April 11, 2006, - 5:16 pm

More Jeers Than Cheers for Meat Packing Plant That Fired Illegal Alien Protesters

****SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE: Wolverine Packing Co./National Meat Assocation Claim no Illegals. I report, you decide. ****
Many parties are asking me for contact information for Wolverine Packing Company, a Detroit meat-packing plant which fired 15 immigrant women after they missed a day of work to attend a March 27 illegal alien protest march.
It is detailed in today’s Detroit Free Press by resident Islamist reporter Niraj Warikoo, and those who’ve contacted me want to congratulate Wolverine for firing the women.
Not so fast. While I applaud the fact that Wolverine fired the women, it is not because Wolverine is so dedicated to protecting our borders from foreign invasion. Just the opposite. Wolverine, according to the article, employs illegal aliens, including–apparently–some of the fired women. (The article says they are “undocumented workers,” but you know what that means).

A Pox on Both Their Houses:

Illegal Aliens Argue with Illegal Alien Employers @ Worlverine Packing

(Photo by Mary Schroeder/Detroit Free Press)

Wolverine is just concerned with its bottom line, period. And that’s no reason–on its own–for any congratulatory regards from anyone. The fact that it will flout U.S. immigration law to meet that bottom line is a cause for jeers from us and shame for the company.
But, and the other corporations that look the other way while giving American jobs to law-breaking invaders, Wolverine blames it on an independent contractor that does the hiring. Wolverine doesn’t know a thing about their immigration status, claims Wolverine manager Jay Bonahoom.
Uh-uh. And there is a Santa and the tooth fairy, too.
I’d hope that Michigan/Ohio Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz” would investigate Wolverine to see how many illegal aliens the company still employs and arrest and deport them.
But then, I’d have to believe in Santa and the tooth fairy also. And I don’t.
****UPDATE: Detroit’s WXYZ-TV/Channel Seven is reporting that the illegal alien protesters are seeking legal help from the ACLU and EEOC. How about a little help for us from the I-C-E? Surprise, surprise, the women interviewed needed a translator (no English) and refused to have their faces shown. Gee, I wonder why.
****UPDATE #2: The National Meat Association claims its member, Wolverine Packing Co. is being defamed by the Detroit Free Press and its reporter, Niraj Warikoo, and that Wolverine does not have illegal aliens.
But if they were not illegal, why did they refuse to have their faces shown on local television news in Detroit, and why did they need a translator (they can’t speak English)?
You decide based on that and this communication to me, below:

— Jeremy Russell jeremy@nmaonline.org wrote:
From: “Jeremy Russell” jeremy@nmaonline.org
To: dschlussel@yahoo.com
Subject: correct on meatpacker story
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 16:35:51 -0700
Wolverine Packing is a member of ours and I felt compelled to offer you a correction today. Despite mistaken media claims to the contrary, the company does not believe that any of the fired workers were undocumented. Here’s the quote from the company’s statement: “Almost all of our Latino workers showed up for work that day except for a small group of contract workers from a local staffing company. We use a small amount of contract labor to supplement our full time force. This company has given us their assurances that these workers are documented.” The information you have about there being undocumented workers at the plant comes from erroneous media reports.
Just thought you’d want to know.
Jeremy Russell
Director of Communications and Government Relations
National Meat Association
1970 Broadway, Ste. 825
Oakland, California 94612
Fax 510/763-6186

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8 Responses

O.K.;you can’t give U.S.A. jobs to law breaking invaders.But you can,t ask our cops to spend time busting Hispanics first.Go after the one’s that want to destroy the U.S.A. It’s not fair to the police.I,m speaking as a southern california boy.51years.We can’t give jobs to law breakers.Hit the religion of(for peace)first.

danny on April 11, 2006 at 6:57 pm

I’ll never approve of illegal immigration, or aliens immigranting illegal, but I’ll always look at the EMPLOYER (ie., Exploiter) of those in dire need of a better standard of living with greater disdain than those just trying to get away from the living hell they left behind in Mexico.
My only problem with illegal aliens that burn our flag, wave their home countries flag, refuse to adopt our language, and culture, and instead, demand we print official documents in Spanish, have our officials speak Spanish and get tax-payer reimbursed translators at court and elsewhere…is the fact that: if Mexico or Guatemala or El Salvedor were so DAMN great–why don’t you have millions of Mexicans petitioning your government down there to do something about the pathetic standard of living down there?
Newsflash, hombres: America doesn’t owe you or anybody else a living, or anything else, for that matter. You come here at our whim, subject to whatever terms and conditions we feel like imposing.
I get tired of people saying: these people clean our hotel rooms, make our food in restaurants, trim our bushes, mow the lawn, pick the fruit, mop and sweep floors, and on and on and on. You know what; if I rob a bank and then donate that money to charity, I’m STILL a criminal. And when you break into our home, I don’t care why you did it–you’re still a criminal, and I don’t care what they or La Raza or MEChA or anyone else has to say about it.

Dairenn on April 11, 2006 at 8:11 pm

O.K.; we(The U.S.A.) can and we should start stopping the un-docs.But it can’t be a once in a while thing.Don’t just bust when the press is watching do it all the time not just for show.

danny on April 11, 2006 at 8:14 pm

There’s a degree of criminal.Levels,where do you start the fight?Where do you send the cop?

danny on April 11, 2006 at 9:21 pm

These ‘contract agencies’ are obviously a front, a fraud. Created to absolve the company ‘contracting’ with them of responsibility for ascertaining if the ‘contract’ employee is legal. Who is Woverine and the NMA kidding? They know, but they can facetiously say ‘not my responsiblity’ to ascertain legality. Yet these ‘contract workers’ can’t speak a word of English and are clearly Mexican, fresh across the border. But hey, ‘not my responsiblity.’
What is worse – Bush and the Democrats trying to ram down our throats this ‘let everyone in’ policy or learning just how corrupt, crime ridden and flaunted our current immigration laws are today. It is not just our borders are broken, but the entire immigration control system has broken down completely. When large numbers of the population believe laws and penalties will not be enforced, anarchy and destruction of that civilization are sure to follow.

John Sobieski on April 11, 2006 at 10:53 pm

WHY am i not surprised at this???
Auslander Raus! http://www.bluesup.com/bluesupPicturesExtra/JohnColtraneOnImpulse.jpg

EminemsRevenge on April 12, 2006 at 2:34 pm

Yup – blame the poor schlubs looking for a better life. Greedy Americans are not to blame at all. If corporate america and the self-employed laborer/ shopkeeper looking for a day worker didn’t hire these people, we wouldn’t have a problem. It’s the same with drugs. You can’t blame the Colombians – Americans are the ones who WANT the drugs. AMERICANS are the law-breakers! WE are the ones who created this situation.

LoveAManInAUniform on April 13, 2006 at 6:44 pm

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