March 30, 2010, - 12:07 pm

How ‘Bout a Little Jihad with That Cruise? (Guess the Religion #671,214)

By Debbie Schlussel

It gives new meaning to Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.” And it has echoes of Leon Klinghoffer & the Achille Lauro hijacking all over again . . . not to mention all the Muslims who’ve been having sudden “drunken” or “upset” incidents on planes all over American airspace since November.


Smoke on the Water: Jihadi “Hoaxer” Ibrahim Khalil Zarou & the Carnival Sensation

They’re now calling this weekend “adventure in jihad” a “hoax,” but it’s quite apparent what it really is: they’re testing the system . . . just like they did the last several months on planes across America. Ibrahim Khalil Zarou and his comrades just learned the procedures and reaction time for a future version of his so-called “hoax.” “Inebriated”? PUH-LEEZE.

Aboard the Carnival Sensation in the wee hours of Sunday morning, a 31-year-old Virginia man was heard shouting “We are jihad,” and “Come to the top deck and watch the bomb,” according to a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman. Other reports said he was very inebriated.

The words were later determined to be a hoax and the passenger, Ibrahim Khalil Zarou of Leesburg, Virginia, who had been cruising as part of a party of 12, was arrested by Brevard County Sheriff’s Office officials for making a false bomb threat.

But Zarou’s words, which were reported by another passenger to ship officials, started a chain of events that included the ship being held four miles off the Florida coast for several hours and being boarded by the Coast Guard, FBI and local sheriff’s office officials; a search by bomb-sniffing dogs, conducted at Port Canaveral (where the ship had been headed), and a Unified Command being established, involving several government agencies. . . .

The “threat” was first reported to ship personnel around 4 a.m., and an exhaustive search for a bomb was conducted by onboard security personnel, according to USCG spokesman Christopher Evanson, Petty Officer First Class. . . .

After it was determined there was no credible bomb threat, the ship was allowed to return to port, arriving at about 10:45 a.m., some five hours later than scheduled. Some passengers had to rebook missed flights home.

Those passengers should sue Zarou for damages and emotional distress. We need to fight back and take a page from their playbook, turn their litigation jihad against us into our litigation jihad against them. Sadly, we’re too meek . . . and I doubt a single passenger will do it.

More about Zarou and the aftermath–amazing that this “hoaxing” would-be hijacker was released on miniscule bond:

A 31-year-old man who investigators said claimed there was a bomb aboard a cruise ship has bonded out of jail.

Ibrahim Khalil Zarou, of Leesburg, Va., posted a $10,000 bond about 9 p.m. Sunday and walked out of the Brevard County Detention Center in Sharpes, hours after a bomb scare was reported aboard the Carnival Sensation cruise ship.

Zarou, who authorities say works as a heating and air-conditioning salesman in Virginia, was charged with false report about planting a bomb.

No court date has been set for a hearing on the charge.

Hmmm . . . better hope there aren’t explosives in the heating ducts and air conditioning units he’s handled.

Bad joke? No, the bad joke is America’s lax attitude toward Muslims who threaten bombs.

Smoke on the water.  You know what they say?  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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27 Responses

arrr, me hearties! ‘Tis time for the long walk off the short plank!

tanstaafl (jw) on March 30, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Agreed. That terrorist shouldn’t be out on bond, and he should have never made it to port. He was drunk, right? I’d call him shark food. Just a little “drunken accident” could have taken care of this punk and saved the U.S. taxpayers a lot of money.

Jarhead on March 30, 2010 at 12:39 pm

I agree, we should sue them each and every time this happens for financial remedies, investigative reasons, and to push back just like they do every time they get “offended.” I would call a threat against that many lives a class action…

CJ on March 30, 2010 at 12:56 pm

This behavior is taught at Mosques and Islamic conferences. It is designed to instill fear of Islam and yet at the same time charge those who respond with over-reaction and Islamophobia. Clever? Not so much. It works only because of political correctness.

pat on March 30, 2010 at 2:04 pm

what a joke! this guy was obviously foolish in his actions.

on the other hand, the fact that all you get your panties so tightly wound up is testament to your racism. meanwhile in the midwest you have actual FBI search and seizures of “Christian Militia” describing a would be terrorist plot yet the media outlets systematically call the people involved “Christian Militia”.

