July 21, 2005, - 9:09 am

More Bombing Attacks on London?: Gee, I Wonder Whether Samoans Did it

By Debbie Schlussel
Several alleged bombing incidents in Britain’s subway and a bus, AGAIN, this morning, including an alleged Palestinian-style bomb containing nails (designed to do maximum damage, death, and disfigurement).
If this really happened, then, gee, I wonder who’s behind it. I would expect my friends at ADC, MPAC, CAIR, and all of the mosques to tell us, yet again, that Islam condemns terrorism. Sounds like the constant leftist cry that the Soviet Union wasn’t the REAL Communism. I’m sure we’ll get yet another claiming that we don’t know who is behind the incidents. If these incidents truly happened, I suppose it was the Samoan terrorists who did it. You know, the ones who did 9/11?
I wonder if Tony Blair is going to continue his “,” now. Stop conferencing, stop “dialoguing,” and start doing something–like restricting Al-Qaeda and radical Islam in your country.
Even if this is prank or a fraud, it shows how easy it would be to perpetrate these incidents, yet again. And why the British policy of will bring more of these.

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Why do we continue to feel compelled to apologize for what these “alleged” terrorists do? Instead of trying to discover or even understand the root cause of their actions, we offer excuses to reduce the responsibility of the perpetrators. “We are in Iraq, therefore, they are justified in bombing buses and subways on our home turf.” Or, let’s blame it on the Koran itself rather than the way it is interpreted. We like to blame “things” rather than accept the actions of people. For too long we’ve depended upon the happy ending; that miraculously we will all join hands and skip down the road in joyful harmony. It ain’t gonna happen. We waste so much time analyzing “who” is responsible for the deed that we can’t get around to doing anything in our own defense.

eulogia on July 21, 2005 at 1:00 pm

This is why Orthodox rabbi,Jackie Mason refers to
Islam “as a religion of…What?”

jaywilton on July 21, 2005 at 3:31 pm

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