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The Predictability of Pro Athletes: Favre Family Proudly Welcomes 2nd Generation of Baby Mamas; Gramps @ 40

By Debbie Schlussel

This isn’t about race.  It’s about culture–a culture of irresponsibility, selfishness, entitlement, and “if it feels good, do it.”

Pro athletes–of all races–are so predictable.  When a friend, today, sent me a story about former NFLer Tiki Barber leaving his pregnant (with twins) wife for an NBC intern, I asked if either of the women was Black, because I doubted it.  And sure enough neither is.  Just like with the Tiger Woods’ harem.  Not a single minority in the bunch.  Not that I care about the races of people in lust . . . er “love.”  That’s their business.  But I care that the same people who can’t practice affirmative action in their own lives expect us to tolerate it in a discriminatory way in our lives in the more urgent matters of the job market and livelihoods that can make or break families and can be the difference of whether rent is paid and there’s food on the table.


Brett Favre: Proud Grandpappy to Second Generation Baby Mama

And then there is the single motherhood for yet another generation in the NFL Favre family.  When I read, today, that Brett Favre became a grandfather at age 40 because his daughter Britanny–herself an illegitimate child–had a kid, I said to myself:  I’ll bet she’s not married, either.  And I was right.  It’s so damned easy to predict this pattern of behavior. In fact, not only isn’t the girl married, but the father’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere and the kid doesn’t have his last name.  He’s apparently just a sperm donor, just like in that bastion of family values, the Palin family.  And just as with Tripp Palin, Parker Brett Favre proves my theory about names:  he has the same pretentious, ostentatious kind of first name that signals the family’s desperate, false imploring of “please notice that I have class.”  (And like Favre’s daughter’s first name, Brittany, in ten years, it’ll be a common stripper name.  “Guys, welcome to the stage and pole, Parker Hills . . . .“)

And now that a multi-millionaire with everything in the world is a grandfather at age 40 to yet another illegitimate generation, we’re supposed to be surprised that recent studies show that while 40% of American babies are born to single mothers, a higher percentage of them than in any other Western industrialized nation have zero male figures in their lives. This is the Favre way.  And, sadly, because of influential figures like him, this is the American way.

The Favre family is like that of many pro athletes I’ve written about–Black or White.  They are hangers-on and low-lifes.  And all the multi-millions in the world won’t change that.  Favre didn’t marry his daughter’s mother, until she was seven years old.  Half of his immediate family went to jail on various crimes.  They have no values.  And this girl, who grew up in riches and giant homes in suburban Green Bay, Wisconsin and rural Mississippi, has the values of her parents.

Money doesn’t buy you class.  It just buys you license to enhance your vulgar behavior and put it on steroids . . . and help contribute your part to the decline of American society and Western civilization.  When I was in grad school at the University of Wisconsin, first getting my law degree and then my MBA, I saw Favre getting oral sex from some ho (not the babymama of his grandbabymama) in the back of a Madison, Wisconsin bar, as I headed to the restroom.  I’d heard rumors that this was de rigeur for this indecent bumpkin with a large wallet and gridiron stardom.  This is the kind of guy he is.  And all the millions in the world won’t change the cheap, the sleazy, into the refined.  All we have to do is look at Bill Clinton–and the Favre family is kind of the football version of the Clinton political family.  I’m not surprised his daughter quickly became a babygrandmama.  I guess since she had a kid out of wedlock when she was two years older than when her mother did, that’s “progress.”

Sorry, but snobbery is underrated.  You can casually dismiss it as “elitism” or “intolerance.”  But sometimes, many times, it’s a very good thing . . . very necessary. Don’t tell me, “we don’t judge.” Uh, we need to judge and don’t do nearly enough of it.

Sad to say, most of these pro athletes in team sports don’t come from class or manners.  They are products of bad parenting and spoiled by their parents as a future meal ticket.  So, it’s not shocking when we see the results.  It’s not about how much money their parents made, where they lived, or even whether they had college or graduate degrees.  It’s about values and knowledge, behavior and critical thinking–all of which are bereft in this crowd, no matter how expensive the Lexis or Maybach is.

Brittany Favre’s new grandchild is an illegitimate kid of an illegitimate kid.  And so it continues into the next generation.  And throughout America . . . as American kids continue to be bombarded with the pride of famous “parents” who once engaged in this behavior and proudly exhibit it with such haughtiness in their families’ later generations.

