May 16, 2010, - 7:18 pm

Miss USA Pageant Sponsor Attacked “Whites,” Bragged About Dad’s Massacre of Jews, is 9/11 Truther, Anti-Israel

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve already told you about Hezbollah-supporting Miss USA contestant Rima Fakih and her many top Hezbollah terrorist relatives, as well as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist and marriage/immigration fraud perpetrator who financed her Miss USA bid.  But there’s another terrorist connection that’s equally disturbing, perhaps more so:  Miss USA pageant sponsor Farouk Systems, owned by Palestinian Farouk Shami.


Farouk Shami: Miss USA Pageant’s Racist, 9/11 Truther, Islamic Terrorism Supporting Sponsor

As I’ve told you previously, Shami supports illegal aliens and amnesty, attacked “Whites,” whom he said he would not hire because he claimed they don’t want to work hard, and at the same time endorsed 9/11 Trutherism (Watch the Video).  Right after his failed election for governor in Texas, Shami fired a number of White employees, and they’ll be filing suit, very soon.  Why would Donald Trump associate with this open racist?

Then, there’s Shami’s other background I told you about.  He’s on the board of the pro-terrorist organization, the American Task Force on Palestine, which refuses to condemn Palestinian and other Islamic terrorist groups, like HAMAS and Hezbollah.  And as I also told you, Shami wore an anti-Israel, map-of-hate, “Jerusalem is Ours” scarf, which shows a map of all of Israel as “Palestine.” And finally, I told you about Shami’s father, for whom he’s named his foundation.  Shami brags that his father massacred Jews for the Palestinians before Israel was a State and during the War of independence, wanton slaughters for which he received an award.  Shami used the foundation to donate money to an extremist Muslim school for girls in the so-called West Bank, where they are taught to hate Jews.  No wonder the Hezbollah supporting Miss Michigan USA contestant sent out gushing tweets from her Twitter account about this scumbag Farouk.

Yes, this is the kind of racist, Jew-hating supporter of Islamic terrorism and slaughter of innocents with which Donald Trump associates and has sponsor his pageants.  I don’t care if Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry a rich guy.  As far as I’m concerned the Trumps are money-grubbers without a conscience.  Hey Trumps, you’re fired.

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83 Responses

Well, she won.

interestin on May 16, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Whoa. Who didn’t see that coming. Miss Michigan just won….

/sarc off

arby on May 16, 2010 at 8:59 pm

That sucks.

skzion on May 16, 2010 at 9:00 pm

If it wasn’t for Debbie exposing this constant attack or “jihad”, the “taqqir”, etc., we’d never really know any of the weird stuff like this. Sure can’t count on government or “news” agencies anymore.

DS_ROCKS! on May 16, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Oh Debbie, stop samefagging and take your cock out of Glen Beck’s ass for once in your life and go outside.

    Nemo on May 17, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Can’t wait for the update…
It’s too funny to be true!

Norman Blitzer on May 16, 2010 at 9:25 pm

I’m sure in the media Rima Fakikh’s background and religion will only receive BS positive mention. The real truth you can find only here.

Debbie, keep it up!

NormanF on May 16, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Thank you Debbie for all this information. Now we will see what Tramp does.
We don’t need a Hezbo making appearances around the country for one year.

D Tom on May 16, 2010 at 9:36 pm

The fix is in. KEEP IT UP DEBBIE!!! Since you are the only one who will bring out the light on this scam. This Shami guy bought off Trump and his trolls.

CaliforniaScreaming on May 16, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Thanks for more information on news that will never be on the MSM except maybe some minor lip service.

Rob at dailyrasp on May 16, 2010 at 9:49 pm

She won despite falling. The fix is in.

CaliforniaScreaming on May 16, 2010 at 9:52 pm

Miss Michigan was just crowned the winner…………..

Allen on May 16, 2010 at 9:52 pm

I saw her filling a role of a spy/agent… before Debbie exposed her and her handlers. Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

Excellent work Debbie!

