May 24, 2006, - 11:03 am

Take That, Bin Laden: 7 World Trade Center Opens!

Yet another sign of America asleep at the wheel:
Yesterday’s proud event at New York’s Ground Zero should have been the number one story on newscasts and top cover story in newspapers around the country. But it wasn’t.
What happened at Ground Zero was cause for celebration. The first skyscraper rebuilt after being destroyed in the 9/11 attacks opened. Developer Larry Silverstein cut a ribbon to a 52-story steel and glass building at 7 World Trade Center, while an Irish tenor sang “God Bless America.” The building was the third to fall after the twin towers went down.
Today’s New York Post calls Silverstein a patriot for having the guts to rebuild, even though he lost so much and filling the skyscraper with tenants will be tough. We agree.

Hey, Bin Laden . . . .

Once all the remains were gathered and the investigation of the site finished, rebuilding on Ground Zero should have quickly begun and made a priority. It would have been the best message possible to Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda compatriots. But squabbling, instead, has held back most of it.
Reports say that despite the fact that Silverstein has rented less than a fifth of the building’s 1.7 million square feet, he is plodding ahead to develop all of the 16-acre site by 2012.
That is what America is about–building things up, not crashing planes into buildings to bring us all down. Too bad the mainstream media didn’t think this momentous occasion merited more than a backpage blurb at most.

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