USA census 2010: check “Militia” for Christian. check “Terrorist” for Muslim/ Arab.

wake up people, you are being brainwashed.

Commie on March 30, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Well, well you commie… it did NOT take long for an islamic nutter like you to show up here and act all STUPID!

    The militia stuff is hardly MAINSTREAM Christianity!!!

    OF course, JIHAD is ALWAYS MAINSTREAM islam!!

    That is a fact..learn to deal with it commie( losers ALL)!

    Sewsalot on March 30, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    I wonder if the people of Russia are taking threats like this so calmly, in light of the (3) bomb attacks in recent days. Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. But those making threats SHOULD be taken seriously. Take the veil away from your eyes so you can get a better look at what the world offers today. It is a scary place. Putting your head in the sand will not make it go away!

    Musiccgirl on March 31, 2010 at 2:22 pm

lol. i am an evangelical Christian, not Muslim. take the log out of your own eye before trying to take the splinter out of mine.

and let me tell you something having lived in the Middle East as a missionary not all Muslims are terrorists.

this kind of garbage/ propaganda sure makes the gospel an obstacle and inaccessible, if you are believer that is not a good thing. peace.

Commie on March 30, 2010 at 3:32 pm

This guy even LOOKS like an asshole. Also, note the beady, close-set eyes – invariably the hallmark of a cruel animal.

Graty Slapchop on March 30, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    “Also, note the beady, close-set eyes – invariably the hallmark of a cruel animal.”
    Isn’t that the type of thought that got eugenics started?
    Pete Bone

    Pete Bone on March 31, 2010 at 1:33 am

      @Pete Bone – Just a bit of harmless trolling, to flush out the PCs among us. 🙂

      Graty Slapchop on March 31, 2010 at 3:32 pm

How on earth have this many muslims got into and keep getting into this country?

Bob on March 30, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Re: “LOOKS like an asshole. Also, note the beady, close-set eyes – invariably the hallmark of a cruel animal.”

yes, like iran’s beady-eyed pres.

Bob on March 30, 2010 at 4:27 pm

He should have been shot on the spot.

goldenmike4393 on March 30, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Commie, were you friends with Giuseppina Pasqualino? No matter. Now I’m late for my lunch in Tul Karem. I have to budget my time better.


cirrus1701 on March 30, 2010 at 4:38 pm

I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to wake up. It’ll be interesting to see how Putin backs up his threats against the islamic hoards. I just got back from a flight out of town and it was nice to hear a crying baby. People are still rude jack asses. At least there were no incidents.

Joe on March 30, 2010 at 4:45 pm

That Video is so cool! How on earth was somebody able to record that with 1973 technology and then upload that dinasour video recording onto U-Tube today? Who had a camcorder in 1973?
That’s not the same version as 1972’s “Made in Japan” but it is definitely from the tour supporting that same Album.
Those Cats were on fire especially Richie Blackmore! Notice how he played the main lick with his thumb, upside-down @ the 2:22 mark. Awesome!

Who cares? on March 30, 2010 at 5:03 pm

So what was the rest of his “party of 12” doing?

ender on March 31, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Cheering him on.

    pat on March 31, 2010 at 2:28 am

Commie — what race is Islam again? How are blonde Bosniaks, black Somalis, olive-skinned Yemenis, and Hui Chinese the same race?

“{ ???????? ????????? ????????? ??????????????? ???????? ???????? ??? ?????????? ??????????? ????? ?????? ???? ??????????? }

As for the disbelievers, I will chastise them with a terrible chastisement in this world, through being killed, taken captive and made to pay the jizya, and the Hereafter, in the Fire; they shall have no helpers, none to protect them from it.”–Tafsir al-Jalalayn “Surat al-Imran [Q 3]”

“Allah sent him (the Prophet), with the guiding Book and the conquering sword, ahead of the Hour, so that Allah alone would be worshipped with no partner or associate, and his provision was placed beneath the shade of his sword and spear. Allah has established the religion of Islam with proof and evidence, and with the sword and spear, both are together and inseparable.”–Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya’s al-Faroosiyyah (p.18)

“Shirk is worse than Killing

Since Jihad involves killing and shedding the blood of men, Allah indicated that these men are committing disbelief in Allah, associating with Him (in the worship) and hindering from His path, and this is a much greater evil and more disastrous than killing. Abu Malik commented about what Allah said:

[????????????? ??????? ???? ?????????]