You might tell me we’re well past this. That America has “progressed” and that for decades Hollywood and pop culture have pushed single motherhood, so I should accept it. No thanks.

Yes, sadly, this isn’t the future of America. It’s our present. And it’s not just Hollywood or urban America–but heroes like the Favres of the world and their ilk–who are helping to speed up the past tense of America. Irreparably.

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he’s a grandfavre!

sickboy on April 7, 2010 at 3:58 pm

The Favre’s have the income to indulge such behavior, while the majority of single parents do not. Instead,these mothers wind up on various forms of public assistance, such as AFDC, Food Stamps, etc. Taxpayers have to bail such people out of their idiocy, rather than a wealthy parent. Also, in quite a few cases, as mentioned by Debbie,the behavior becomes entrenched in subsequent generations. In the bad old past, illegitimate births and irresponsible behavior occurred, but did not receive social approval. Also, even the idea that such behavior would be multi generational,would have been incomprehensible back then. Our ancestors, who were poorer and wiser, realized the social distress that tolerating such behavior would cause. This understanding reinforced and sustained traditional morality for generations. Unfortunately, the connections between virtue and commonsense are deemed to be too divisive a topic even to bring up.

sorrow01 on April 7, 2010 at 4:01 pm

Surfing the TV last week, I ran across a show called “Reba” starring, Reba McEntire and in it, Reba’s 17 yr old daughter gets pregnant with help from the 17 yr old HS football star boyfriend. The public school principal is ridiculed for not wanting to have a pregnant 17 student parading up and down the school’s halls. I was wondering what planet the show’s writers were from because gov. high schools in my area all have daycare.

Rick on April 7, 2010 at 4:04 pm

Don’t these “single” mothers know the damage they are doing to their offspring? You would think growing up without a dad would give them a clue.
Every kid wants a mommy and dad, not a “single” mom and the US Government for a replacement father.
We need to quit subsidizing these women that think they do not need a father. In addition, it would be nice if people shunned this type of behavior instead of accepting it.

ScottyDog on April 7, 2010 at 4:52 pm

Whatever you may think of the parents, don’t take it out on their kids – they will probably have all kinds of problems growing up and need emotional support (and surrogate parents). Life is a gift – use it wisely. I am against abortion but people should be more responsible and consider adoption as an option. I also think that legalized abortion made it more permissible to have out of wedlock children. After all, if you are choosing to have sex, you can choose to abort, adopt, or keep the baby yourself. Legalized abortion made it more difficult for young girls to say no to sex. Many of the women who have had legal abortions also have children without benefit of marriage.

Julian on April 7, 2010 at 5:09 pm

Grew up in WI, had friends that went to UW-Green Bay. They told the same stories of seeing Favre taking local ho’s into the men’s room and his backup qb, I think it was Doug Pederson, standing guard till Brett was “finished” in the can.

It used to be a compliment to say someone had “discriminating” taste. Now, unless you’re talking about food or wine, you’re nothing but a hater if you offer any judgement on anything or anyone.

And as Packer fan, might I also say it was GREAT to see him return to form with 10 seconds left against the Saints. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid Vikings.

Matt on April 7, 2010 at 5:11 pm

Most celebrities are trash. Period.

Christopher Nelson on April 7, 2010 at 5:55 pm

what the heck……….they are straight up trash…money doesn’t change that..it just gives them a bigger budget to do whatever they want to do……WATCH THE KARDASHIANS, which i did once, what the hell is up with that……….trash gone wild on American Express Black Card…think about it…….jmc

pink bunny on April 7, 2010 at 6:06 pm

If we knew the half of it… the swinger parties alone are reminiscent of the whoremongers ho-downs in Ancient Rome. Swapping women like cattle, how liberal.

Feral Skunk on April 7, 2010 at 7:41 pm

“This isn’t about race. It’s about culture–a culture of irresponsibility, selfishness, entitlement, and “if it feels good, do it.”
True, true, true. No better description. And Oprah, Behar, “Dr” Thisandthat are all in the wings , saying “it’s OKaaay”.

Once upon a time there was a thing called 9/11. And in it’s wake, people woke up – to what was important. The sanctity of their own lives. The freedom to carry out a day to day existance. The sanctitry of their loved ones, familly and commitments in life. Tabloid sales went down. No one cared about Hollywood indulgences for a few weeks.

