October 8, 2007, - 11:09 pm

Get Ready for Private Islamic Cities . . . Brought to You by the Bin Laden Group

When devout Catholic and former pizza magnate Tom Monaghan planned to build private Catholic cities in Florida, he was roundly excoriated by the mainstream press. And the ACLU threatened so loudly, he stepped back from those plans.
No such outrage, though, for the Bin Laden Group’s new plans for private cities (you can bet they’ll be Islamofascist) all over Arabia. The report came out in August, and I only just heard of it through astute reader Lui. Yes, they’re not in the States, but don’t kid yourself if you think that’s not coming here ultimately. They already have Sharia law tribunals in Canada, which are accepted as legally binding. And the ACLU isn’t challenging any Muslim religious encroachments upon America, including the footbaths springing up at a restroom near you.

So this may be next in a rural America town or urbane suburb near you:

Middle East Development, a Dubai-based firm controlled by the Saudi bin Laden Group, is obtaining large parcels of land in Yemen, Djibouti and Syria for development, Reuters reported. CEO Oussama Al-Dimashki said the goal is to build city ‘franchises,’ whole new cities that would be run by private corporations and businesses rather than governments. He said the projects would cost ‘hundreds of billions of dollars.’

Dar Al-Harb will fast become Dar Al-Islam through capitalism without limits. V. I. Lenin was right about us selling the rope on which to hang ourselves . . . while we worry about Tom Monaghan’s benign Catholic community that never was.

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Gee Debbie, you scared the **** out of me when I first read the title. Did you really have to do that? 😛

cinerx on October 8, 2007 at 11:51 pm

Great insight to the future Debbie. You did leave out the Islamic prayer times during school hours in San Diego public schools. The schools did away with Christmas And Jewish holiday celebrations and decorations tho, to satisfy the anti-American ACLU. The ACLU, of course, has done nothing about the 5 prayer times by the muslims. I guess it’s separation of Church and State, but not mosque and state. Although the leader of CAIR did say on O’Reilly once that all religions should pray in schools. Wasn’t that righteous of him.

countywolf on October 9, 2007 at 12:49 am

Muslim only housing is already in business in North America. See the following brief segment from a long article in a Toronto newspaper. It is true that the Ahmadiyah sect is persecuted by Salafi governments, but they are even more islamo-supremacist than their persecutors. Their founder claimed to be able to speak directly to the Muslim “prophet.”
Giving Peace a chance in Muslim suburbia
Peter Kuitenbrouwer, National Post
Published:¬ Saturday, October 06, 2007
VAUGHAN -Before dawn in this sprawl north of Toronto, McDonald’s is locked and Tim Hortons is empty. The fake mountain of Canada’s Wonderland, the amusement park, peeks from the gloom. Across the street looms the white minaret of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at mosque.
A speaker in the parking lot crackles and broadcasts the Arabic call to prayer. Suddenly, silent life fills the dark streets. Men dressed in the long white shalwar camise of their native Pakistan and women in head scarfs emerge from their brick homes.
The only sound is the squeak of hundreds of soles on the asphalt. At the mosque, couples separate: women to their basement prayer hall, men headed upstairs. Before sunrise on this day of Ramadan, they are coming to pray.
Welcome to Peace Village, Canada’s first Islamic subdivision, where all 260 homes belong to members the Ahmadiyya sect, who flooded to Canada in the 1980s after persecution in Pakistan. It looks ordinary, with basketball nets and minivans in the driveways, until you notice the street signs: Mahmood Crescent, Ahmadiyya Avenue and Noor-Ud-Din Court.
“There is nothing like this in North America,” boasts Naseer Ahmad, a real estate agent from Pakistan who dreamed up this community of Islamic dream homes (including oak stairs and central air conditioning) on the edge of Toronto. “You have a mosque, and people are walking to enjoy their faith.”
The houses, with some modifications, such as increased ventilation (for spicy food) and separate living rooms for women and men, are so successful that, six years after Peace Village opened, Mr. Ahmad plans to double the mosque’s size and is now selling 55 townhomes, 1,700 square feet each, for around $350,000 with a garage and a yard, as “Peace Village Phase II.”
Settlers have gathered around churches since Europeans first came to Canada. Newer immigrants took over downtowns vacated by earlier ethnicities, giving Montreal a Chinatown and Toronto a Little Portugal. This is different: it is a new development for one ethnic group.
To the dismay of some locals, a demolition crew last year took down a United Church next to where Peace Village is growing. The changes have inspired Christians to reassert themselves: Across the highway, Italian-Canadians built “Vellore Woods” with a large Catholic church at its centre, mimicking Peace Village.
“The Peace Village is a profitable proposition based on faith, and on profit and loss,” Mr. Ahmad says, sitting in his office in his spacious home here. “A lot of people have come to me for advice afterwards, how to put it together.” The Ahmadiyya plan a similar faith-based suburb near a mosque they are building in Calgary…