(And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.) Meaning what you (disbelievers) are committing is much worse than killing.” Abu Al-`Aliyah, Mujahid, Sa`id bin Jubayr, `Ikrimah, Al-Hasan, Qatadah, Ad-Dahhak and Ar-Rabi` bin Anas said that what Allah said:

[????????????? ??????? ???? ?????????]

(And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.) “Shirk (polytheism) is worse than killing.””–Tafsir ibn Kathir “Surat al-Baqarah [Q 2]”

“Meaning of Mischief

In his Tafsir, As-Suddi said that Ibn `Abbas and Ibn Mas`ud commented,

[??????? ????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ??? ???????? ???????? ???????? ?????? ??????????? ]

(And when it is said to them: “Do not make mischief on the earth,” they say: “We are only peacemakers.”) “They are the hypocrites. As for,

[??? ??????????? ??? ????????]

(“Do not make mischief on the earth”), that is disbelief and acts of disobedience.” Abu Ja`far said that Ar-Rabi` bin Anas said that Abu Al-`Aliyah said that Allah’s statement,

[??????? ????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ??? ????????]

(And when it is said to them: “Do not make mischief on the earth,”), means, “Do not commit acts of disobedience on the earth. Their mischief is disobeying Allah, because whoever disobeys Allah on the earth, or commands that Allah be disobeyed, he has committed mischief on the earth. Peace on both the earth and in the heavens is ensured (and earned) through obedience (to Allah).” Ar-Rabi` bin Anas and Qatadah said similarly.”–Tafsir ibn Kathir “Surah al-Baqarah [Q 2]”

“Islam is the Religion That will dominate over all Other Religions

Allah said next,

[???? ??????? ???????? ????????? ?????????? ??????? ????????]

(It is He Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth.) `Guidance’ refers to the true narrations, beneficial faith and true religion that the Messenger came with. `religion of truth’ refers to the righteous, legal deeds that bring about benefit in this life and the Hereafter.

[???????????? ????? ???????? ???????]

(to make it (Islam) superior over all religions) It is recorded in the Sahih that the Messenger of Allah said,

«????? ????? ????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ??????????????? ???????????? ?????? ???????? ??? ?????? ???????????»

(Allah made the eastern and western parts of the earth draw near for me [to see], and the rule of my Ummah will extend as far as I saw.) Imam Ahmad recorded from Tamim Ad-Dari that he said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah saying,

«????????????? ????? ????????? ??? ?????? ????????? ????????????? ????? ???????? ????? ?????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????? ?????????? ????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ????????? ????????? ?????? ??????? ????? ???? ???????????? ???????? ??????? ????? ???? ????????»

(This matter (Islam) will keep spreading as far as the night and day reach, until Allah will not leave a house made of mud or hair, but will make this religion enter it, while bringing might to a mighty person (a Muslim) and humiliation to a disgraced person (who rejects Islam). Might with which Allah elevates Islam (and its people) and disgrace with which Allah humiliates disbelief (and its people).) Tamim Ad-Dari [who was a Christian before Islam] used to say, “I have come to know the meaning of this Hadith in my own people. Those who became Muslims among them acquired goodness, honor and might. Disgrace, humiliation and Jizyah befell those who remained disbelievers.”

[??????????? ????????? ?????????? ????? ???????? ????? ???????????? ?????????????? ????????????? ????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????? ??? ??????? ??????? ??????????? ??????????? ????????? ???????????? ????? ????????????? ??? ??????? ??????? ????????????? ????????? ??????? – ?????? ??????? ????????? ??? ????? ????????? ????????? ????? ??????????? ???????????? ????????????? ?????? ??? ?????????? ???????????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ??????????? ]

(34. O you who believe! Verily, there are many of the Ahbar (rabbis) and the Ruhban (monks) who devour the wealth of mankind in falsehood, and hinder (them) from the way of Allah. And those who hoard up gold and silver and spend them not in the way of Allah, announce unto them a painful torment.) (35. On the Day when that will be heated in the fire of Hell and with it will be branded their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs, (and it will be said unto them:) “This is the treasure which you hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what you used to hoard.”)”–Tafsir ibn Kathir “Surah at-Taubah [Q 9]”