Soyphobia on May 16, 2010 at 9:53 pm

Miss Oklahoma was asked about Arizona’s new law. She supported it and finished first runner up behind Miss USA…errr Miss Hezbollah.

CaliforniaScreaming on May 16, 2010 at 10:16 pm

This is disgusting, why must you hate every prominent Muslim. You have serious mental problems, I imagine the same problems that hitler had when he spoke about the jews. Your no better than the very terrorists you despise. Go live your life, see the beauty, or at least try to, in each and every person and ethnicity instead of spreading hate


Mike on May 16, 2010 at 10:29 pm

OK folks, time to remind the world who the heck Hezbollah is!

Do you realize that Iran right nowis calling for a “greater Iran” taking the lead over all the islamic countries in the name of Hezbollah! They want to crush Israel and are bent on it.

That this girl wins Miss USA and all that Debbie has exposed is mighty amazing. Don’t let them forget what Hezbollah is and how much blood is on their hands–including this girl’s own family!

BB on May 16, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    Yes, exactly. So America has its first Muslima USA.

    So what?

    It didn’t and won’t change the truth.

    NormanF on May 16, 2010 at 11:22 pm

So she won. Sickening. As a NYC’er I guess I should now be saying too bad to you suckers in Michigan. Your pageant system sent her there. Go boycott some Muslim stores. After all, this is what Debiie said in response to the heartache here now that an enormous mosque is slated to Ground Zero when our “leaders” here have ignored us for almost 10 years about getting things rebuilt down there. the thing is though, I can’t feel that way. I can’t take that “eff you” to you all and I wish you were more supportive toward us. We are all trying the best we can to protect and defend againt this malignancy that has invaded our country and is slowly killing it.

Me In NYC on May 16, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    Birdie… Muslim modesty is a myth. But the fact she was crowned Miss USA tells us its a been a sham all along.

    NormanF on May 17, 2010 at 12:29 am


While you express disgust, kindly contemplate:

O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust. (Quran 5:51)

Alert on May 16, 2010 at 10:38 pm

She just won… IN YOUR FACE, you rotten, nasty, whiny old yenta!

Go ahead, let’s see what you and your co-Cultist Fifth Columnists can do to ‘pressure’ the “media” to report your BS libel against her. No doubt, you are already hard at work preparing some sensationalist “investigative” story. Simply pathetic. Although, to be sure, no more pathetic than your cousins who also peddle lies, deceit, trickery, hatred, deception, and FIAT CURRENCY.

Go to Hell, you rotten Khazarian Pig.

Khazaress Khanzeerot on May 16, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    I’d like to step on this guy above like a bug

    Noah David Simon on May 16, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    If you’re a Khazar aren’t you supposed to be a Jew?


    Anti-Semites have to run around pretending to be who they are not.

    Stay classy!

    NormanF on May 16, 2010 at 11:13 pm

That has nothing to do with what I said, I dont find any reason or rational thinking in attacking this young girl. Your rhetoric is based off cutting and pasting things from the Quran which you obviously dont or cant understand. Go live in the real world and meet some Muslim people before you judge.

Mike on May 16, 2010 at 10:43 pm

HERE’S A FACTOID FOR YOU ALL: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino (where this Muslim Hezbollah Hag was crowned Miss U.S.A. even though she tripped) was formerly named “The Aladdin.” I know this b/c I was in Vegas a bit after 9/11 and they were starting to do a major changeover of the place while it was still open and operating. I wonder who owns that casino Hmmmmm? Interesting.

Me In NYC on May 16, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Planet Hollywood Casino is heavily promoted by Sylvestor Stallone, and owned by Harrah’s. Knowing what I know Stallone is a piece of sh*t antisemite.

    I knew something was wrong when one of the employees at Planet Hollywood Casino was wearing a full head scarf while on duty! This was at the Tower Residences.

