June 26, 2006, - 10:55 am

BREAKING OUTRAGE: Florida WON’T Prosecute Saudi Men on Tampa School Bus Dry Run

It’s ironic that, this week, “” debuts in theaters. He’s the fictional “Man of Steel.”
Now meet the real-life Man of Mush, Republican Mark Ober, Florida State Attorney for Hillsborough County, Florida’s 13 Judicial Circuit. He’s the men overseeing “justice” for . (Now, we understand why the pro-Sami Al-Arian, terror-apologist St. Petersburg Times endorsed him for the job.)
Remember Almanajam and Alsidran–the two Saudi men who, in May, boarded a Tampa school bus filled with children? They told a zillion different stories to police about why they were on the bus, except for the apparent one–a dry run to see how easy it would be to hijack and/or blow up a school bus filled with innocent American children. (More about them , , , , and .)

Mana Saleh Almanajam & Shaker Mohsen Alsidran:

“Get Out of Jail Free Card” for Dry Run Men

They lied to police about their nationality (Saudi), and they are here on Saudi scholarships for Saudis in American colleges and universities. Of note, one of them has a driver’s license, but neither has a car, and they live within walking distance of their classes at the University of Sami’s [Al-Arian] Friends, er . . . South Florida.
Pursuant to my investigation this morning, Ober has decided to allow the two men to enter a “Misdemeanor Intervention Program” for first time offenders. That means, the charges against them for the school bus incident will be set aside. If they stay out of trouble for a few months the case against them will be dismissed.
While it’s typical to offer first-time misdemeanants (the mean were only charged with a misdemeanor by the spineless Ober), as the chief prosecutor for Hillsborough County Ober had the discretion to charge the men with more serious crimes (as did the pro-Islamist U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta), or at least prosecute them for the misdemeanor, instead of offering them a deal. He chose not to. It’s outrageous that he started out by treating the Saudi men’s obvious scheme as a simple misdemeanor. But, worse, now he’s taking the easy way out in the face of high-priced defense attorneys paid for by the Saudi Embassy, our “allies” in the War on Terror.
The men repeatedly lied to police, obstructed justice, endangered the welfare of children, trespassed on the bus, etc., etc., etc. But they are being charged with none of those crimes and definitely not prosecuted for them. Thanks to MARK OBER.

Tan, Rested & Cowardly:

Florida “Prosecutor” Mark Ober Wins MAN OF MUSH Award

And that is why MARK OBER is the inaugural recipient of the “Man of Mush” of the week award (we may not bestow it every single week). Call Mark Ober’s office to register your outrage: (813) 272-5400.
While it is not like the 2 Saudi men “beat” the charges–the first-time offenders’ program is typically given in simple misdemeanor cases in many States–the slimy cretins at CAIR–the Council on American-Islamic Domination . . . er, “Relations”–are acting as if they did.
Like clockwork, the slimy cretins at CAIR are gloating, big-time. No concern by CAIR that the men were likely doing a dry run for a terrorist attack on a school bus filled with children. Why else would a man be wearing a long trench coat on a hot South Florida day? And why else would two grown men board what was clearly a school bus filled with children far young then the men (in their 20s).
Here’s terror-apologist CAIR-Florida’s sleazy press release gushing over the release of these two men who obviously intended to do harm–or case out a situation for someone else to carry out that harm:

College students arrested last month for riding a public school bus
(TAMPA, FL, 06/26/2006) – On Monday, June 26, the Florida office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) will hold a news conference in Tampa to welcome a decision by the State Attorney’s office not to prosecute two Saudi college students who made headlines nationwide last month when they were arrested for riding a Hillsborough County school bus.
WHAT: CAIR-FL News Conference on case of USF Saudi students
WHEN: Monday, June 26 at 11:30 AM
WHERE: CAIR Tampa office, 8056 N 56th Street, Tampa, FL
CONTACT: Ahmed Bedier, 813-731-9506, E-Mail: abedier@cairfl.org
Last month, the Saudi students were charged with trespassing on school property when they mistakenly boarded a school bus. A day after the arrest, a judge revoked their $250 bail to give law enforcement officials additional time to insure the two men were not a threat. CAIR helped advocate for the rights and release of the students.

And people still wonder why the Islamic world hates us. Get a clue: They don’t respect us. And right now they’re having a really good laugh, thanks to Mark Ober.
We prosecute soldiers who kill violent Iraqis in the midst of a war, but look the other way when men on our own shores look for ways to attack us. Since 9/11, absurdities like this comprise the best comedy act the Muslim world has seen in years.

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3 Responses

Maybe he was just a flasher looking for little girls or even boys being as they were saudis.

Jack on June 26, 2006 at 3:09 pm

Those two are perfect for my program of future criminal tagging. I have advocated for a long time putting a transmitting chip under the skins of those who will probably, eventually commit the crimes we know they want to commit. You track them, and when they do the deed, you have them by the short hairs. Of course, you don’t tell them. Inject it under the ruse of giving some other sort of legitimate injection, like a vaccine of sorts.

Craig C on June 26, 2006 at 7:22 pm

Man of Mush; I like that.
Our home was recently burglarized by juvenile punks using 2 adult junkies as their look-out. These juveniles made off with over 100k of our property and the junkies? They got to keep our truck they loaded everything into and they got to get really high.
Guess who got charged with my robbery? The junkies! Guess who is facing a minimum of life in prison for my robbery, the junkies! Guess who gets to walk around wearing the jewelry my husband purchased for me during his 24 years traveling the globe as a US Marine as I stayed home raising four children; Juvenile punks!
It appears juveniles aren’t worth the time it takes to prosecute and put away for the couple of years they would probably get, so they are left to continue their crime spree (at the time of my robbery in excess of 40 homes.)
No, putting an adult away for life looks much better on the Man of Mush’s department than arresting, convicting ALL parties involved. Who knows, we might even have been able to recover some our property.
The Man of Mush is mushy on juvenile crime too.

klflorida on February 12, 2007 at 12:41 pm

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