May 18, 2010, - 3:02 pm

“Peace, Love & Understanding”?: Has-Been Elvis Costello Boycotts Israel

By Debbie Schlussel

Recently, I told you about several anti-Israel parties pressuring Elton John to cancel his scheduled concert in Tel Aviv. To his credit, John heretofore has ignored them (unlike Carlos Santana, who did bow to the anti-Israel boycott).


Latest HAMASnik: Evils Costello (Freudian Typo)

(Elvis Costello Scum Art by The JIDF)

Sadly, a has-been from the ’80s, Elvis Costello, not only doesn’t have John’s staying power from the ’80s, but he does not have the cojones that John has displayed. He’s boycotting Israel. Our friend, the JIDF, has the complete details on Costello’s decision to appease HAMAS. As JIDF notes, Costello is attributing his cancellation of two concerts in Israel on the “intimidation” and “humiliation” of Palestinians. Tell it to Gilad Shalit and the residents of Sderot, Elvis. Tell it to the victims of Munich. Tell it to the Palestinians who are–every single day–humiliated and intimidated by their own rival factions and corrupt terrorist leaders. Read the great commentary on this latest candidate for the “Shut Up and Sing” human waste management file.

“What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?” That Elvis Costello, the singer of those words has zero comprehension of them. Instead, he’s embraced the forces of violence, hatred, and intolerance in the Islamic and anti-Semitic worlds (redundant).

Buh-bye, Elvis HAMAStello. It wasn’t nice knowin’ ya.

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Yeah see you’re the reason why people hate Jews! tony! The Jews control the world the Jews control amerikkka the Jews control the media the Jews basically control everything. Yeah there maybe more Jews than Muslims and we non-Jews have to keep on kissing Jewish ass! You killed Christians Lord and Saviour!
It’s okay for Jews to get away with murder. U.S.S.R. disproportinate amount of Commie Jews! (Communism was create by a Jew bu the way!) East Germany! Berlin Wall… Tisk, tisk! and many other murders in Eastern European country’s! You Commie scum! Fuck Racism! Fuck sexism! Fuck homophobia! Why that rant? I’m a left-wing Anarchist and only appreciate the Anarchist writings of the anti-Semitic Father of Anarchism!
Even he knew that Jews had one foot in the door of kkkapitali$m and one foot in the door of kkkommunism!
P.S. Elvis Presley was NOT Jewish… you schmuck!

Karl on July 9, 2012 at 7:13 am

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