“`Abdullah bin `Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “I have been commanded (by Allah) to fight people until they testify that there is no true god except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform Salat and pay Zakat. If they do so, they will have protection of their blood and property from me except when justified by Islam, and then account is left to Allah”.
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Commentary: This Hadith brings out the following…

1. The objective of Jihad. This objective warrants that one must struggle against Kufr (disbelief) and Shirk (polytheism) and the worship of falsehood in all its forms. Jihad has to continue until this objective is achieved. This contention is supported by a Hadith, to the effect that Jihad will continue till the Day of Resurrection. In this Hadith the word (An-Nas) translated above as “people” stands for the polytheists and idolaters. The reason being that other Nasus (pl. of Nass, meaning `text’) confirm the exemption of Ahl-ul-Kitab (people of the Scriptures) from it subject to the condition that they agree to pay Jizyah (dues imposed by Islam on the people of the Book living under the protection of an Islamic state) and submit to the Muslim rule. The Arab pagans have only the choice to either embrace Islam or face war. In the latter case, it is incumbent on the Muslims to wage Jihad against them to wipe out Kufr and Shirk and raise the banner of Tauhid everywhere.

…The domination of Kufr, Shirk and falsehood is darkness, heresy and tyranny, and the objective of Islam is to purge the world of all these evils. It aims at liberating man from the worship of man, set them on the path of worship of Allah, and to provide a just and equitable society to mankind. Wherever in the world there is tyranny, ignorance and heresy, Muslims are bound to fight such evils and finish them by means of Jihad.

2. Life and property of every person is secured after his joining the fold of Islam. He will, however, be subject to the law of Islam.”–Riyad-us-Saliheen 390

“{ ?????? ??????????? ????????? ??????????????? ???????????? ???????? ?????????? ????????????? ????????? ???????? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ??????????? ????????? ???????????? ??????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??????????? ????? ??????? ??????? ??????? }

We have verily sent Our messengers, the angels, to prophets, with clear signs, with the definitive proofs, and We revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance, justice, so that mankind may uphold justice. And We sent down iron, We caused it to be extracted from mineral ores, wherein is great might, with which one may wage battle, and [many] uses for mankind, and so that God may know, a knowledge of direct vision (li-ya‘lama’Ll?hu is a supplement to li-yaq?ma’l-n?su, ‘so that mankind may uphold’) those who help Him, by helping [to uphold] His religion through [the use of] instruments of war made of metal and otherwise, and His messengers through the Unseen (bi’l-ghaybi: a circumstantial qualifier referring to the [suffixed pronoun] h?’, ‘Him’, of yansuruhu, ‘[who] aid Him’), that is to say, while He [God] is not seen by them in this world. Ibn ‘Abb?s said: ‘They help Him even though they do not see Him’ (yansur?nahu wa-l? yubsir?nahu). Assuredly God is Strong, Mighty, without any need of being helped, but such [help] benefits those who proffer it.”–Tafsir al-Jalalayn “Surat al-Hadid [Q 57]”

“The Order for Jihad against the Disbelievers and Hypocrites

Allah commanded His Messenger to strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and to be harsh against them. Allah also commanded him to be merciful with the believers who followed him, informing him that the destination of the disbelievers and hypocrites is the Fire in the Hereafter. Ibn Mas`ud commented on Allah’s statement,

[??????? ??????????? ?????????????????]

(Strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites) “With the hand, or at least have a stern face with them.” Ibn `Abbas said, “Allah commanded the Prophet to fight the disbelievers with the sword, to strive against the hypocrites with the tongue and annulled lenient treatment of them.” Ad-Dahhak commented, “Perform Jihad against the disbelievers with the sword and be harsh with the hypocrites with words, and this is the Jihad performed against them.” Similar was said by Muqatil and Ar-Rabi`. Al-Hasan and Qatadah said, “Striving against them includes establishing the (Islamic Penal) Law of equality against them.” In combining these statements, we could say that Allah causes punishment of the disbelievers and hypocrites with all of these methods in various conditions and situations, and Allah knows best.”–Tafsir ibn Kathir “Surat at-Taubah [Q 9]”

