June 13, 2006, - 2:30 pm

Once Beaten, Twice Soccer Shy: Why It’s a Bummer to Be an Iranian Chick

It’s a buzzkill to be a chick in Iran.
First they’re not allowed to cheer for their loser national soccer team, which got trounced by Mexico in the World Cup. (They’ve been banned, since 1979, from attending soccer games in their homeland. Their ankles and noses might turn someone on, and a riot could start.) Now, they get beaten for the crime of talking and asking for equal rights. And, oh, wanting to make it illegal for Iranian men to have four wives.
Yesterday, the Iranian police beat the women with batons and shields. And arrested 70 of them. Religion of peace, baby! And not a peep from Martha Burk, Gloria Steinem, or any of the sagging American bra-burner crowd.

Iranian Women: Once Beaten, Twice Soccer Shy

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It’s very telling how differently women are thought of in the West as opposed to the non-West. Now if I can just figure out why…
Why no noise from the radical feminists? Could it possibly be that their only target is, hmm… I don’t know, the white male? Just thinking out loud here…

Marcubius on June 13, 2006 at 4:07 pm

This is what the liberal media is trying to find “Moral Equivalence” with. An 8th century mentality that treats women as chattel. And we should be ashamed of thinking our selves superior?

Architect on June 14, 2006 at 12:18 pm

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