And then someone, I think it was Letterman, asked Giuliani if America could go back to it’s merry ways. Giuliani unfortunately said yes, perhaps his greatest mistake. And the culture has resumed it’s downward spiral and hasn’t shown signs of reversal.

Not Ovenready on April 7, 2010 at 11:28 pm

I have deep concerns about Bachmann as well since we mention Palin so much. She grew up in a single mother home and I read her wikipedia article and it screams FRAUD. Her husband and her own a mental health facility. She gets gov’t subsidies for her farm. And worse she was against a cigerette tax and then voted for it but made good soundbounds although she was strongly criticized by the organization that wants taxes reduced.

She also claims that she fasted 3 days and it was from G-d that she should run. Please! And she won with only 46% of the vote. And she had a fight with a charter school in which sh did not want the school teaching any type of religion and them banning a book that they felt taught witchcraft and paganism and people questioned her character and she was on the side against religion here. So she sounds like a fraud to me.

I just don’t think a true conservative middle age women with kids would be in politics.

I am tired though of some of these so called religious leaders giving money to these female candidates who just say things that are just wacky and of course they say it to hide the fact that they really aren’t very religious and the go to the extreme to hide it.

The thing that made me most suspicious about Bachmann was the fact that she likes Mark Levin and Glenn Beck a lot. She is a little more experienced version of Palin but I don’t think much better and she isn’t even that popular in MN as she won with only 46% of the vote. Check the wikipedia article.

She really doesn’t seem sincere to me and her background leaves many doubts as does what they and her husband own.

adam on April 8, 2010 at 12:16 am

“Favre didn’t marry his daughte’s mother, until she was seven years old.” That’s vile. That’s nauseating. How did he avoid criminal prosecution?
You’re right about snobbery as a check on human behavior. George Orwell has a quote about that somewhere. ??? ???, I’ll look it up and mail it to you.

Miranda Rose Smith on April 8, 2010 at 2:26 am

And Debbie’s evidence that Tiki Barber supports affirmative action is what, exactly? After all, Tiger Woods is a conservative who opposes affirmative action (and also has a low opinion of the black community).

And it is neat that people who oppose affirmative action never explain why these policies were necessary in hiring and promotions in the first place: because of all the companies that refused to hire any black people at all. The debate over qualifications was a convenient distraction from the real issue: companies that refused to hire and promote blacks no matter their qualifications, but were hiring and promoting very unqualified whites all the time.

Incidentally, for the record Tiki Barber’s soon-to-be former wife is not white but Asian. (Lots of black men marry Asians, and have ever since black soldiers started bringing home Asian wives. Blacks are far more willing to marry nonwhites, i.e. Hispanics, Asians, Arabs and Native Americans, than whites.) And were this country the meritocracy that Debbie and her ilk loves to pretend, there would be far more Asian Americans – who by far perform the best in college, produce a heavily disproportionate number of inventions and innovations, etc. – leading Fortune 500 companies and running elite institutions. But instead of dealing with the clear discrimination that goes on against Asians, with many whites obviously getting opportunities that Asians deserve (and this happens because Asians don’t have the equivalent of an NAACP) conservatives would rather talk about the relatively small number of Asians who don’t go to UCLA because of quotas that benefit blacks. Conservatives pit Asians against blacks in the battle over crumbs while whites get the main course, dinner and desert unchallenged by Asians.

But leave it to Debbie to use the fact that Tiger Woods doesn’t consider himself black and has too much loathing for black people (by his own words on repeated occasions!) to even consider dating a black woman no matter what she looks like (Woods probably doesn’t even find women with black features attractive, and he would immediately spurn a Sally Hemings’ type black woman that looks white upon discovering her true heritage) as an angle to oppose affirmative action. So … the fact that many white slave owners (like Thomas Jefferson) created progeny with their black slaves (like Sally Hemings) and in the process accidentally helped create the civil rights movement (which was led initially by mixed race blacks like W.E.B. Du Bois, who became a communist and started the NAACP in no small part over his rage at being unable to enjoy the benefits of white society despite himself having white ancestry and a Harvard Ph.D.) … where’s the political angle on that one?

