July 24, 2005, - 8:32 pm

Why Sharm El-Sheikh Was Attacked (Hint: To Kill Jews)

By Debbie Schlussel
Many mistaken prognosticators and ignorant pundits wrongly claim that Egypt was attacked because it “made peace with Israel” or is “a moderate state.”
Sharm El-Sheikh was, not too long ago, part of Israel. It was land gained in war–war in which Israel was attacked by Egypt. Many Israeli soldiers died over this land. But, as usual, myopic liberals in Israel gave it back–in the name of a phony “peace”–to Egypt, which used it as a resort town–just like Israel did, after Jews reclaimed the land and made it into what it is, today (yes, in this way, Jews were, once again, slaves in Egypt, if unwittingly).
But it doesn’t end there. Israelis didn’t just give it up to Egyptians, they also frequently vacationed there–they were the bulk of Sharm El-Sheikh’s tourists and patrons (though you don’t see the reverse: Egyptian tourists travelling to and spending money in Israel at Jewish establishments. Fuhgedaboutit.)
And that’s why Sharm El-Sheikh was attacked–to kill as many Jewish Israeli tourists as possible. This was NOT against Egypt. It was against Jews.
***UPDATE: One of the commenters to this post, a self-described Israeli woman, has twice written criticisms of my writings, and has been wrong both times, including her comment on this post. (The other criticism was that because I’d written that, once, the FBI got something right–by monitoring anti-war protestors, I am somehow not enough of a critic of the FBI–when I’ve written THREE New York Post columns attacking the agency.)
The fact is, many Israelis vacationed at Sharm El Sheikh. It is a well-known Israeli vacation destination. But since she raised doubt about this elementary fact, here are a few media sources that back me up and prove her incorrect, yet again:
From the Associated Press: “Saturday’s explosions – the deadliest attack in Egypt in nearly a decade – shook windows more than five miles away. Smoke and fire rose from Naama Bay, a main strip of beach hotels in the desert city at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, which is also popular with European and Israeli tourists, witnesses said.”
From CTV (Canada): “Sharm el-Sheik has become a major player in Egypt’s thriving tourism industry after expanding in recent years. It draws Europeans, Israelis, and Arabs from oil-producing Gulf nations and has been host to multiple summits for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.”

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Thanks for pointing out the obvious…..
I never heard of Sharm El-Sheikh untill the bombing, but I could have guessed it was sort of a “Jersey shore” for Israelis. It is a shame they spend money in places where their money does not buy them respect

painter_tommy on July 24, 2005 at 10:37 pm

Shalom babe! I got an idea and I heard it on the Howard Stern Show. Why not bomb the Hell out of the Middle East–save Israel of course–and turn the goddamn desert into glass. Bomb Northern Africa, level all the dune coons and turn the sand to glass. For all you Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs dirtwads who are calling me a tyrant, what would you do? And guess what, we won’t have to use nukes. MOAB baby MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast). Israel won’t get nuke poisoning, their property may shake a little but we could share our riches with the Jews!!! If Russia steps in or the Chinese? Ever seen a deep-fried commie? You will, if they intervene. Your thought darling?
King OF All Japs (As in Japanese)

KOAJaps on July 25, 2005 at 12:05 am

Sharm [al Sheikh] is not only a prime tourist destination for Europeans and Israelis, it is more importantly a high profile propaganda target for the Jihad against the West. Strange that the MSM never mentions that fact.
Sharm al Sheikh is home to Multinational Force and Observers [in Sinai] or “MFO” (until very recently, staffed by thousands of U.S. troops).
Non-Local Jihadis view the Red Sea resort as an opportunity to take out foreign military personel and vacationing Israelis, and thus gain Al Qeda brownie points for driving the Infidel from Arab lands.
[Of course Egypt is not technically an “Arab land”, it is Asian and African, however, in the quest to re-instate the new Caliphate, the entire planet has become “Arab lands” or Lands of Islam”.
While Fox-News may present the attack at Sharm as aimed at garlic-chewing, wine guzzling Euro-tourists, the perps themselves almost certainly view the town as a military target, and a chance to strike a blow at Western forces.
We [Israelis] flock to the Sinai during our holidays, however, Sharm is not one of our favourite spots. We prefer the coastal villages of Nuweba, Dahab, and Taba………..they are much cheaper and are basically inhabitated by Beduin, not Egyptians. The Beduin themselves prefer Israelis to Egyptians, and speak Hebrew.

Tamar on July 25, 2005 at 10:05 am

I too was wondering why no mention about Sharm-el-Sheik being popular with Israeli tourists, though the media did note this when Taba was terrorized.
Debbie, while I am not saying you are really wrong on this assessment, and I do agree that enough Israelis probably go to the resort for this to be the real motivation for who did this (and that some mention of this should’ve been in the press), I think Tamar’s assesment is more accurate that it is not a “major” resort for Israelis compared to Taba. The press did point out repeatedly that the resort was a major site of peace conferences.
But still a pretty good piece and nice work.

hairymon on July 25, 2005 at 12:56 pm

Disclaimer (to my non-Jewish amigo’s): To avoid being deliberately flown into the ocean,never
board a plane piloted by an Egyptian “moderate”.Also-Taba-Shmaba, Sharm-El Sheikh is at least “close-enough for government work” to make the case that Jews were targeted-even if the argument is only %95 accurate. Maybe the only hope for Jews to stay away from Egypt is for a bomb to hit a factory in Cairo that produces ‘Made in Egypt’ dreck for Jews who only buy wholesale.

jaywilton on July 25, 2005 at 3:24 pm

In October 2004, Islamo-terrorists blew up the Taba Hilton just south of the Egypt-Israel border. Unfortunately for the mostly Jewish victims the nearest decent hospital was over the border in Eilat, Israel.
When the severely injured and dying victims arrived at the border, the Egyptian guards would not let them pass until they could produce the “correct documents and passports” for the Jews.
I was thinking of that while watching the crocodile tears of the Egyptian ambassador as he greeted the President yesterday. Apparently the Egyptian authorities rounded up DOZENS of Bedouin tribesmen on suspicion they supplied explosives for car bomb attacks. Guess they let them all go again huh?

espresso on July 26, 2005 at 7:46 am

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