May 1, 2006, - 10:29 am

Fight Illegal Aliens: Embargo Wells Fargo! (& Other Banks)

We’ve already provided the which apparently employ illegal aliens and are giving them the day off. We urge you to call them to complain.
What else can you do? Reader Griff has an excellent idea. He says “!” because “they have done the most to help illegal immigrants get banking services, including loans for houses!” We agree.
Wells Fargo, in addition to other banks (send us the names if you have them), gives loans to illegals. In the case of many banks, your state (Wisconsin is notorious for this) backs up the loans with YOUR tax money. and Embargo Wells Fargo.

**** UPDATE: Reader Bill alerts us that Citibank was helping illegals feel financially at home even before Wells Fargo was. Boycott Citi, too!

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I intend to boycott as many of these selfish companies whose only interest is the SHORT-TERM buck, because I’m the one footing the bill (along with 270 million other Americans) who have to pay then for the illegal aliens who invade this country to:
1. bankrupt our school system,
2. bankrupt the health care system,
3. bankrupt the social services system,
4. overwhelm the prison system,
5. overwhelm the housing system,
6. and wipe out American customs and culture.

Thee_Bruno on May 1, 2006 at 5:47 pm

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