May 22, 2006, - 10:13 am

SCHLUSSEL EXCLUSIVE: Immigration Agency’s Sweetheart Deal 4 Sex Criminal Agent; ICE Official Clark Made Deal

If you’re a sex criminal, make sure you are an ICE Agent. That’s the best way to get off easy (no pun intended).
For months, we have detailed the saga of a/k/a “Frankie the Fig,” the then-Tampa Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We have wondered why this sex criminal remains an ICE Agent and will soon collect his entire $100,000 plus per year retirement, plus full benefits–courtesy of the American taxpayer.
We have why a federal law enforcement agency that claims to go after sex criminals makes nice-nice with its own sex offenders. Now, we know. ICE officials, specifically ICE Deputy Assistant Secretary John P. Clark, made a one-sided deal with Figueroa (the one-side being HIS side) not to discipline him. It’s an outrage of epic proportions, made more outrageous by the fact that the 2nd in Command of ICE did the deal to protect his friend, Figueroa, a convicted sex criminal.

Sweetheart Deal:

ICE 2nd in Command John Clark & Sex Criminal Frank Figueroa

In October, Fig was caught fondling himself in front of a 16-year-old girl at an Orlando mall (he left early from an ICE meeting to change into shorts–for easy “access”–and head to the mall). A video showed everything, and while the Fig pleaded “no contest,” he told the judge he did nothing wrong and was just “scratching [an itch on] my crotch.” This was for the same crime. A lot of itches to be scratched. Incredibly, then-Customs officials made him chief of Operation Predator–the agencies child sex-crime unit–for the entire nation, despite the “itches.”
Now, we have learned that ICE’s Office of Investigations–headed by a/k/a “Peppermint Patty,” who was at the meeting Figueroa abruptly left, in order to fondle himself in public–and ICE entered into a one-sided agreement with Frank Figueroa allowing him to step down from his position as Tampa ICE Chief, remain on administrative leave, and retire with his full pension.
In return for this sweetheart deal with a convicted sex offender, the U.S. taxpayers get . . . nothing.
Although the deal was reportedly made before The ICE Princess–ICE Chief –was “on the job,” Clark remains her 2nd in command despite making this sordid deal with a sex criminal. So much for her declarations all over the national media about how she wants to stop sex offenders who target children.
We are told that then-ICE Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility OPR), Robert Webber (who is now, ironically, in Figueroa’s former position as Special Agent in Charge of Tampa), opposed this deal and said it was wrong. But he was ignored. We’re told that , the acting current head of OPR, also opposed the deal. Though, we find that interesting, since she, herself, uses her position to protect her friends and pursue her and her friends’ enemies.
So why did John Clark and the ICE “leadership” do this to us? He and an ICE attorney who worked for him considered Figueroa a friend and pushed for the deal. Sources say ICE has always been afraid to go after high-ranking people within the agency who do wrong. They liked Figueroa and wanted to allow him to leave quietly because he once was second in command at the Office of Investigations at U.S. Customs. Friends in high places.
Ironically, that lawyer is reportedly now on administrative leave, himself, for alleged sexual harassment. We tried to reach the lawyer to confirm, but got this voice-mail message at his ICE direct phone number: “I’m no longer at this number. I may be reached by e-mail. Thank you.” We were unable to reach him by e-mail, either.
He probably shouldn’t worry, though, because he, too, will probably get a sweetheart deal. The few ICE agents who are sex offenders are back on the job, giving a bad name to the many dedicated, hard-working, law-abiding agents in ICE. As , the Detroit ICE office, under the “leadership” of Special Agent in Charge a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” employs an agent caught with a prostitute in his government vehicle while drunk driving AND an agent who is an accused child molester. An ICE agent in Texas, , remains employed and paid, even though she and her cop boyfriend handcuffed a woman to a hot tub, when the woman refused to perform a sex act on the two of them, about a year ago.
We’re not obsessed with sex and sex offenders in ICE, but we are obsessed with the protection of this country from terrorists, cronyism, and, well, sex-offenders. The double standard of justice for those committing offenses within and without ICE is glaring in its hypocrisy. And it’s a great way to make the agency rife with . ICE doesn’t take these sex criminals seriously. But those who want to bring this country down surely know that they have plenty of easy targets for getting what they want.
At this point, it’s very hard to believe the slogan on ICE’s website (and just above John Clark’s biography):

Protecting America and Upholding Public Safety

In the case of Frank Figueroa and many others, that’s just not the case. This is, perhaps, the reason that, as we noted, , which was on Customs Badges:


We’re very sure our friends at the office of U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, who has been looking into the strange case of Frank Figueroa, will be very interested in this story. We’d bet there are some very incriminating e-mails, if the ICE “leadership” hasn’t already destroyed them to cover it up.
Who is watching the watchers?

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This man, DOG, will be prosecuted. It won’t be too much longer before the men that built this country will stand up and put George Jr. in his playpen. There will be mass arrests of Senators and there will be mass arrests of the people that George put in office to support his conspiracy to give this country to Mexico. George states Mexico is our friend, he wants to accomadate his friend V. Fox, but Mexico has a corrupt government, that’s why the people have to come here. Gonzales, where are the arrests from people hiring illegal aliens the last 3 years? Where was the border security promised in the Wash. Post by the pres. in 2003/. Polls show that this is the worst president and the worst congress that we have ever had. No Senator should be able to vote for a guestworker program if they have hired illegal aliens to work at their private residences. This is a compromised vote. My father fought in hand to hand combat with the Japanese to keep people like this out of office.

Patriot-L on May 23, 2006 at 2:27 pm

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