August 4, 2006, - 1:35 pm

Men “The New Women” Alert: Derek Jeter, Avon Lady & Pink NHL Jerseys

On this site, we constantly lament the feminization of America’s men and the masculinization of America’s women.
The latest in the “Men-the New Women” saga are two disturbing chapters in the sports category:
* NHL Goes Pink: First, they took the fighting out of hockey, and now they’re inserting the pink. Both bad moves.
The NHL is trying to garner more female fans by enlisting Reebok to produce pink “female-friendly” NHL hockey jerseys (sometimes referred to in hockey jargon as “sweaters”–but they aren’t really sweaters) for each of the NHL’s 30 teams. No blue is allowed.

Pink NHL Jerseys; Meet the New Avon Lady, Derek Jeter

A Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey with pink striping patterns, logo, numbers, and letters? They think this will attract more women fans to the NHL than the male fans it scares away? Yup, that’s the laughable plan, which is not supposed to be funny.
The NHL and Reebok say that even though the focus of the new “apparel” is the “untapped women’s market,” men can purchase them. Yeah, maybe men in San Francisco, DuPont Circle, and the back of Elton John’s tour bus.
We can’t wait for the day when clueless, PC NHL marketers force NHL players to actually wear these silly pink jerseys on the blue line. “Pretty in Pink Night at Madison Square Garden?”
We predict that the pink jerseys will be a market failure. What’s next–the official tampon of the NHL? Don’t put it past the League.
We’ve already written about –equally as silly. More about the no-so-pretty in pink NHL jerseys here.
* Derek Jeter, Avon Lady: Remember the Avon Lady? Well, the Avon Lady’s new name is Derek. As in, Major League Baseball’s Derek Jeter.
Not only is Jeter promoting a new men’s “fragrance,” he’s pushing a new line of Avon men’s beauty products bearing his name. The “fragrance”–which Jeter says he’s been very involved in creating . . . along with his mother and sister–is a blend including notes of chilled grapefruit.
Memo to Derek: Men don’t wear “fragrances.” They wear “cologne.” And they don’t wear fruit scents. Unless, again, they are planning a trip to the back of Elton John’s tour bus.
As for his “beauty” products, we doubt they’ll be very popular in the dugout. It reminds us of the old Avon slogan–“Avon, You Never Looked So Good”–which apparently needs to be reinvented.
New slogan: “Avon, You Never Looked So UnMasculine.”

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5 Responses

Pete Rose and Carl Yastremski should proide Jeter with a good, swift kick to the ass for this lame, foo-foo crap he’s endorsing. This “Drive” fragrance ain’t no Aqua Velva!
BTW – Nice haircut, Jeter.

Yiddish Steel on August 4, 2006 at 4:08 pm

This is funny but serious:
In the old days, Joe Namath was the ad man for BRUT deodorant.
But a line was crossed when Jim Palmer modeled Jockey shorts.

Jeremiah on August 4, 2006 at 4:24 pm

Looking at the picture of the woman in the Pink Flyers jersey, I can say that Reebok really screwed up. Women fans generally don’t wear hockey jerseys because they’re large, bulky, and unflattering to the female form. Color has little to do with it. The jersey in the picture is pink, but it looks just as large and bulky as a regular jersey.
The Atlanta Thrashers (probably other teams, too) have been selling women jerseys for years, and they’ve become quite a common sight in Philips Arena. These jerseys are official team colors, but they’re slimmer, lighter, and fit more like a long sleeve shirt than a jersey. My girlfriend has always refused to wear my spare Thrashers jersey to games, but she said she’d love to wear one of the team colored, slimmer women’s jerseys.
At any rate, I feel that Debbie’s prediction of seeing pink uniforms on the blue line is unlikely and I fully support the licensing of team apparel targeted towards women. I don’t believe this is an attempt to feminize the game of hockey.
As for the trend of refs breaking up fights before they begin, THAT’s evidence of PCing the NHL. But as much as I love a good fight, I’m not sure the thousands of children in the stands should be cheering for their heroes to beat up visiting players.
I hate to be critical of this blog posting, but I still love ya Debbie! Keep telling it like it is Re: Dearbornistan and the Hezbos!

thegoalie on August 4, 2006 at 4:28 pm

“Memo to Derek: Men don’t wear “fragrances.” They wear “cologne.” And they don’t wear fruit scents”
Memo to Debbie: A forty year old unmarried woman has no place commenting on anyone’s gender roles.
and Yiddish, when you win 4 World Series rings and dive headfirst into the stands at full speed on a weekly basis, THEN you can call someone foo foo.

Jaime R on August 11, 2006 at 1:05 pm

Now it’s 2016, we can see the whole Pink Agenda for what they are. “Breast Cancer Awareness” is just propaganda to get men (and boys) to wear pink, for a “noble” cause.

It is no longer needed, so many “men” wear pink as a matter of course now, they gave been feminized.

Mike Hockshaft on July 31, 2016 at 2:41 am

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