March 31, 2006, - 5:20 pm

Please Help: IMPORTANT UPDATE on Indictment of Terrorism Prosecutor/American Patriot

On Wednesday, I reported on the . I also linked to a longer version of my previous about what’s really going on here (Justice Dept. and U.S. Attorney’s Office pandering to Muslim Extremists).
Now, Rick Convertino’s wife, the lovely Valerie Convertino, has an excellent op-ed piece in today’s Detroit Free Press. (I disagree with her about Joe Wilson and his wife, but the rest I know to be true.) This is Val’s second, well-said Free Press column on the topic. (Her first Free Press Op-Ed, regarding the events behind this absurd indictment, is reprinted here).

Richard Convertino:

American Patriot Who Fought Terrorists Deserves Our Support

She writes:

What a shame the administration of President George W. Bush isn’t as tough on terrorism as it is about exacting revenge upon honest citizens who speak out against its policies.
Take the witch-hunt against my husband, former U.S. Attorney Richard Convertino, who successfully prosecuted a Detroit terrorism sleeper cell. He then voiced his frustrations with the ineffectiveness of the U.S. Justice Department’s handling of terrorism cases and has endured almost three years of retaliation at a cost to American taxpayers of several million dollars.
The “mean machine” is out of control and refuses to admit it . . . . [T]he government has subpoenaed Rick’s high school, college and law school records.
What’s next? Will they subpoena a list of books he has checked out from the library or the movies we rent for family movie night?

It should be noted that Val is a Maronite Christian of Lebanese descent. This is what happens to Patriotic Arabs who support America against terrorists. They get persecuted . . . only this time, it’s by OUR government.
Please donate to Rick Convertino’s Legal Defense Fund. He needs the help of all Freedom-Loving Americans. Read Val’s WHOLE column, visit her site and her blog for more of the outrageous details. (They have five children, and the Justice Department is trying to bankrupt them.)
It’s appalling what America is doing to the Convertino family because its patriarch prosecuted Al-Qaeda terrorists who were going to blow up a U.S. airbase in Turkey and various American sites, including Vegas and Disneyland.
I rarely, if ever, make appeals on this site, but I believe in Rick’s cause and his innocence so very strongly. The government’s case is very weak and trumped up at that. I urge you to help him and his family. They are true warriors–and now, victims–of the War on Terror.

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4 Responses

Haven’t you written about this before? Something about professional jealousy on the part of Collins, etc.? If I remember that correctly, I thought the story was outrageous.
I understand the allegations about the letter, but I don’t understand what the situation is about the photos that are mentioned in the indictment. Can you update your readers on that issue? I’d like to understand that part before I donate to this cause.

Sue Bob on March 31, 2006 at 11:05 pm

What in the ___ is going on in Michigan?! And why have so few of us who don’t live there not heard about this case? I have some good friends who left Michigan behind and I’m beginning to see why.
Those who control information are exceedingly powerful. You might even call them the fourth branch of government. In the words of David Brinkley, “What the media doesn’t tell you is often much more important than what they do.”
This case needs exposure and lots of it! I will concede that our government has legitimate reasons for covering up or, to put it politely, concealing terrible mistakes that may have been made leading up to 9/11. No doubt many were simply caught flat-footed but I suspect others had enough knowledge to do SOMETHING. I also smell the faint aroma of money wafting from Washington.
I never ever pull any punches when dealing with the slow disintegration of our country and those who are actively contributing to it. The Statists are my favorite punching bag. We desperately need to expose them to everyone! And I too very much appreciate our Patriotic Arab friends who are helping us in this fight.
Please keep us posted on this story Debbie. I had never heard of it until visiting

DeBodine on March 31, 2006 at 11:12 pm

P.S. What if anything are your Representatives and/or Senators doing about this case? Have they looked into it?

DeBodine on March 31, 2006 at 11:18 pm

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