May 12, 2006, - 3:45 pm

Frankie Fig: ICE Sex Criminal Sentenced to Nothing; WWJD (What Will Julie Do)?

In the past few months, we’ve been watching, seeing, hearing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chieftess a/k/a “The ICE Princess” tell us how concerned she is with child porn and sex criminals.
Well, how concerned is she really? We’re not talking about the poor acting job she’s put upon America. We’re referring to the continuing saga of a/k/a “Frankie the Fig,” then-ICE Special Agent in Charge of Tampa, Florida.
The Fig was caught fondling himself in front of a teen-aged girl at an Orlando mall. This was right after he abruptly excused himself from a meeting with ICE Director of Investigations a/k/a “Peppermint Patty” (who picked him for the job). He then sped to his hotel where he changed from his coat and tie into shorts for “easy access” at the mall.
As , we’re glad he was caught by the girl at the mall and not by blackmailing terrorists who could have used it against the federal official, right in the heart of Sami Al-Arian country.

Frank Figueroa of ICE

He to the offense, and today, my inbox is overflowing from justifiably angry ICE agents, because the Fig was sentenced to no jail-time for his crime. He

was sentenced to 363 days of probation by an Orlando judge for allegedly exposing himself to a girl in a mall.
Figueroa was also ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation by Judge Leon Cheek. Figueroa has to pay a $500 fine, and perform 200 hours of community service. He was ordered to stay away from malls or other areas where teens might gather.
After a lengthy hearing, Figueroa said he was sorry for the events that took place that day in the mall, but under continued questioning by the judge stopped short of admitting that he had exposed himself to the girl.

This is significant because Fig was one of the highest ranking ICE agents in the country, and at one time, ran its Operation Predator program to apprehend sex criminals like himself who target children.
That is an outrage in and of itself. What is more outrageous, however, is that The ICE Princess, despite all her demogogic bluster about getting sex criminals, has not made disciplining her own high-ranking sex criminal a priority.

The ICE Princess & The Cheater Chick: ICE’s Anti-Ethics Grrrl Power

In fact, sources tell us that Myers and her choice for Director of ICE Office of Professional Responsibility, Traci Lembke a/k/a “The Cheater Chick” have decided to slow down, rather than speed up, their “investigation” (if you can call it that) into Figueroa.
Normally, someone convicted of such an offense would be dismissed from ICE and would lose his pension. But Figueroa can retire in July with his full pension of over $100,000, and after that, he is fully vested–it is untouchable. They have decided, with The ICE Princess calling the shots along with The Cheater Chick, to delay any discipline until after that time, when it is a moot point.
So, class, the lesson of today is this: If you are a normal civilian who commits a sex crime, and one of The ICE Princess’ Agents catches you, you get fired, lose everything, and probably serve time. If you are one of the ICE Princess’ agents, however, you get to pass go, collect over $100,000 per year for the rest of your life (plus full medical benefits for you and your family), and laugh all the way to the bank.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Remember that, the next time Julie Myers gets on your TV screen acting like she’s concerned about sex crimes and getting those who commit them. Clearly, she is not. Neither is , who is charged with investigating and disciplining wayward agents, but instead protects her friends (and fellow card-playing and drinking buds) and witch-hunts her enemies.
Just ask Frankie the Fig. Or better yet, the girl who was forced to see him “fondle himself.”
Our friend, Orlando Morning Talk Show Host Pat Campbell, informs us that Figueroa played the ethnicity card at his sentencing, pointing out that he is Latino . . . as if that has anything to do with the price of tea in China or exposing himself. One Latino ICE employee wrote us:

I found out about his “sentence” when I arrived at work. Shameful, I can safely say that all of us here . . . think he should have had the book thrown hard at him, law enforcement career or not! As for the Latino angle, what an insult (yes, I am Latino)! . . . [A]s if your heritage has something to do with being a pervert. Debbie, Keep up the good work exposing government waste & abuse!

Here are some of the many other messages we’ve gotten from Fig’s colleagues:

Hi Debbie,
I can’t wait to see how ICE handles the administrative aspect of this now. The criminal case is over and the time has come to deal with him directly.
Obviously, as a retired ICE Special Agent myself, I feel he should be terminated immediately and forfeit his retirement rights. But I doubt that will happen given the current incompetency reigning supreme at ICE HQ.


This is a Slap On the Face To ICE/CBP! – No jail Time on Sex Charge.

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If he doesn’t retire, he’ll be promoted and given a raise.

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