    Boycott Planet Hollywood, boycott Stallone.

    David on May 17, 2010 at 1:09 am

Debbie in all her glory, this is what we follow you for.

THE LORD THOR on May 16, 2010 at 10:45 pm

Who gives a flying fuck about Israel? It’s not America so screw it and whoever supports it, if you dont like that get the fuck out of this country and move there. Jeez hop off Israel’s dick already

Snoop on May 16, 2010 at 10:47 pm

You are a LOSER. Probably some fat, ugly old Jew sitting in his welfare-subsidized Borough Park basement peddling conspiracy theories about everyone who works for a living (except for the Chosenites, who just get blank checks from our tax dollars!)

To Me in NYC on May 16, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Thank you Debbie for reporting on this story.

I too am disgusting that Miss Michigan Hezbollah won.

JeffE on May 16, 2010 at 10:50 pm


DEARBORN on May 16, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    Rub in it that Miss America has crowned Miss Hezbollah.

    And Donald Trump is still fired!

    NormanF on May 16, 2010 at 11:15 pm

Yup. I agree that we’re talking about CANCER in our country folks. Not a pretty thing to see once the veneer is off. Just read some of the posts against Debbie and the others on here. The pathetic way they are worded. The foul language. Is it any different if it is hidden inside some pretty shell with a tiara? Nah.

Moi on May 16, 2010 at 11:05 pm

@Moi: Your comment is illogical. The only pathetic thing is Debbie’s forthcoming post/”article” (cheap attempt to keep herself relevant in a competitive market where she has little to no real value)… she is probably preparing some boycott of Donald Trump as we speak… which will probably be forwarded and linked and relinked on just about every ZioBot 5th Columnist Khazarian website.

That’s what freedom of speech is all about though, i guess… everyone has freedom of speech… unless you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people (including historians and academics) in Europe currently in jail for questioning certain aspects of the “H-loc-u–”

Bring it on.

to Moi on May 16, 2010 at 11:13 pm

Guess what Dearborn…she did not get elected president you moron. There is no power in her title. She won a contest that most of us could care less about. Most of your women need to be covered for a REASON because THEY are ugly inside and out. She is decent looking but you really need to calm down. I laugh because you think that this is some win for you Islamic fanatics. By the way…you Muslim guys are always so angry because you only wish that you could get a beautiful AMERICAN woman. I used to live near Detroit, I know how you hypocrites are. Anyways, she is such a good example of a modest, Muslim woman. Like I said….bunch of hypocrites.

Angela04 on May 16, 2010 at 11:25 pm

It was obviously a set up that she won…especially with an anti-semite sponsor. Donald Trump should be ashamed to sell out for money…but he won’t be. Thanks for keeping us informed Debbie, if only the MSM would do its job.

This is like termites eating away at our country…from the WH to the military and now the Miss USA pageant has terrorist ties…YIKES!

freedom4usa on May 16, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Wow. So you say that there are There are “hundreds of thousands of people in jail in Europe simply for questioning certain aspects of the [Holocaust]?” They did nothing else at all. Just simple questions, huh? Jeepers – I’ll have to check with Geert Wilders on that. Nighty night and happy taquiya to you.

Moi on May 16, 2010 at 11:31 pm


DEARBORN on May 16, 2010 at 11:39 pm

Congrats to Rima.

Also, I just read Ms. Debbie’s previous blogs about the girl. Think about this for a second…a terrorist organization…one that is EXTREMELY conservative…is supporting Miss USA?

Also, if you know the culture is Lebanon, and you clearly don’t, many people there have direct connections with family members who are supporters of Hezbollah. To assume that she too supports Hezbollah is frankly based on nothing. I’m sure you have family who you disagree with politically. It doesn’t mean if your direct/indirect family has connections to something, you do too.

And she’s not born in Southern Lebanon as you stated in a previous blog. Rima is born in New York.

You’re really overthinking this one Debbie.

Again, congrats to the new Miss USA.

