June 19, 2006, - 10:52 am

Hypocritical Headline of the Day (& Story, Too)

A Chicago Tribune story that ran, among other places, in the Detroit Free Press, carried this headline:

Kosovo’s Expected Independence Might Mean Exodus for its Serbs

The double standard is thick. Can you imagine this headline?:

Israel’s Expected Independence Might Mean Exodus for its Arabs

Well, that’s exactly what happened in 1948. Israel became a nation. About 400,000 Arabs left, despite invitations from Israelis to remain. But in that case, it was a Jewish nation. And Muslims, who felt that Israel would lose, and they’d be back in greater Arabia soon, left on their own accord. (Somehow that 400,000 miraculously became 5 million plus in less than 60 years.)
In this case, it’s CHRISTIAN Serbs who will leave (actually they’ll be kicked out, but so much for factual reporting). And those kicking them out are MUSLIM Kosovars. Yet, not a single mention of Islam or Christianity in the story by the Trib’s Tom Hundley.

Europe’s New “Sunni Triangle”

Gee, why not? Maybe it has nothing to do with the infallibility of Muslims and absolute fallibility of Christians and Jews in the liberal media. It’s okay for Muslims to kick Christians out of their country (the ones who haven’t been killed off or forcibly converted).
Oh, and by the way, Kosovo is already haven to a growing number of Al-Qaeda organizers, cell members, and other extremists. Just what we need–another Islamofascist terrorist host state. And don’t forget, these were the people (Muslim Kosovars) that President Clinton and were so intent on helping.
Kosovo, Bosnia, then new European Sunni Triangle. Bully for them, pity for us.

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Debbie, this trib writer Tom Hundley wrote extremely biased anti-Israel pieces for the tribune for years. This created a mini-controversy in Chicago and suburbs with many Jews switching from the Trib to the Sun Times. I commented to my father years ago I was shocked by the venom of some of his pieces. Just fyi.

biorabbi on June 19, 2006 at 3:39 pm

AND, let’s not forget that the Muzlums that Clintoon saved (in his phony Wag the Dog war) sided with and helped the Nazis during WWII.
The poor Serbs (those that are still left in Kosovo) will be slaughtered, and the U.N. peacekeepers who are there will turn a blind eye to it (as they do now, on a daily basis).

Thee_Bruno on June 20, 2006 at 1:27 pm

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