April 14, 2010, - 12:53 pm

Tea Parties Host Open Anti-Semite, Nazi Defender, Israel Hater

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve told you about anti-Semitic Michigan Tea Party speaker Emily Zanotti, a lunatic stalker who praised Muslim Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic death, rape, and torture threats.  And yesterday, I told you about Michigan Tea Party Express speaker Mike Cox, sleazebag and Islamo-panderer extraordinaire.  He was featured at every Michigan Tea Party event over the weekend, and is wasting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to aid extremist Muslims. And then there was the Tea Party event at the conservative CPAC conference, of which Islamofascist Grover Norquist was an embraced sponsor.



Jew-Hating, Nazi-Praising Tea Party Star Jim Traficant

Tomorrow, open anti-Semite, Nazi defender, and Israel hater Jim Traficant (ne Traficante) is a featured, invited speaker at the Tea Party events throughout Ohio, this week–including events in CanfieldSpringboro, and Warren, among others.   (Ironically, Traficant dropped out of the Springboro event because the organizer called Hispanics “Spicks” on Twitter–he approves bigotry against Jews, but not Hispanics).  And he’s been a Tea Party speaker before, in 2009.

Tiny detail:  he’s also a convicted felon.  As an elected official, Traficant accepted bribes and illegally forced his tax-paid Congressional staff to do work on his house, his farm, and his boat.  Moreover, Traficant has spent years defending and enabling Nazi war criminals living in our midst.  Yup, that’s exactly what you want as a featured speaker at Tea Parties . . . a convicted felon who criminally wasted taxpayer dollars on himself, for his own personal benefit.  And bonus:  he hates Jews and say “THE JOOOOS” are to blame for his criminal conviction.  But no worries, Traficant was cheered and welcomed at a 912 Tea Party event in Ohio in September 2009.

On TV and radio appearances, Traficant has repeatedly blamed “the Jews” and Israel for his conviction and sentence in federal prison.  That’s an interesting conspiracy theory.  Uh-huh, THE JOOOOS forced him to accept bribes from non-Jews.  Yeah, THE JOOOS forced him to force his tax-paid Congressional staff to spend their time as his own personal “Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition” crew.  Oh, and by the way, a completely gentile jury convicted this scumbag.  But THE JOOOOS hypnotized them into it, right?

Since the Tea Parties in Ohio openly embrace this known anti-Semite, Israel-hater, bribe-taker, and tax-defrauding criminal, I must come to the conclusion that this is what the Tea Parties stand for.  If they did not, they would reject Traficant and boo him.  Instead, he’s a warmly embraced repeat headliner at their events.

When Tea Partiers claim they are unfairly libeled and slandered for being anti-Semitic, they might try looking at who their speakers are and ask themselves why they continue not just to allow this . . . but to enthusiastically cheer Jew-haters and Islamo-panderers.


By the way, the following people are scheduled to appear on stage with Traficant.  Apparently, they think Jew-hatred is okay, or they’d have nothing to do with him:

Dan Rivers, a talk-show host for 570 AM WKBN radio, will emcee and speak.

Others scheduled to speak at the event: Donald K. Allen and Bill Johnson, both Republican candidates for the 6th Congressional District; Dan Moadus, a Democratic candidate for the 17th Congressional District; ex-U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr.; grocery store owner Henry Nemenz; Columbiana County Republican Chairman Dave Johnson; and Larry Everly, a tanning-salon owner.

And these people shared the stage with the Jew-hater and convicted felon on Saturday:

Some of the speakers were Judge Colleen Mary O’Toole; Sandra O’Brien who is campaigning for Ohio secretary of state; Jim Graham, who is hoping to run against Rep. Tim Ryan for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 17th District; and ex-U.S. Rep. Jim Traficant.

Tea Party activists and conservatives claim you “can’t define the Tea Parties.” I’m not so sure about that. I think the Tea Parties are easily defined: masses of people with zero backbone, who openly cheer anti-Semites, Israel-haters, and Islamo-panderers.

And that’s damn frightening.

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This dumb bitch doesn’t even realize that Euro Jews like her are not really Jews at all, they are Khazars (Khazaria was located mostly where modern day Georgia now sits). However, her enemies, the Arabs and the Sephardic Jews (actual Jews) are the real Semites, and both of those peoples live in an AshkeNAZI death camp over in Isis-Amen Ra-Elohim, otherwise known as IsraHELL.

And these Khazars are posers from the Synagogue of Satan that God warns us about in the book of Revelations.

Real Jews never say anti-Semitic!

John D. Fiat on September 6, 2011 at 6:51 pm

In many ways, claims about the “tea party” is a straw man. Specific claims about a specific organization is different.

From the beginning national groups have tried to exploit the grass roots nature of the “tea party”. Tea Party Nation, The Tea Party Express, and every other national group that “claims” they are the tea party in effect are groups that try to claim the position of spokesperson. They are NOT local organizations, however, they do seek (and sap) local organizations dollars.
The latest is a group calling itself TheTeaParty.net, rushing to raise 150k to run ads to speak for the tea party.

Provoking Thought on October 10, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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