March 15, 2010, - 1:21 pm

Fed to the Wolves: Our Soldiers in Afghanistan Don’t Have Bullets!

By Debbie Schlussel

I received this extremely disturbing e-mail, forwarded to me by the family of a federal agent whom I know and who is deployed to Afghanistan. I know who the person is and have had contact with him in his capacity as a federal agent. He’s spoken out about this before and gotten into trouble over it, not because it’s not true . . . but because it is.

The soldier wants this story to get out:  Our soldiers are sitting ducks!  They don’t have enough bullets with which to defend themselves.  You don’t send people into greater Jihadistan without rounds.  But that’s what we’re doing.  Read this disturbing letter.  I’ve redacted or changed some things to protect this person’s identity. To those who don’t shoot and are not familiar with the terms, “rounds” are “bullets.” Yes, that’s right, this soldier was sent to the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan with JUST NINE BULLETS, TOTAL! Some of his men had zero bullets. How the heck are they supposed to protect themselves, much less fight a war with no ammo?


I am currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I am on my second deployment. This time however, I noticed something VERY different. They sent us OUTSIDE the wire WITHOUT a full combat load. If you were to do a Google search of emergency landings of Military aircraft in Afghanistan, you would come up with numerous results. Include John Cut and Run Kerry and Joe Biden who had their chopper make a unscheduled stop. So, why in the world would we be sent out withOUT a full combat load? I have now reached my FOB [DS: Forward Operating Base], and it has been 18 hrs and I still have yet to receive it. I was sent out with 9 rounds, others had anywhere from 0 to 30 rounds. The basic combat load, 210 rounds. I am a Special Forces soldier, working with the Vermont Army National Guard.

Granted, we made it to our FOB without incident. Yet, that does NOT excuse them for failing to equip us and what about the next group?

When should a soldier expect to receive the military standard for what they consider a basic combat load of ammunition?

Vermont Governor Douglas has the 3-172IN (MTN) deployed as we speak in support of Operation Enduring freedom. We are NOT carrying the basic load…….I would suggest a Police Officer that carried ONLY a six shooter and some extra rounds on his or her belt are better off……

My men, my fellow soldiers, sure could USE your help. Please, call the Gov. Ask him when HIS troops deserve a full combat load. Think back to what happened to John Kerry and Joe Biden’s helicopter……..and numerous other aircraft that had emergency landings……they all probably had a full load of ammunition to be able to defend themselves…….

Please, help them help us.

It’s an outrage. We have no business sending soldiers anywhere without ammunition. It’s like sending out fresh meat to hungry dogs.

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I just forwarded this column to some friends and got these responses….

* My youngest daughters boyfriend who’s stationed in El Paso on the army base there (2 tours in Afghanistan) just told me something interesting today. They have NO ammunition on base.

* They also not getting replacement Armor Plates for the vest ether. At least according to my nephew who has boots on the ground there also.

It is F’n criminal and where the F is the media on this..

* My daughter who was Marine supply said the same thing Anne, the supply issues were periodic & kind of explainable but inexcusable none the less.

I suspect there is MORE truth to this than not/

Anne on October 6, 2012 at 11:34 pm

This is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read.
— 4 tours in Afghanistan… one of them in 2010.

William Russell on April 12, 2016 at 3:31 pm

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