May 4, 2006, - 2:53 pm

Chandra Levy & Gary Condit: Some People Won’t Move on From “Important” Saga

Perhaps the biggest sign that America has fallen back to sleep regarding terrorism is not the decision to allow Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Mousaoui to live.
Nope. It is the fact that a major newspaper chain has chosen to not just recognize–but do a feature story on–the 5th anniversary of Chandra Levy’s disappearance after her sleazy relationship with an equally sleazy Congressman, Gary Condit.
The story was front and center . . . until 9/11 happened. You’d think after that horrific day, America would have moved on from this tragic–but, let’s admit it, salacious and tawdry–gawker story. But you would be wrong.
This week, Michael Doyle of McClatchy Newspapers did a “Where Are They Now?” Reunion Show-style article. Arnold and Willis . . . er, the Levy parents have forgotten their Oprah-fied World Tour is over. Gary Condit and family are out of the public eye and have moved to Arizona. But that didn’t stop Michael Doyle from showing up on the Condit doorstep (and the family-owned Baskin-Robbins)to hound the Condit clan.

Moussaoui & the Condits/Levys: More Important? Him . . . or Them?

I was critical of both Condit and Levy’s star-struck, new-age, Ben & Jerry’s-era parents who knew of her affair with a much-older, bizarre married man and encouraged it. But they found her body in the woods which seemed to exonerate Condit. So, now, he is just another former, ethically-challenged Congressman who is trying to move on. And we should let him . . . and leave his family in peace. Do we really need to go back there? Not really.
The girl is still dead, and revisiting this five years later–and encouraging Susan and Robert Levy to re-start their rounds on Oprah and Larry–won’t change that or add to our world. (Just like doing a “Diff’rent Strokes” reunion show won’t bring back Dana Plato.)
C’mon, can’t the ever-growing McClatchy media empire come up with more important things to cover? Or as another voice from the past would say, “What’chu Talkin’ Bout, Willis?”!

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I didn’t know the parents knew and encouraged their tramp daughter’s affair. That’s weird.

The_Man on May 4, 2006 at 10:24 pm

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