“{ ????? ???? ?????? ??????? ??????? ???????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ???????? ???? ??? ??????? ??????????? ???????????? ??? ??????? ???????? }

And whoever does not respond to God’s summoner cannot thwart God on earth, that is to say, he will not be able to thwart God by escaping from Him and eluding Him, and he, the one who does not respond, will not have, besides Him, that is, [besides] God, any protectors, any helpers to ward off the chastisement from him — those, who do not respond, are in manifest error’, plain and evident [error].”–Tafsir al-Jalalayn “Surah al-Ahqaf [Q 46]”

“{ ?????? ???? ????? ????????? ??????????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ???? ??? ???????? ????? ???????? ????????????? ????? ????????? ?????? ??????????? }

Have you not regarded, [have you not] seen, those who — these being the hypocrites — fraternise with a folk — these being the Jews — at whom God is wrathful? They, the hypocrites, neither belong with you, the believers, nor with them, the Jews, but are suspended in between, and they swear falsely, in other words, saying that they are believers, while they know, that they are lying in this.

{ ??????? ??????? ?????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ????? ??? ???????? ??????????? }

God has prepared for them a severe chastisement. Evil indeed is that which they [are wont to] do, in the way of acts of disobedience.

{ ???????????? ????????????? ??????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ???????? }

They [PD: the hypocrites] have taken their oaths as a shield, a [means of] protection for themselves and their possessions, and so they bar, thereby the believers, from the way of God, that is, from engaging in a struggle against them, thereby slaying them and seizing their possessions [PD: i.e., Jihad against kuffar and mushrikin]. So for them there will be a humiliating chastisement.

{ ??????????? ?????????? ???????????? ???????????? ?????? ??????? ???????????? ?????? ???????????? ????? ????? ?????? ???????????? ???? ???????????? }

Satan has prevailed upon them, by their obedience of him, and so he has caused them to forget the remembrance of God. Those are Satan’s confederates, his followers. Yet it is indeed Satan’s confederates who are the losers!

{ ????? ????????? ??????????? ??????? ??????????? ???????????? ??? ???????????? }

Indeed those who oppose God and His Messenger [PD: kuffar, mushrikin, munafiqin, murtaddin] — they will be among the most abased, the vanquished.

{ ?????? ??????? ???????????? ?????? ?????????? ????? ??????? ??????? ??????? }

God has inscribed, in the Preserved Tablet, or [it means] He has decreed: ‘I shall assuredly prevail, I and My messengers’, by means of definitive proof or the sword. Truly God is Strong, Mighty.

{ ???? ?????? ??????? ??????????? ????????? ??????????? ??????? ??????????? ???? ?????? ??????? ??????????? ?????? ????????? ?????????? ???? ????????????? ???? ????????????? ???? ????????????? ???????????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ?????????? ????????????? ??????? ??????? ?????????????? ???????? ??????? ??? ????????? ??????????? ?????????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ???????? ????????? ?????? ???????????? ?????? ??????? ????? ????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?????????????? }

You will not find a people who believe in God and the Last Day loving, befriending, those who oppose God and His Messenger, even though they, the opposers, were their fathers, that is to say, the believers’ [fathers], or their sons or their brothers or their clan, rather [you will find that] they intend to do them harm and they fight them over [the question of] faith, as occurred on one occasion with some Companions, may God be pleased with them. [For] those, the ones who are not loving of them, He has inscribed, He has established, faith upon their hearts and reinforced them with a spirit, a light, from Him, exalted be He, and He will admit them into gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide, God being pleased with them, for their obedience of Him, and they being pleased with Him, because of His reward. Those [they] are God’s confederates, following His command and refraining from what He has forbidden. Assuredly it is God’s confederates who are the successful, the winners.”–Tafsir al-Jalalayn “Surah al-Mujadilah [Q 58]”

“The Order for Jihad against the Disbelievers, the Closest, then the Farthest Areas