supercargo on October 9, 2007 at 2:31 am

“They already have Sharia law tribunals in Canada, which are accepted as legally binding.”
I don’t think they succeeded. You’re probably talking about the province of Ontario where they attempted, but failed, to have sharia recognized.
Quebec took it one step further by passing a law that basically said, “Don’t even try it here”.
But, that certainly doesn’t mean they’ve given up. They will take a breath, gauge the political atmosphere, and try again when they think Canadians are too occupied with something else to bother refusing their request – just my prediction.

stevecanuck on October 9, 2007 at 9:06 am

“They already have Sharia law tribunals in Canada, which are accepted as legally binding.”
Only Catholic and Jewish faith-based tribunals HAVE EVER been allowed in Ontario (which is 60% of Canada by population) to resolve family disputes.
The BBC reports how Sharia law was deemed unacceptable in Canada: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4236762.stm

The Canadien on October 9, 2007 at 11:26 am

It isn’t as though these new Islamic cities in Syria and Yemen are any recent development. They just happen to be private Islamic cities as oppossed to public ones. The Ontario thing posted above is really scary though. It will be in Dearborn before you know it. At least the Canucks have a concentrated area to look for terrorists, though.

JasonBourne81 on October 9, 2007 at 1:42 pm

My first reaction is that it could be a countermove to the West’s now actively persuing a war on terror internationaly. But at the same time the West is still bound to operate with “law.” One comentor said attempts at this have been done in the Middle East before. Perhaps if Muslim Extremists under the Guise of regular Muslim Front were to go into a large city size developement plan they might aquire protection laws of “private ownership of the entire cite.” Even under the host government. Or even giving the host government an opening to say “It’s legitamite privately owned kind of thing.” Like when the Mafia launders money.
As far as when it happens in Deerborn…the current government will probably give them a tax break and federal aid for minority construction.

ArloRay on October 9, 2007 at 7:33 pm

In New York State, residents of the Upper Delaware River near Hancock are aware of an Islamic hamlet known as “Islamberg” from which the sounds of gunfire emanate. No one but Muslims are allowed access. It is apparently a paramilitary training camp for jihad. More than a few such Islamic enclaves are known to exist throughout the USA, generally in sparsely populated backwoods areas where roads are few and terrain is rough. While these hamlets are under some surveillance by the authorities, no attempts have been made to shut them down, as there has been, arguably, nothing illegal going on that would warrant direct intervention. These “communities” are, perhaps, reminiscent of the town established on Long Island by the German-American Bund before World War II. Streets and avenues were named after such luminaries as Goering, et al.

commonsense on October 9, 2007 at 8:09 pm

Both The Canadien and I have pointed out that to the best of our knowledge, you statement about sharia being legally binding in some parts of Canada is simply not true.
Isn’t there a credibility issue here that should make you feel obligated to clarify the point?

stevecanuck on October 10, 2007 at 8:57 am

It is happening in Michigan too. There are neighborhoods in Detroit, on the edge of Hamtramck that are all Islamic residents. If you didn’t know better, you would swear you were in Yemen where most of these residents come from. The call to prayer can be heard through the whole neighborhood. Men in their traditional dress sit on the corners and watch everyone come and go. Kids without drivers licenses are allowed to drive erratically through the nieghborhoods. When the Juma (sp) prayer is held on Fridays, you cannot even get into the neighborhoods. So don’t tell me it isn’t already happening.

musiccgirl on October 10, 2007 at 4:24 pm

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