May 25, 2006, - 1:55 pm

American Idol Finale: The Girlie-Man America that Madonna Wrought

We’re not fans of sappy karaoke show, “American Idol.” It’s getting old.
But we did watch last night’s finale, and thought it was well done and entertaining. More important, it gave all of America a taste of the ever-dominant Girlie-Man America that is quickly conquering the few masculine men left in America . . . and especially American showbiz. Are there any real men left in Hollywood? Hard to tell, based on last night’s “American Idol.”
First, there was Barry Manilow, Jr. a/k/a Clay Aiken, a past Idol runner-up singing with his look-alike potential future boyfriend. But worse, the end of the show gave us a glimpse of David Hasselhoff crying. Crying over a seriously ill relative, a Holocaust documentary, or even the movie, “,” is one thing, but over an effeminate karaoke contest like “American Idol”? Yes, even the cheesy, exaggerated machismo of Mr. “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” has melted. He, too, is a girlie-man.

Hasselhoff & Aiken: Girlie Men, “American Idol”-Style

And it should be no surprise. This is the kind of man that showbiz types like Madonna have wrought. Like many other vapidoids who inhabit Hollyood, “the Material Girl”–in her two-decades-plus career–showed the women (and men) I grew up with that men were good for only a few limited roles:
* Sperm donor and/or sex toy;
* If they were flamingly gay and well-chiseled, dancer on her concert tour;
* Middle age husband to make failed movies and wear silly white outfits, while accompanying her on phony Kabbalah sessions; and
* Whorish rabbi to take her money for “absolution” and use it to expand his Kabbalah Center, er . . . Porsche collection.
If your son, grandchild, or nephew watches “American Idol”–and many boys do–they’re hardly getting a good example of manhood. Unless that includes lots of mousse, pastel clothes, purple crushed-velvet blazers, and crying over a karaoke contest. Remember, about a third of the TV-audience, last night, was tuned in.
The kind of men Madonna and the rest of Hollywood wrought on America, which is fast becoming “Girlie-Man Nation.”

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I think you’re being at least a bit unfair about American Idol. This season, my sister and I both heavily routed for rocker Chris Daughtry, who cannot possibly be considered a “girlie man” by any stretch of the imagination. His song choices have included Bon Jovi’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” “Hemorrhage” by Fuel, and a great version of “Walk the Line” by the band Live, among others. Chris married a single mom who had two kids and, based on what I’ve heard, has been a loving and supportive stepdad — a great example for teenage boys.
Chris was prominently featured on the show every week until he was voted out on May 10 (finishing fourth), to the extreme shock of many people.

mjg283 on May 25, 2006 at 5:54 pm

Sick of Hollywood girlie-men? Check out Audie Murphy’s movies on Amazon. Many have been released on dvd.

Freudianslippers on May 25, 2006 at 11:39 pm

As I always make a point of keeping up with Madonna and the rest of The National Enquirer Who’s Who on ‘American Idolworship’while in the checkout line,she jes’ didn’t blip on my radar when I caught what I’m still hopin’ was a plot by Mad Magazine.Uhuh-above all the unhippest zaydeh(grandfather)on the planet who did was-Burt Bacharach.Maybe two days before “the event” in one of the worst leakjobs ever,I jes’ happened t’notice that Burt-in a comeback fight-came out with a cd(turns out last November)with lyrics like f,Bush,etc. when he should be teaching his grandchildren ’bout certain language
use…Then,”coincidently”,he grabs Dione Warwick’s ass off the ‘Psychic Network’-an’ makes his comeback on this homage to Selloutville,first visited in the first ‘talkie’,
‘The Jazz Singer'(1927)-which incidentally featured Cantor Yosselle Rosenblatt-still considered the greatest cantor off all-time-and who,even Caruso,would go to the synagogue to listen to;unfortunately,today-you’re far more likely to hear a cantor who’s a graduate of the
“modern” school of frustrated opera singers 101.

jaywilton on May 26, 2006 at 11:31 am

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