April 24, 2006, - 12:48 pm

Even the Air Force Was Fooled by Ecko “Air Force One”

Some liberal websites attacked me for .
But I was not the only one who asked whether it was the real thing. As AP reports, even top brass at the U.S. Air Force were doing a double take:

A startling Internet video that shows someone spraying graffiti on President Bush’s jet looked so authentic that the Air Force wasn’t immediately certain whether the plane had been targeted. . . .
“We’re looking at it, too,” said Lt. Col. Bruce Alexander, a spokesman for the Air Mobility Command’s 89th Airlift Wing, which operates Air Force One. “It looks very real.”

Marc Ecko’s Graffiti-ed “Air Force One” Even Fooled the Air Force

Alexander later confirmed that no such spray-painting had occurred.

In fact, the plane looked so real, it was a hoax only a gazillionaire and punk, like Marc Ecko could afford to pull off. AP reports that Gecko rented a jumbo jet that looked like Air Force One and had it painted that way:

The pranksters responsible for the grainy, two-minute Web video – employed by a New York fashion company – revealed Friday how they pulled it off: a rented 747 in California painted to look almost exactly like Air Force One. . . .
Ecko acknowledged Friday that his company had rented a 747 cargo jet at San Bernardino’s airport and covertly painted one side to look like Air Force One. Employees signed secrecy agreements and worked inside a giant hangar until the night the video was made. Ecko declined to say how much the stunt cost.
“It’s not cheap,” he said. “You have to be rich.”

But if a rich hip-hop prankster could make a mock Air Force One that can fool the Air Force, can’t the terrorists do the same for a more nefarious purpose?

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Sounds a bit hysterical. The Air Force was fooled? Did no one just look out the window at each of the two Air Force Ones and see whether it had been vandalized or not?
How do we know people who commented on the other story were liberal? I despise America-hater George W. Bush. I despise Tom DeLay. I *now* despise John McCain even though I voted for him during the 2000 primaries because he’s now tongue kissing Christian fascists and wants to make our kids idiots in science. Yet no one who knows me would accuse me of being liberal. Maybe they just don’t like Debbie.

hqsbud on April 24, 2006 at 3:44 pm

Who are you referring to as “Christian fascists” and why?

The_Man on April 24, 2006 at 8:38 pm

My first impression of the picture and story was that it was a hoax. Whether it was 1972 when as a small kid I shook hands with Nixon after he landed in Air Force One or as a soldier when I saw Air Force One, the plane was always in the open with a wide perimeter. The fence in the picture doesn’t look tactical. But you never know, getting close to the plane one would have to be exposed, so that even sleeping sentries couldn’t miss you coming. Frankly, if I saw someone tagging Air Force One, I’d probably shoot him.

code7 on April 24, 2006 at 9:14 pm

Pat Robertson is a Christian fascist. Jerry Falwell is a Christian fascist. They both believe in the merging of the interests of the church and the state. They both believe in the merging of the interests of the corporation and the state. They both believe in strict control of freedoms of the nation’s citizens determined solely by the state. These are beliefs compatible with Mussolini-style fascism.

hqsbud on April 25, 2006 at 12:55 am

Like code7ÖWHEN I saw how close Air Force 1 was parked to the perimeter fence I knew the video had to be a hoax.
My father, an ex-RCAF Squadron Leader who got me into YYZ in the late 70s to see a SR-71 BLACKBIRD that was participating in CIAS that year, warned me before we entered the hangar, how SERIOUS security measures would be. SURE ENOUGH the ìSpybirdî was in the centre of the hangar WITHIN a perimeter fence with 2 very alert and visible soldiers armed with machine guns.
My fatherís last RCAF posting was at Brookley Air Force Base (closed 1969) in Mobile, Alabama where our family spent 4 yearsÖso I hardly needed the reminder warning~
Last summer I was driving around YYZ (Toronto) on the airport service road and I spotted a rare airline livery. I parked in a NO STOPPING ZONE, climbed on the roof of my car, and PROCEEDED to take pictures.
27 SECONDS LATERÖIím not kiddingÖthe RCMP pulled up AND threw me out of thereñ
They were NICE GUYS since they COULD HAVE taken my photographic equipment valued at over $10 000.
As an accomplished graphic designer, and aviation photographer I KNOW how tough airport security can beÖAND the MOSSAD are regular visitors at some of the vantage points I use.
Those who fell for the ECKO video COULD ALSO have fallenÖ(Iím just jokingÖ) for THISÖfrom many years ago seen here: http://www.aviationexplorer.com/405_movie.htm
And here: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/204155?htv=12

The Canadien on April 25, 2006 at 1:31 am

The Canadien’s story reminds me of when my Dad was based in England. They invited the press to take pictures of an air show of sorts and in the middle up went their F-15s to bomb Kadhafi.
And, we did two years in Montgomery, Alabama -Hunter and Maxwell. I remember the RCAF at parties in Alabama, unbelievable drinking in those days.

code7 on April 25, 2006 at 9:27 pm

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