WWO on May 16, 2010 at 11:48 pm

So… this muslim girl poses in bikinis and other suggestive clothes.
Are her relatives going to stone her to death or are they going to be hypocrites because she won a fixed contest?

Birdie on May 17, 2010 at 12:16 am

Farouk M. Shami
Phone number 281-362-7967.

Please call Mr. Shami to congratulate him, i mean Fakhi, on winning the pageant!

Please write letters to his home thanking him for his shrewd business deals and terrorist supporting ways:

After all, Mr. Shami isn’t a bad man, he just hates the JOOS! (And all White people. And America. And Europe.) That’s all.

If Izziah, his wife answers I’m sure she will be kind enough to take a message.

And please, Mr. Shami can only accept one bouquet per house hold.

Yes friends Hezbollah has a face.

David on May 17, 2010 at 2:02 am

Oh, did you know Farouk Shami is running for Governor?

“If elected, Shami would be the first resident of the Governor’s Mansion to hail from Palestine — the Middle East version, not its East Texas namesake.”

Campaign finances are no problem for the multimillionaire — he said he’s spending at least $10 million of his own money “or whatever it takes” — but public perception is a daunting challenge.


“I don’t care if he’s raising people from the dead; a man named Farouk Shami is not going to be elected anything in Texas,” said Dick Reavis, a journalism professor at North Carolina State University and a native Texan.

The candidate disagrees.

“Our president has a stranger name than Farouk Shami — Barack Hussein Obama,” he often says. “That proves that the country is open for a change.”

D: You’re a little late. If you had clicked on my links on him, you’d see that I’ve already written about this a great deal. Thankfully, Farouk Shami lost. DS

David on May 17, 2010 at 2:06 am

Good to hear DS.
It’s good to know Farouk Shami can’t buy his way into everything.

I was in the process of posting this in between laughs:
J. Xavier Releases ‘Farouk Is On Fire’ for Farouk Shami Campaign for Texas Governor

David on May 17, 2010 at 2:18 am

Congrats to Rima for winning. This hate site is just as bad as the terrorists that you speak. Terrorism is a two way street. Terror creates terror and jews care for no one but themselves.

buzzzam on May 17, 2010 at 8:21 am

she won!, end of story. f*ck the rest!.

Salam on May 17, 2010 at 11:49 am

Blond hair and blue eyed sponsored by a Christian Militia group would be front page news.

Thomas on May 17, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Debbie, I’m going to give you an email about the other topic above this one, and I’m going to tell you to ban those posters on that other thread who have “hijacked” and turned it into a complete cesspool of stupidity and hatred. I hope those posters (I won’t be surprised if those people who posted on that other thread are muslims who supports radical islam!) won’t post here EVER again, because they are a disgrace to this country and to real liberals in this country.

The jackass left wingers who posted on the other thread with 200+ posters are so damn naive and stupid that they don’t see the shadows on the wall about this girl that she supports hezbollah, and last I checked hezbollah is a front-group for islamofascism, simple as that. So go ahead you leftist morons, call me a racist, bigot, etc. for giving out the facts you friggin schmucks. And on the other thread, you can’t even debate with those dumbass posters who have ruined and try to infiltrate this site, I hope they go back to the left wing sites and pro-radical islamist sites that they originally came from!

“A nation is identified by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on May 17, 2010 at 1:40 pm

Thank you to all the Muslims who posted on this site. You have successfully proven Debbie’s point that you all, every single living Muslim in the entire world are hate mongering barbarians all at the ready to pick up the axe and behead any and all who stand in their way.
BRAVO……nothing Debbie has said, or reported on in the years I’ve been reading her site has done more for her cause than reading the Muslim responses over a stupid beauty paegent, which by the way, if this Muslim were in a Muslim county she would be honor killed simply by wearing the bathing suit.