Allah commands the believers to fight the disbelievers, the closest in area to the Islamic state, then the farthest. This is why the Messenger of Allah started fighting the idolators in the Arabian Peninsula. When he finished with them and Allah gave him control over Makkah, Al-Madinah, At-Ta’if, Yemen, Yamamah, Hajr, Khaybar, Hadramawt and other Arab provinces, and the various Arab tribes entered Islam in large crowds, he then started fighting the People of the Scriptures. He began preparations to fight the Romans who were the closest in area to the Arabian Peninsula, and as such, had the most right to be called to Islam, especially since they were from the People of the Scriptures. The Prophet marched until he reached Tabuk and went back because of the extreme hardship, little rain and little supplies. This battle occurred on the ninth year after his Hijrah. In the tenth year, the Messenger of Allah was busy with the Farewell Hajj. The Messenger died eighty-one days after he returned from that Hajj, Allah chose him for what He had prepared for him [in Paradise]. After his death, his executor, friend, and Khalifah, Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with him, became the leader. At that time, the religion came under attack and would have been defeated, if it had not been for the fact that Allah gave the religion firmness through Abu Bakr, who established its basis and made its foundations firm. He brought those who strayed from the religion back to it, and made those who reverted from Islam return. He took the Zakah from the evil people who did not want to pay it, and explained the truth to those who were unaware of it. On behalf of the Prophet , Abu Bakr delivered what he was entrusted with. Then, he started preparing the Islamic armies to fight the Roman cross worshippers, and the Persian fire worshippers. By the blessing of his mission, Allah opened the lands for him and brought down Caesar and Kisra and those who obeyed them among the servants. Abu Bakr spent their treasures in the cause of Allah, just as the Messenger of Allah had foretold would happen. This mission continued after Abu Bakr at the hands of he whom Abu Bakr chose to be his successor, Al-Faruq, the Martyr of the Mihrab, Abu Hafs, `Umar bin Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him. With `Umar, Allah humiliated the disbelievers, suppressed the tyrants and hypocrites, and opened the eastern and western parts of the world. The treasures of various countries were brought to `Umar from near and far provinces, and he divided them according to the legitimate and accepted method. `Umar then died as a martyr after he lived a praise worthy life. Then, the Companions among the Muhajirin and Ansar agreed to chose after `Umar, `Uthman bin `Affan, Leader of the faithful and Martyr of the House, may Allah be pleased with him. During `Uthman’s reign, Islam wore its widest garment and Allah’s unequivocal proof was established in various parts of the world over the necks of the servants. Islam appeared in the eastern and western parts of the world and Allah’s Word was elevated and His religion apparent. The pure religion reached its deepest aims against Allah’s enemies, and whenever Muslims overcame an Ummah, they moved to the next one, and then the next one, crushing the tyranical evil doers. They did this in reverence to Allah’s statement,

[?????????? ????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????????? ??????????? ????? ???????????]

(O you who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you,) Allah said next,

[????????????? ??????? ????????]

(and let them find harshness in you), meaning, let the disbelievers find harshness in you against them in battle. The complete believer is he who is kind to his believing brother, and harsh with his disbelieving enemy. Allah said in other Ayah,

[???????? ??????? ??????? ???????? ??????????? ?????????????? ????????? ????? ?????????????? ????????? ????? ?????????????]

(Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him; humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers…)[5:54],

[?????????? ???????? ??????? ??????????? ?????? ?????????? ????? ??????????? ????????? ??????????]

(Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. And those who are with him are severe against the disbelievers, and merciful among themselves.)[48:29], and,

[?????????? ?????????? ??????? ??????????? ????????????????? ????????? ??????????]

(O Prophet! Strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be harsh against them.)[9:73] Allah said,

[???????????? ????? ??????? ???? ?????????????]

(And know that Allah is with those who have Taqwa), meaning, fight the disbelievers and trust in Allah knowing that Allah is with you if you fear and obey Him. This was the case in the first three blessed generations of Islam, the best members of this Ummah. Since they were firm on the religion and reached an unsurpassed level of obedience to Allah, they consistently prevailed over their enemies. During that era, victories were abundant, and enemies were ever more in a state of utter loss and degradation. However, after the turmoil began, desires and divisions became prevalent between various Muslim kings, the enemies were eager to attack the outposts of Islam and marched into its territory without much opposition. Then, the Muslim kings were too busy with their enmity for each other. The disbelievers then marched to the capital cities of the Islamic states, after gaining control over many of its areas, in addition to entire Islamic lands. Verily, ownership of all affairs is with Allah in the beginning and in the end. Whenever a just Muslim king stood up and obeyed Allah’s orders, all the while trusting in Allah, Allah helped him regain control over some Muslim lands and took back from the enemy what was compatible to his obedience and support to Allah. We ask Allah to help the Muslims gain control over the forelocks of His disbeliever enemies and to raise high the word of Muslims over all lands. Verily, Allah is Most Generous, Most Giving.

