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Miss USA’s Aunt: Hezbollah Congratulated Us; Cousin: I’m in Hezbo-Allied “Amal” Terrorist Grp

By Debbie Schlussel

While some of Miss USA Rima Fakih’s family is lying and trying to do damage control on her Hezbollah ties, she’s yet to say three words:  “I condemn Hezbollah.”  And she’ll never say them because she supports the terrorist group.  Sadly, not a single member of the mainstream media (including the gushing morons at FOX News) has the cojones to ask.  Meanwhile, some of Fakih’s family is now claiming she is not from Srifa, the South Lebanese Hezbollah stronghold where she was born, but from the mountains near Beirut.  Don’t believe it.  In fact, those mountains are dominated by Lebanese Christians and Druze Arabs (not Muslims). And whether or not she lived briefly in those mountains, it doesn’t change two facts: Her family is in two terrorist groups, Hezbollah and Hezbo-allied Amal. And she won’t denounce Hezbollah, the group that murdered hundreds of Americans.

hezbollah4.jpgMISS USA

But not everyone in the Fakih family was given the talking points.  Fakih’s aunt and uncle, who live in her native Srifa, say that Hezbollah officials have come to their home to congratulate them on their niece’s win. And Fakih’s cousin is an official in the Hezbollah-allied Harakat Amal [Shi’ite Amal Movement] terrorist group, which is essentially a part of Hezbollah and moves in lockstep with the group. The head of Amal, Nabih Berri, was Hezbollah’s representative in negotiations after Hezbollah hijacked TWA Flight 847 and trampled and tortured Navy Diver Robert Dean Stethem to death, then threw his body off the plane. The Fakih family members’ comments are more confirmation of my previous reports on Fakih’s Hezbollah and Amal terrorist relatives. From NOW Lebanon News:

A 23-year-old man who claimed to be Rima’s cousin . . . wearing a knock-off Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and a pair of blue jeans, said he did not wish to give his name because he has a political position in the Amal Movement.

Ah, yet another Islamic terrorist connection in the counterfeit clothing biz. He spoke of the terrorists he admires and said that Miss USA’s win is a “Zionist conspiracy.”

“She is being used to hit or destroy Resistance media and to tell people that the Shia Resistance – who are based on martyrs and dignity – that this is what they are doing,” he said, declaring a Zionist conspiracy.

Think anyone in the mainstream media will have the guts to ask her to denounce this “Zionist conspiracy” crap uttered by her Amal cousin? Think again, since they won’t even ask her to condemn Hezbollah and its murder of hundreds of Americans.

The article describes Miss Hezbollah USA’s hometown and its worship of Iran’s Ayatollahs:

Srifa, where an oversized billboard of Islamic Revolution leader Ayatollah Khamenei greets visitors at the village’s entrance.

Then, there’s her aunt and uncle, who like everyone else won’t condemn Hezbollah.

Rima’s uncle, Ahmad Said. . . . Sitting on the front porch in Srifa with his wife, Afifeh Fakih Said, he stroked prayer beads and enjoyed the brief lull after a week of receiving guests.

This is right after the article tells us he’s “secular.” Yup, secular people always stroke Muslim prayer beads, right?

For Said and his wife, the fact that Rima is Miss USA is not a political or religious issue, but a dream come true. . . . Said Afifeh Said, “Even Hezbollah supporters in the village came and congratulated us, and were proud of her winning.”

Like I said, Hezbollah taqiyyah allows bikinis.  NOW Lebanon News is, of course, trying to engage in the damage control, too, dissing me:

It’s a stark contract [sic] to the rhetoric bloggers like Debbie Schlussel have spun since “Miss Hezbollah,” as Schlussel dubbed Rima, won her title on Sunday.

But, in fact, it’s not a stark contrast at all. It’s, as I said, just more confirmation.

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Oh come fucking on people Muslims aren’t terrorists, islamists are. Big difference. It’s like saying all Italians are gansters and give people offers they can’t refuse. Hezbollah however is Islamist. And that girl is ugly. I’ve seen a lot prettier in Lebanon, and many American girls are prettier. I think she was elected because of PC. And miss lebanon is also a bribe winner, cause any average Lebanese girl is prettier. They don’t enlist for the pageants because they have their dignity.

Someone on March 22, 2012 at 2:56 pm

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