July 25, 2006, - 10:20 am

Morgan Spurlock & Idiotic Former Minuteman on Immigration

Who is the imbecilic former Minuteman hanging out with left-wing illegal alien supporter Morgan Spurlock?
Remember Spurlock? He’s the phony “documentarian”–really fake-umentarian–who lambasted McDonald’s in his “Supersize Me” silver screen screed. Then, last summer, he did a silly “30 Days” series on F/X. Unfortunately, it’s ba-a-a-a-ack.
Spurlock and his peeps tried to recruit me to be on two of the episodes, including one in which his airhead best friend was indoctrinated by Islamofascists. I wrote about my experience with Spurlock’s Islamo-sympathizing people in this “Wall Street Journal” column. More about it . And more on how . And don’t forget how he recently used .

Morgan Spurlock: Supersized Creep Helps Illegal Aliens

Now, an idiotic former Minuteman, Frank George, is in the season premiere of season two of Spurlock’s “30 Days” show, Wednesday Night. He’s living for 30 days bunking with a family of illegal aliens so he can “feel their pain.”
I know plenty of patriotic Minutemen, none of whom would be this gullible. Surely, they are upset at the silly way this wayward former Minuteman sold them out for the $30,000 Morgan Spurlock pays “contestants” in each of his phony, pre-determined “30 Days” shows.
We have a good idea for a Morgan Spurlock show you’ll never see–an illegal alien lives for 30 days as an unemployed, homeless man whose wages he lowered to unlivable levels and whose job he took.

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nizoral rda reports on safety on May 2, 2011 at 6:41 am

Frank is a total idioit. His family was granted citizenship based on a government technicality. Then he spits in the face of his fellow people as though they are not entitled to be citizens. Frank if I saw life through your eyes….I would classify you as a dirty mexican. I respect the people that really make the effort to be a part of this country. You got a free ride and have no idea what your fellow citizens have gone through. You are total trash and I now respect illegal immigrants more than a fake like you.

joe joe on June 24, 2011 at 10:22 pm

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