August 1, 2006, - 11:09 pm

“Jew Nose”: Letters From My “Cousins”

During my doubted that Muslims in America actually want to attack Jews (and Christians) and send death threats. Is this really rocket science?
In the past, I’ve posted and written about just a tiny fraction of the multiple death (and torture and rape) threats and other hate-mail I’ve received from the “Religion of Peace” (some of them are , , , , and ).
Here are some of the newest, from yesterday and today–although they are like love letters compared to the past ones linked above:

— Mustafa Arat wrote:
From: Mustafa Arat
Subject: You are too ugly for TV! fat bitch..
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 14:05:53 -0700

Mustafa, Habibi:
Your brevity is appreciated.

— zeinab amin wrote:
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 09:24:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: zeinab amin
Subject: your ignorance
First of all i would like to start this off by saying “look who’s calling the kettle black”. I think you’re a disgusting, vile, waste of a life that has no sole
[sic]. You should be ashamed of yourself . . . . If you have the bravery in your heart like you do on your blog, why do you have to impersonate a Muslim by wearing the hijab to the rally’s in Dearborn. Why hide yourself behind the scarf, show the people who you are if you truly believe in what you write. Your not fooling anyone, your Jew nose gives you away there’s no hiding that. You are a true Nazi, you’re a journalist for God’s sake forget your a Jew for one minute and really think about what your writing.
From your “biggest fan”
Dearborn, MI

Zeinab, Habibti:
You are wrong–I have plenty of soles. I happen to like shoes. As for wearing a hijab, what’s the problem? Don’t you want all women to be modest? Or is that just reserved for precious Muslim women, whose “modesty” is to be treasured, while the rest of us are just cheap infidel whores to be scantily displayed, used, and abused by the “Religion of Peace”? Don’t bother answering. That’s a rhetorical question. We already know the answer.
Debbie & My “Jew Nose”

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Obviously, the last post was not posted by me. I will inform Debbie of the imposter. My handle is Thee_Bruno – with an upper case B.

Thee_Bruno on August 8, 2006 at 11:55 am

Anonymous Twit,
It’s such a shame what’s happening in the northern part of India. Muzlum barbarians.

Thee_Bruno on August 8, 2006 at 12:04 pm

Arun puked; “I don’t know if you idiots realize this, but your are making fools of yourself.”
Why should you care?
“Your rambling on about non relevant crap that encompasses nothing about how ALL Muslims are villianized by this hate site, and by other small minded individuals, like yourselves.”
Then stop logging onto this blog.
“You fail to realize that there are many, many good muslims who do not follow the hard line policies of the more fundamental ones.”
Oh, really?! Their silence is deafening. Silence = Agreement.
“What this site attempts to do is, through a blanket statement on most to all muslims, conjure up false perceptions that villianize an entire race.”
No, Muzlumz are responsible for how they are perceived.
“It attempts to garner fear of Muslims by two non-threatening emails…”
Non-threatening?! How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of those e-mails?
“Anonymous TWIT in his hallucinations and lack of reading comprehesive skills, continues to ramble on about crap that I 1. Could care less about, and 2. Is so far out left field it’s quite humourous.”
If that’s true, then why are you so annoyed?
“Again, you fucking twit, my father was born in New Dehli, the Hindu capital of India, and emigrated to Canada when he was 12.”
Who cares where you and your father were born. The fact of the matter is is that you’re a sympathizer of Osama bum Laden.
“To twist points and to try and get in the “last word” in the hope that these posters can insignificantly feel like they have achieved a win.”
Like you do.
“As your claim in that I’m a Muslim, only enforces that fact that your very uneducated, paranoid, and sheltered. Ahhh but you got me, because you said it, it must be true eh?”
Hey, for once, you got something right.

Thee_Bruno on August 8, 2006 at 12:14 pm

To Arun,
I have to agree with Thee_Bruno in general or at least conclude your information source isn’t working properly.
So far Islam hasn’t invented anything in exception of there religion.
No matter what you say about googling, etc… you didn’t show me or anyone else reading your messages least 1 link supporting your statement.
If you can, I’d gladly read it.
I’m no Muslim, no Jew, and a previous chrsitian so am currently part of a faith that is known by no name.
I believe in a Supreme entity.
Call it what you want.
I also love my freedoms and see they are currently cut down by leftists and muslims.
Why would you care what my personal experiences are, or those of Bruno, etc…?
I care as a living caring being on this world, that the world that had so many cultures and a general strive for better life is being changed, not by all, but by a belief, a religion to the worse and not the better.(there are always others as well that do attempt to change it but as for now to me it appears the worst damage is done by some sort of muslims) I agree we can’t simply say ALL Muslims are bad. But, those that stand by and do nothing when a crime is commited are also seen by law to be at fault. All Muslims that didn’t commit crimes, burned embassies, etc… but stood by and let it happen are under that logic at fault.(for example military, politicans, police, media, etc…)
I do happen to go to muslim sites once in a while to read there course of thinking. It saddens me they aren’t equally concerned about this current flow.
Those you speak of as good doers(general Muslim), let the evil happen and lash out to those who have been done wrong to and dare to complain?
Yes my english isn’t perfect don’t waste time to correct me on that, but instead please answer my questions honestly without name calling, etc…
Noy for just me, but also for all that read these blogs and didn’t reply.

Garifulla on October 24, 2007 at 4:45 am

No threats here to help you self-promote. Just an observation.

I have watched, for these past 50 ++ years the fall of normalcy and its disappearance from society, TV and in all world wide governments. I have known people who were Muslim’s, Buddhist’s, Agnostic’s and Christians. Even a Atheist or two. And most of them were normal well grounded people within their own communities. The Jews I have known on the other hand have always been the problem makers. Maybe that’s why there is no peace in the middle east because the Jews have stolen another peoples home land and they are continually fighting, killing and stealing from their new neighbors. America has suffered credibility by supporting these unwanted invaders and that is a shame. Because I truly love my country.

I probably don’t have another 50++ years on this planet, but for the last 2500++ years, history has recorded that the Jews were the trouble makers and that most societies did not welcome them. I wonder why ?

No, I really don’t wonder, it’s pretty obvious.

Monhimmer on December 21, 2013 at 8:42 pm

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