I am not making this up. A high percentage of the early civil rights leaders were in fact educated blacks with white parents, grandparents or great-grandparents like Du Bois. A lot of them were educated at schools that slaveowners and other wealthy whites created specifically for their biracial offspring, which was how not a few of our “predominantly black” or “historically black” colleges got their starts, especially the private ones. So what Strom Thurmond did in fathering a child with his black servant and sending her off to South Carolina State College, he was indulging in common practice.

It isn’t the least bit surprising that many of the biracial children and descendants of the segregationist conservatives would become leftist civil rights movement types, as Thurmond’s own daughter did. And of course, the civil rights movement – started largely by the black/biracial descendants of white segregationists and slavers – is what is responsible for affirmative action. Which of course was precisely the sort of “talented tenth” policy that people like W. E. B. Du Bois and the other civil rights leaders would primarily benefit themselves and not other blacks. (The early civil rights leaders made no apologies for initially only seeking opportunities for fair-skinned mixed race blacks like themselves, claiming that benefits for other blacks would come later.)

It is a part of American history that will never be told, because no one has an agenda to. Conservatives will never admit that the segregationists created the civil rights movement by fooling around with their slave women and creating the W. E. B. Du Bois class to begin with. And liberals will never admit that the W.E.B. Du Bois people were only after the privileges that their wealthy white fathers and grandfathers enjoyed, and had little interests in the vast majority of blacks, and chose Marxism and socialism solely because they saw it as the quickest way to secure those benefits FOR THEMSELVES, and abandoned the more conservative Booker T. Washington approach to uplift all blacks.

Who told the W.E.B. Du Bois class that Marxism was the quick easy way? Well, it was white socialists of course. And Jewish socialists. The NAACP, after all, was actually founded and financed by people such as the Jewish rabbi David Saperstein, and the Jewish Marxist Joel Spingarn.

The real story gets curioser and curioser doesn’t it …

Gerald on April 8, 2010 at 3:25 pm

As usual Gerald you are beyond reproach, I love the way you take the truth from a historical point and correlate it with todays practices for they are all connected and we are only repeating history of a century ago. Are you prepared for the next civil rights movement we must fight real soon.

ARISHEM on April 8, 2010 at 11:43 pm

This Debbie woman is absurd, Brett and Dianna are the biological parents of both Brittany and Breleigh and as far as labeling kids by their names and comparing them to strippers I mean have some integrity and quit attacking new born babies.

RS on May 20, 2010 at 10:04 pm

Great article. Political correctness is totally overused in the USA. We are following the path of our European allies in becoming more immoral. As a Christian nation (And yes, we ARE a Christian nation by plurality), we have become weak in our faith, churned up numerous new Protestant religions whenever we don’t like the traditional ones, and have allowed anti-Christian organizations to slowly tear us down while they support pagan religions. In this respect we also follow our European counterparts who will soon lose their Christian identity.

Cougar on January 2, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Your article has merit, but I emphatically disagree with your stance. Having children outside of wedlock doesn’t lessen the value of a person or their families. Favre married his babymama (eventual wife). He took his time to get married unlike couples of the past whom married someone they didn’t love because the woman became pregnant. This action led to couples divorcing later and disfunctiional households. Divorce rate is at its highest because people aren’t making calculated decisions when choosing their lifelong spouse. I went to high school with Brittany in Mississippi, and Favre was an active father. I come from a two parent household and I agree that it is beneficial to have both parents living in the household, but when a person is faced with premarital pregnancy it is imperative that the father participates in the child’s life. The new social norm of single parent households can be negated if men are willing to be fathers. Just because you are married doesn’t make you a father because there are terrible married fathers too.

Trey on January 22, 2011 at 9:31 pm

Once upon a time our celebrities who were most adulated did something. For example, there was a Jewish man in the 1950s who repeatedly was upgraded to first class whenever he flew (receiving standing ovations in the airplanes he was on before the planes took off and having people gladly exchange their first class seats for him) and also had routine hotel upgrades.

Incidentally, he deserved it. He was Jonas Salk, and he finished Polio. Hell, once upon a time, our Hollywood Celebrities were authentic War Heroes—Jimmy Stewart (General in the Air Force) and Audie Murphy (most decorated enlisted man in the US Army in WWII). What the hell has happened to us that more people know about Favre than Salk or Stewart?

Occam's Tool on August 10, 2011 at 5:50 pm

his best friend and former tightend mark chumura got busted for banging a 15 year old girl.

patton on September 30, 2011 at 10:24 am

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