March 12, 2010, - 1:47 pm

Moron: Why is Obama’s Immigration Chief Feting Anti-Semitic America-Hating Muslim?

By Debbie Schlussel

Why did ICE chief John Morton (or as ICE agents universally and appropriately call him, John MORON) share the stage with an open anti-Semite and America hater?


Moron: Immigration Chief John Morton Hangs w/ Jew-Hating US-Hater Zahi Hawass

Yesterday, in a ceremony he helped organize, Moron–the Obama do-nothing preppie–shared the stage and gushed over Egyptian Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, who has a history of openly anti-Jewish statements, such as this:

They [the Jews] went to America and took control of its economy. They have a plan. . . .  they control the entire world.

Watch the video of that comment.

You can see a shot of Moron laughing onstage with Hawass here, and another very brief shot of Moron with Hawass in this local news report.

Hawass has a history of similar, vile anti-Semitic statements, not to mention statements he made against Americans in Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure magazines.  ICE agents aren’t happy, but also aren’t surprised, that their moronic boss with a matching surname doesn’t have any qualms about hanging with Jew- and America-haters.

Since ICE doesn’t do much immigration enforcement (or much of its more important Customs work that doesn’t involve toadying to scum like Hawass and his country), ICE has been press releasing the heck out of Moron’s appearance with Hawass.  But, as I write this, ICE”s website is down (or, at least, I can’t access it), so I can’t show you the ICE pimpin’ of this or the photos of the blow-dried wannabe male supermodel who runs ICE cozying up to the Egyptian cretin.  The event was hosted by National Geographic Society, ICE, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

So, why were they glad-handing each other?  To return a smuggled sarcophagus to Egypt.  I guarantee you the Mubarak government there wouldn’t return the favor.  And the whole ICE involvement in this is questionable.

I’ve written many times on this site about the huge amount of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tax dollars wasted on “returning” foreign artifacts to dictatorial countries which have little legitimate claim on them.  A few years ago, for example, then ICE chieftess Julie Myers a/k/a The ICE Princess held a ceremony to turn over to the Saudis coins which ICE agents seized from an American collector.  But, in fact, the coins dated back to a time when there was no Saudi Arabia and the American diver who obtained them found them in international waters.  Legally, the Saudis had no claim and the collector should have challenged the seizure in court, but that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, on top of it, we have the head of ICE partying with an open hater of this country, who dislikes Jews just as much.  The old saying about “the company you keep” couldn’t be more apt here.  And Morton wasn’t even ICE Secretary when the smuggled sarcophagus was discovered by a CBP agent, back in 2008.  Either Morton doesn’t do his homework and isn’t too bright or he’s an anti-Semite and America-hater, too and agrees with Hawass.  I suspect it’s a little bit of both, though the ICE chief looks like he spends more time on his hair than anything else.  Thanks, Moron.

Hey, I think we have a candidate to make a new Egyptian sarcophagus to go with the old one.  He’s at least as brain-dead.

More at MEMRI.  And Bolshoyeh Spasibah [“thank you very much” in Russian] to reader Mikhail.

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7 Responses

Whoa. I am in shock at these people…

linda on March 12, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Filthy anti-Semites. Of course, I’d expect no less from our muslim president Obongo and his crony appointees.

DS_ROCKS! on March 12, 2010 at 5:45 pm

It is amazing that ICE believes this to be a priority. Mr. Moron apparently believes that shipping mummies back to Egypt trumps illegal immigration or genuine customs enforcement. Also, the artifacts being returned pre-date Islam by centuries, if not millenia, so there is very little connection to the current regime in Egypt.

sorrow01 on March 12, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Zahi Hawass an anti-Semite? Who knew (or should have guessed, given the huge funding Hawas has been getting for years from the genteel but steadfast anti-Semites who run the National Geographic empire)? Let’s see if the “even-handed” Ivy-League World Council of Churches types on the National Geographic board will fund Hawass to go dig up old Jewish graves in Egypt instead of gentile ones? Wait, I forgot, it’s too late. Anti-Semitic mobs in Egypt have already invaded those old cemeteries, wrecked the tombs, and sh-t in them after scattering their contents. Saved National Geographic the money.

Ted Gruen on March 12, 2010 at 5:56 pm

Does this not seem quite logical to you? Obama is stacking the deck, step by step. Carefully, as under the radar as he can. You see my Great uncle wrote in his personal journal the election of a new upstart with some alarming attitudes and speech but it was certainly nothing to worry about as our (his) country was the safest on Earth for Jews. A few entries later was made by another relative in Switzerland. You see the journal made it Switzerland, my Great uncle was murdered at the hands of the liberal Hitler’s regime. The entry made in Switzerland was short but telling. It said that they were all taken by surprise. Sure there were the problem people that harassed we Jews but that has always happened. What took us by surprise is that it only took 4 years to turn GERMANY from the safest place on Earth to the deadliest place for Jews. Only four years people. And just look what obama has done in 18 months. All those Jew hating appointees. All those pro-Muslim apologies, all those pro-Muslim promises like the one to give Jerusalem to the terrorists. You see the problem with history is that we never seem to learn from it. This fall…. if you vote for any democrat be sure to have a smile on your face when you are taken to the ovens. Reality check: liberals are not the cause of our demise, we are. We elect them, we ignore the warning signs, all the time.

Ari on July 26, 2010 at 11:41 pm

John Morton and 90% of senior management at ICE have no other agenda except their own selfish interests. ALL of ICE management is composed of people who only took those jobs for the purpose of advancing their careers at the sacrifice of the public service the are supposed to be there for. Getting the next promotion, getting to a cushy position, positioning themselves for a good job in the public sector after retirement, that is all it is about. Don’t fool yourselves to think they are there to stem the illegal immigration problem or enforce Customs laws. They will only do it as a means to an end in their careers.

John on January 30, 2011 at 7:27 pm

thre is no worst blind than the one who dont want to see,you have to be out of your mind if by now there is any body out there that would vote for this enemy of our great nation,racist,anti white,antichristian,promuslim,and over all,anti israel;black people voted for him because he is black’most of them have no clue,and they dont care for america,then move to the mother country;Africa,but they dont go,farrakan,wrights,jackson,and the illegals they come here as criminals then wants to be treated as first class citizens,always complaining how unjust this country is,but see i can talk iam minority,black ,and puertorican

willie rodriguez on January 6, 2012 at 8:38 pm

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