July 24, 2006, - 8:12 am

Hezbollah U.S.A, Part II: Al Mabarat Charitable Organization, Tax-Funded Hezbollah on Our Shores

Why do the FBI, ICE, and the Justice Department continue to allow an obvious Hezbollah charity to operate on our shores?
In May, I wrote–twice! ( and )–about Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine and his contributions to Hezbollah front charity Al Mabarrat Association. I also wrote about its Dearborn, Michigan affiliate, Al Mabarat Charitable Organization. I had all the details and have reposted them below. (Yesterday, I went to an Al Mabarrat related event, yesterday, and will post about that, later.)

Al Mabarrat’s Website Features Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Fadlallah

Now, over two months later, on a counter-terrorism site, an over-rated “terrorism expert” claims to have discovered both Al Mabarrat Association, the Hezbollah charity, its U.S. affiliate Al Mabarat Charitable Organization, and donor Talal Chahine. But the terrorism-expert-with-no-clothing can’t even get the names of either organization right and, since he doesn’t speak or read Arabic (and apparently, not English, either), incorrectly claims the charity’s website is no longer online. It’s still there.
Culled from my May posts ( and ), here’s all the info you need on Al Mabarrat Association and its Dearborn, Michigan affiliate, Al Mabarat Charitable Organization:

While the IRS has a photo of Chahine with Hezbollah spiritual leader Mohammed Fadlallah, Chahine’s contributions were not directly to Hezbollah, but to Al Mabarrat Association. It has a Dearborn, Michigan affiliate Al Mabarat Charitable Organization (note the U.S. version uses one “r”, the Lebanese version–two “r”s). Al Mabarrat is clearly an open front for Hezbollah, and has Fadlallah’s photo on its website front and center. Despite that, U.S. Attorney and the IRS refuse to prosecute the U.S. branch of the charity for apparently violating the law and apparently donating the money to Hezbollah. And the State Department and Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Department of Treasury refuses to put either the Lebanese or American charity on the State Department terrorist list. On the contrary, the U.S. government allows it to operate and has licensed it as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization, subsidized by American taxpayers.
And, by the way, , Chahine’s imam, Elahi, openly meets in Lebanon with Fadlallah all the time. Al Mabarat Charitable Organization’s Dearborn officers–Fouad T. Beydoun, Ahmad J. Bazzi, and Nazem Baydoun–are from families that all come from Bint Jbeil, the Hezbollah stronghold in the South of Lebanon. Al Mabarat Charitable Organization’s taxes show annual outlays of close to $1 million, but improperly fail to provide a separate schedule listing where the money went. Where is the money going?

Al Mabarrat’s Website Features Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Fadlallah

(Screenshots thanks to David Lunde)

Talal Chahine with Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Fadlallah (from court records)

Hezbollah’s Mohammed Fadlallah & Chahine Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi

It it interesting to note that the so-called “terrorism expert” who only just discovered these groups is praising FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge William Kowalski. As we’ve written, the calorically-gifted Kowalski is doing nothing (unless you count PR, which the “terrorism expert” apparently did) on the Hezbollah front. In fact, he’s running–paunch and all-to console Hezbollah money-launderers and defrauders and Hezbollah Mosques and pandering all around. Meanwhile, he’s sending his counter-terrorism agents to monitor League of Women’s Voters meetings. No joke. He actually did that.

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5 Responses

See now that’s a good story. It just makes my point which always has been…
Schlussel on Soccer = Idiot
Schlussel on Terror = Champion

Uncle Tim on July 24, 2006 at 12:57 pm

Charity is not always what it seems. And given these people’s visceral hate for Americans, why are they being allowed to operate in this country? You’d think after Iran/Hezbollah’s long list of atrocities and crimes against Americans, that America would stop being feckless about them.
Heck, we never so much as retailiated for Iran’s kidnapping of America’s Embassy staff in Teheran and the lesson Iran’s radical leaders have drawn from it is America is a paper tiger.
After 9/11, its time to get serious about the Islamofascist enemy. He wants us dead as much and even more so than he wants Israel extinguished. And judging from the recent events we’ve witnessed in the Middle East, they’re more than just words.
Its time for America to wake up!

NormanF on July 24, 2006 at 8:58 pm

“Why do the FBI, ICE, and the Justice Department continue to allow an obvious Hezbollah charity to operate on our shores?”
Well, first ask yourself ‘Why does the FBI invite CAIR terrorist-supporters to indoctrinate new FBI agents in the ‘ways’ of Islam?’
Whatever the answer is to that odd situation, would probably answer your question.
Is it PC or MC or incompetence or is there some unknown agenda at work here? Who knows?
Many years ago, while I was still incredibly naive and distraught by the events of 9/11, I met with two FBI agents and handed over to them the results of my own private investigation into a major US corporation that had distributed $1.5 million to a dozen, radical, mostly Islamic groups here in the USA. (Among these groups were ones with direct ties to Islamic terrorist groups that had murdered US citizens.)
One of the agents was mildly amused at the results of my investigation but completely uninterested. The other agent looked at me as though I had wasted their time.
(I had offered to send the information via email and avoid wasting their time, but it was the agent who insisted we meet.)
After that, I realized that attempting to ‘assist’ the FBI as a ‘patritotic citizen’ was futile and that my paradigm of ‘things’ was totally haywire. When I later saw that the FBI was ‘meeting’ with Islamic groups in an effort to ‘understand’ Islam, I felt like an idiot.

joemccarthy on July 24, 2006 at 10:50 pm

Let me add something to the above statement. If you shoot a Koran full of holes with your gun, drop it off at a mosque, video the entire event, and post it to the web, you can be certain the Federal Bureau of Islam will spare no expense in tracking you down and charging you with a “hate crime,” which is, of course absurd.
It doesn’t matter that all of that is protected by the First Amendment, because the feds consistently attempt to overstep their boundaries, which is a sign of an authoritarian, police-state.
The only ‘crime’ here might be for trespassing on the mosque’s property, but given the feds bizarre, bend-over-backwards approach to defending Islam at all costs, they’ll of course attempt to go all out in hammering those Koran ‘infidels.’
There was a case sometime ago about a band of stupid cops somewhere in Florida (Boca Raton, I think) who spent thousands of $$ and thousands of manhours watching a wooden sign erected at a new mosque construction site. The sign had been vandalized a few times and following ‘pc’ to an absurd limit, these flunky cops set up a major stakeout using the facilities of a local snake-handling church who were more than happy to assist.
When I contacted a character at the church and read to him a few suras from the Koran about killing Jews and Christians, and asked him why in heaven’s name he would do anything to assist in the construction of a new mosque, he hung up the phone.

joemccarthy on July 25, 2006 at 2:51 am

joe;anyone(as you)that think’s Israel’s allowing their men + women to die is too messed up….

danny on July 27, 2006 at 12:00 am

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