on this specific subject, it has been suggested those of us who still live here should move to “safe” places in the far suburbs. My inclination is not to run, but to resist at the point of entry. This IS my home. Contrary to the allusion about the far suburbs, most of which I have lived in at one time (as far ‘out’ as Cohoctah, in fact, when I moved our horses there), they are being infiltrated as we speak…it is noteworhty that Franklin Village, of all places (and where I grew up prior to high school), is home to a dedicated Muslim day care center and school. Nobody mentions that of course, unless they are extolling the splendor of unassimilated diversity run amok.
My suggestion is that anyone and everyone who gives a damn, fight back where ever they are, right now. Use reasonable means if possible, others if not. When I do it, and I do, particularly last summer during the Israeli/Hezzbollah/Lebanon war (which I had good information on due to friends in Israel, some in Kiryat Shmona [sic?]), I am surrounded by the contrary, sometimes rather angry contrarians at that. Not quite the same as talking over Nosh in Birmingham or Farmington Hills.
Recently, when a young Muslim idiot took it upon himself to take offense that my better half expressed displeasure at his blocking an intersection while yapping on his phone, so he yanked a U-turn and followed her home, blocking our dirveway…she called me from the driveway on her cell phone. By the time I got outside, he’d screeched off, but I recognized the car as a neighbor a half block away. What to do? What would your readers do? Call the cops? Hell no. He was not home when I went down the street. Thus, the next day, when this guy came home from work I confronted him in his front yard, in front of his porch, in front of his ‘penguins’, and suggested he made a ‘mistake’ and that if it happend again, or if I even saw him slow down by my house, some one could get hurt, and seriously. He backed down….said there was a misunderstanding, etc. Yes, there was a potential for immediate violence, but it didn’t happen, as usually doesn’t if you carry it to their turf and do it suddently. It’s a periodic necessary thing to do in my opinion.
It’s how I will contiue to do things, my way, I like up close and personal. What was that cliche’ about hold your friends close, but your enemies closer? That’s why I will again be in the courtroom 09 November. I want to see who does what and remember them.

Zoyadog on October 1, 2007 at 2:45 pm

Zoyadog, BRAVO!!!!! Moozlums have duped themselves into thinking that American don’t have the guts to stand up to them. They don’t understand that there is a difference between dealing with our rubber spined government and dealing with a hard-as-nails American!! I bet that this idiot had to go inside and change his towel (underwear) because he never thought that anyone would ever approach him.
A fellow that I know recently shared his opinion with a moozlum on a highway exit ramp. The officer who responded to the call told the moozlum that what he just experienced was a good old fashioned American red neck ass-wippin’

newinnewark on October 1, 2007 at 4:47 pm

Your praise is overstated, but your intent is appreciated. I am hardly hard as nails either. When dealing with the mind set here it isn’t usually necessary to actually get physical, just make sure they know you are willing to do so. Nothing less is respected. I didn’t push this guy to the point of pant soiling in my opinion, just enough to get a concession, a step back, so to speak. Mainly, they’re “fierce” in ambush, or mobbed up, not so much when you carry it to their front door alone. In this case threatening a 105 lb woman dear to me was a step too far, so I had no choice, and wouldn’t anywhere, not just here. It’s not the first time, won’t be the last.
An old historian named Tacitus once remarked in “On the Germania” that those tribes most prepared for war fought the fewest wars. I find it is still true today, both in the military and at home as a civilian.

Zoyadog on October 1, 2007 at 6:31 pm

“Good luck, America. If this is the limp way we treat terrorists–and it is–we have already lost. It’s just a matter of slowing the complete growth of the cancer.”
That is the bottom line, isn’t it? We need some Macabbee’s and some Spartans–some real patriots who will grow some— and stand up–and never back down. Are we just going to roll over and die? G-d help us!
We must remember our enemies’ playbook has one main play–lie, deceive, and lie some more. Would that the enablers among us would wake up and the patriots would stand up and put this islamic curse in its place.
ACT had this quote today in an email:
“I swear by Allah that war is deception,” said Shukri Abu-Baker, now on trial in the federal terror-funding case. “We are fighting our enemy with a kind heart. . . . Deceive, camouflage, pretend that you’re leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy.”

BB on October 2, 2007 at 12:38 am

Mein Kamph, my struggle, jihad, the struggle. What more do you need to know?

John Cunningham on October 2, 2007 at 9:04 am

Well, to say like Jeff Rense, keeps saying: “It’s over. It’s over, folks.” is a bit laughable.
Or shall we resist with our last breath?
The Americans fought in the Pacific- island by island they had to fight to get them back. From Indo-China to the Philippines. And the enemy was JUST as cruel if not more than the islamics today.
It’s our turn to fight against the Darkness, today.
I guess, it’s always – always – from pre-history, a struggle between the Light and Darkness.

allat on October 2, 2007 at 12:30 pm

It’s an example of the intentional downplaying of the Dearborn problem. No thanks to the Main Stream Media, I’m just now learning of this incident!

As I attempted to find details on what has become of this case, again I end up here at DS’s.

I appreciate your efforts, DS.

I resent that there is concerted collusion in controlling information. Wasn’t there a world war involving this type of control? I’m very p.o.ed!

Smile on August 5, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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