June 27, 2006, - 12:59 pm

Nuts: Newsweek Claims These 15 Make America Great

If we asked Americans with any sort of brains to name the “15 People Who Make America Great,” none of them would pick Brad Pitt or Soledad O’Brien.
But then none of them are Newsweek editors desperate to keep their sinking readership afloat in a world where newsweeklies are as dead as the Model T. The mag picked:
* that Americans–who give –are stingy. Strange, he’s not whining about oil-rich, gazillionaire Muslim countries, none of which are even in the top ten (we’re NUMBER ONE).
* Soledad O’Brien–for covering Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. And this makes America great because . . . ?

* Others on the silly, irrelevant list:
Benita Singh and Ruth Degolia, Pierre Omidyar, Randy Rusk, Rick Warren, Aaron Dworkin Organization, Boys & Girls Clubs, Ruby Jones, Soledad O’Brien, Target, Nancy Cox, John Read, Frederick Kaplan, Timothy Hernandez, Margaret Ross, Lance Armstrong, Veronica Atkins, Eli Broad, Jimmy Carter, Michael J. Fox, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Gordon Moore, Paul Newman, Rosie O’Donnell, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods

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5 Responses

This survey must have been taken in San Francisco…jimmy carter, al gore, rosie o’donnell, oprah winfrey? TARGET? How does target make America great? Every G.I. that picks up a rifle does a lot more to make America great than any of the people on this list. It is disgusting seeing this…

beosol on June 27, 2006 at 6:59 pm

Who chose the people on this list, Paris Hilton?
With the exception of Bill Gates and the Boys & Girls Clubs, would the world or America be any worse without anyone else on that list? Seriously, who would really have cared if DOprah Winfrey never came along? How much better would America been WITHOUT Jimmy Carter?
This is yet another reason why I just don’t pay attention to mainstream media by and large these days. Celebrities are about the most boring people and subjects on earth.

The_Man on June 27, 2006 at 7:59 pm

CNN’s multi-racial Soul-dad O’Brien made the list? (Mixed-racials or and/or asian ChiComs are all the rage at CNN these days, don’t cha know.)
In a fit of deviousness several months ago, after listening to some dribble Soul-dad belched out of her mouth, I went directly to the CNN comment section. I hooted about Soul-dad’s hair roots right at the top of her brow, which at the time, looked like a plastic doll’s stitched-in fake hair.
In just days, the stitched-in look was gone from her forehead! Replaced by a totally new ‘do’ that covered up the stitched-in hairplug look. She also began to dye her hair color!
And when they sent little Soul-dad to New Orleans, she wore a baseball cap pulled down really low, almost to her eyebrows! It was far out!
I guess they really do read those comments, so be sure to go to CNN’s comment section and locate your favorite media robot/shill and let em have it.
Christianne Amanpour is another favorite of mine. After I began a relentless assault upon her ‘mannish’ ways and her heavy Iranian mustache, she suddenly began to wear garish makeup!

joemccarthy on June 29, 2006 at 11:09 pm

I had to return and comment on the aging, almost-dead David Rockefellar who is working doubletime to bring about a one world government through the CFR and Ford Foundation and other nwo organizations. This worn out old cod knows that his ticket is almost up, and so in a fit of anger and retribution, he’s trying to destabilize the United States, globalize us and make us bow to the coming Nimrod. Sorry Davie boy, but your billions can’t prevent the grim reaper from hauling you off to Hades. I hope you like hot climes.

joemccarthy on June 29, 2006 at 11:17 pm

How about putting some *relevant* people on that list? How about Claudia Rosett, who’s doggedly tracking the every corrupt move of the completely useless UN?

violet on July 3, 2006 at 2:50 am

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