[??????? ??? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ???? ??????? ????????? ????????? ??????? ????????? ???????? ????????? ????????? ????????????? ????????? ?????? ??????????????? ???????? ????????? ??? ?????????? ??????? ????????????? ??????? ????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ??????????]

(124. And whenever there comes down a Surah, some of them (hypocrites) say: “Which of you has had his faith increased by it” As for those who believe, it has increased their faith, and they rejoice.) (125. But as for those in whose hearts is a disease, it will add Rijs (doubt) to their Rijs (doubt); and they die while they are disbelievers.)”–Tafsir ibn Kathir “Surat at-Taubah [9]”


Guess not — one cannot convince the irrational, one can only expect the irrational to ignore 1,388 years of Jihad al-Talab wa’l-Ibtida’/al-Qitaal/Ghazwat against the kuffar/muskrikun of the Dar al-Harb by mujahedin, and the theology which justifies it.

One can only expect the irrational to respond to this post with fabricated and libelous Talmud quotes, or some inane moral equivalency…

Philip_Daniel on March 31, 2010 at 8:15 pm

They stalk cruise ships just like they stalk airplanes. And we’re told its just isolated incidents perpetrated by “crazy persons.” Yeah, sure.

The press never makes up such excuses or promotes censorship when the perpetrator is identified as Jewish or Christian. Only Islam needs cover from its record of horrible crimes committed daily around the world.

NormanF on April 1, 2010 at 6:32 am

Philip Daniel needs to stay off this website, and go to a site that supports his radical ideas…..this is not the forum..jmc

pink bunny on April 2, 2010 at 10:02 am

Pink Bunny, I’m a proud mushrik, an idolator…I’ll never submit. I’m merely revealing the intrinsic militancy of Islam.

Philip_Daniel on April 5, 2010 at 9:35 pm

For your information, Ibrahim Zarou is not a terrorist and he is Christian, not Muslim. I know him personally. Just because he has an Arabic name and looks Middle-Eastern everyone assumes he is a Muslim and a terrorist. Sounds like racial profiling to me. You are all going completely overboard with the fact that an American who happens to be part-Arabic made a drunken joke. A joke he shouldn’t have made and that caused a lot of trouble and inconvenience, yes — I am not denying that. But to claim that he is a terrorist and that he plants bombs in his heaters and air conditioners? Wow. Talk about dramatic. Shame on you. He is a great guy who made one poor, stupid, drunken decision. He paid his price of bail. Leave him be. He was on board for a bachelor party… how many bachelor parties do you know that remain sober and tame? Exactly.

Karen Zuleger on April 6, 2010 at 5:40 pm

Look, you stupid whore, get your facts straight before you defame an entire group of people. He’s not Muslim. The rest of you are some of the most intolerant racists I’ve ever seen. Got your KKK robe ready for the meeting this Saturday? Gonna go burn some rug shops? Get a fucking grip.

Person on May 10, 2010 at 2:06 am

wow! talk about extreme. funny how quick people are to judge. he is american and he is christian. all the ones that had their opinions and spoke their mind…have you followed up lately to see where this stands other than the amount of stress it caused him and his family? all because some individual that it would be funny to make such should feel ashamed of yourself if you only knew the truth because the truth set him free.

NOVA on May 17, 2010 at 1:18 pm

Thank you, Karen. I am thankful for your input. I remember Ibrahim as a child and I remember his family. Such a loving, Christian family. America is scared and every little thing turns into a big thing. Maybe each scare ends up being big, maybe not. But this truly sounds to me like a regretful decision from a Christian guy. Will it follow him forever? Yes. Just as so many bad decisions do to all of us. But the best decision we can make in this instance is to throw our stones back in the pile and pray for him and his family.

Cyndi Darnell on March 16, 2011 at 11:09 am

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