perception of truth on May 17, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    ummm… do you know that there are lots of Muslim countries? To the idiots that think that women in “Muslim countries” who wear bathing suits would be stoned: go to Turkish beaches, Syrian beaches, Lebanese beaches, and Jordanian beaches, as I have, and you’ll see lots of men and women enjoying the water in bathing suits. These are just a handful of Muslim countries. The Muslim world is not monolithic — clearly many areas are unbelievably misogynistic, but not all places are run by the Taliban.

    you people are idiots on May 18, 2010 at 11:21 am

I have to agree 100% with the last comment, if this girl was living in let us say, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., she would be wearing a burka over her body or she might be stoned to death for entering a pagent like. This is why Ms. Schlussel is the best at exposing the radical islamist, you see how they’re all so touchy and defensive because Debbie exposed the real truth about her. Like I said, I won’t be surprised if those who posted on the thread above this one are radical-islamist posters! And NO I do NOT hate muslim people, I only hate radical-muslims, and the can be said for any religion that’s radicalized!

“A nation is identified by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on May 17, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    Sean is it is true that “A nation is identified by it’s borders, language & culture!”, then there is no Nation State of Israel as you’re missing your borders dude!

    What a weapon! on May 17, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    First of all you made the people to be radicals cause of your politics , U.S.A made wars and kills millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan And support the terrorist state of Israel which kills the Palestinians the original people of Palestine ,,after this what do you think of the people of those countries will do kiss your feet or ass , did ask yourself why before 1990 nobody in Islamic world was hate U.S.A …plz answerer me.

    Tamer on May 18, 2010 at 4:05 am

Hey moron, you do realize that Arabs are WHITE.


I am so proud of her!

Todd on May 17, 2010 at 2:30 pm

well she won i don’t think that she could hurt anyone mayber her family can but she deffiently can’t

holly on May 17, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Talk about a weapon of Mass Destruction! Or Miss Destruction? Or Mass Distraction? Thank you for, ahem, exposing this scary stuff!!

What a weapon! on May 17, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    just shut up, debbie!! you are such a joke!! wrong information, prejudice, hatred,…
    it’s just a pageant, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!

    me on May 18, 2010 at 3:32 am

wrong tgwitter account… sent out gushing tweets from her Twitter account about this scumbag Farouk. @MissMIusa2010 / It’s @TheRealMissUSA

Sam on May 17, 2010 at 6:51 pm

I can’t believe how someone can be so hateful! You have to read Quran than Talk about it. You have no right to talk about on any religion! What people believe matters to them not you!
Hizbullah is not a real muslim group! Usame Bin Laden was an American. He was rised in the states! Just wanted to remind you that! Islam has forbidden Killing People. So how could one blame Islam for people’s exact opposite actions?

One on May 17, 2010 at 9:10 pm

Gosh, for God’s sake it’s a friggin’ beauty contest! Look at something with a bit more substance… like… Hmmmmmm, if a Jew would have won, would JAP-cum-lately Debbie have busted the Federal Reserve for promoting one of its kind??? Then again, was our heath-throb Jewish American Princess, Debbie, silent when Ben Bernanke was the cover “girl” for jew-owned Time Magazine’s man of the year for saving the USA by printing up trillions of fed-reserve notes for Goldman, Greenberg, Paulson and all his other “jew-bob” buddies on Wall Street?

Where’s the real beef? Is Debbie jealous or shallow?

tim waters on May 18, 2010 at 4:11 am

Don’t you think there is a conflict of interest here considering you are a Jew?

what is wrong with being a 9-11 Truther? Is it so bad to want to know the truth? Perhaps as a JEw, you consider the truth as a sin given that 7 JEws run America’s media monopoly, which is filled with lies.

tim on May 18, 2010 at 4:40 am

Debbie it´s obvious that you´re a sionist and racist jew. Your comments are unsignificant and you only try to convince ignorant people. Your´re sick and cannot imagine not accept the fact that there are beautifull and liberal arab women.

NOAH on May 18, 2010 at 12:52 pm

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