August 2, 2005, - 9:13 am

Driving Miss Moskowitz & Other Homeland Security ICE Capades

By Debbie Schlussel
Contrary to my earlier speculation, the movie, “Red Eye,” in theaters August 12, is quite good (review coming soon).
The plot–terrorists try to kill the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security–has at least one glaring inaccuracy: the DHS official stays weekly in a giant suite atop a beachside resort, complete with regular complimentary Cuban cigars and Krystal champagne. In real life, DHS officials are neither allowed to waste tax dollars on such largesse, nor to accept such extravagant free gifts (especially goods from Cuba)–strictly prohibited.
But the glaring inaccuracy is not so inaccurate when it comes to one Homeland Security official, , Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio a/k/a Abu Moskowitz. I’ve written a series of items about the improper and likely improper expenditures and conduct of Abu Moskowitz (all are easily accessed in my )–and at some point soon, I will post a bullet-point list.
Driving Miss Moskowitz
But there’s plenty more about Abu Moskowitz. The latest, among much more to come (stay tuned), are reports by his agents that Abu Moskowitz improperly ordered an ICE duty agent to bring a federal car to Canada to pick Moskowitz up after holiday festivities in which he was partaking. Apparently, the Lilliputian Moskowitz quickly became inebriated and ordered the agent–who stands by for Homeland Security emergencies, not to play the role of “Driving Miss Moskowitz“–to act as a personal chauffeur–not what are tax dollars are supposed to be paying for.
It is not clear whether Moskowitz was driven only from Canada to his office, in which case he drove home DRUNK, or whether he was ferreted by the duty agent all the way to his home in the swanky Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills. Either way, it’s entirely improper.

A Desperate Speech at a Tax-Funded Homeland Security Kumbaya Day
Then, there is the , an entire day of tax waste at Selfridge military base, just over a week ago. All Michigan ICE agents were required to attend the hot dog and hamburger fest. But the real purpose, courtesy of YOUR TAX DOLLARS, was as I suspected: a bonding session for Abu Moskowitz to attack me and try to keep his agents from spilling details of his inappropriate unethical behavior. I bet a friend that Abu Moskowitz would speak about me at the event, and I won. Strange that Moskowitz did not choose to have such a day-long picnic event, last summer. But, then again, last summer, I was not writing about him.
At the tax-funded Kumbaya day, Moskowitz claimed that my writings about his inappropriate behavior–conduct so unbecoming that he should long ago have been fired–do not bother him. Right. That’s why he held a day-long picnic and spoke about me quite prominently there. Then, he claimed that I was irresponsible to write about the event, its location, etc., on the day it was being held–that it was confidential information. Wrong again. I learned of the date and location of the event from a civilian with no ties to ICE. Some confidentiality.
But it is NEVER confidential nor irresponsible to report when a federal official wastes tax dollars on a day-long party, the only ostensible purpose of which is to stop employees from exposing his on-the-job , improper spending (which likely includes spending on the girlfriends), too-close-for-comfort relationships with Muslim terrorists, and . It is always a matter of public concern when agents cannot change oil on federal cars, do not even have pens or files to open and conduct investigations, and yet Abu Moskowitz has money to spend on this picnic event, chauffeur services from his agents, $30,000 of new office decor, and who knows what else? (I do. Stay tuned.)
Abu Moskowitz told his agents that he is very concerned with my accuracy on the matters about which I wrote. I doubt that. But if that were truly the case, Abu Moskowitz had many, many opportunities to grant me an interview. He turned them all down, because, as his press lackey, , “It won’t enhance Brian Moskowitz’s career.” If there were any inaccuracies (and there aren’t), Abu Moskowitz, I presume, knows how to pick up a phone and phone me, or type me like the one he sent from his fancy tax-funded Blackberry when Mr. Palmore told me the truth. The cowardly Abu Moskowitz had one of his senior agents call me to allege inaccuracies, but made the case that everything I’d written was, in fact, accurate.
Finally, I’m told Moskowitz said my writing about his various ICE capades is making ICE, Homeland Security, and all of the agents look bad. No, Abu Moskowitz and his improper, unethical activities made all of these parties look bad, and that’s why his desperate and demoralized agents have come to me to expose it. It’s why he is under investigation. It is also why his superiors in Washington are looking to move him out, and nearly did so already, but for a pride issue after I twice mentioned one of their names.
LICE: Latino-only Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Muslims need not worry)
Today, Abu Moskowitz finally got some positive local press, but it is fleeting. His men, as part of a nationwide operation, announced in yesterday’s Washington Post, arrested 23 men for alleged gang activity. And, yet again, the men are Latino, not Muslim, in the heart of Muslim America. Yet again, Moskowitz says that they, not those tied to the bigger threat of Islamic terrorism, will be deported. As I’ve said before, for Michigan and Ohio, the agency should be called , since that is the ethnicity , to the exclusion of all others. But, then again, Latinos don’t have a “former” Islamic terrorist and FBI award revokee like to cozy up to Abu Moskowitz and his wife, run his , as well as exert undue influence in focusing investigations away from their ethnic group.
And targeting Latinos, innocent or not, is not new to Abu Moskowitz. In 2000, as “legislative director” of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Moskowitz defended the jack-booted seizure of young Cuban refugee Elian Gonzales by federal agents preparing to send him back to a life of Communist desperation in Cuba. “Law enforcement is not always clean and sterile,” he told the Washington Post. Especially when you’re using MP5 rifles with 35,000 candle-power flashlights against a kid under age ten.
The name of the gang round-up is “Operation Community Shield.” But the best community shield for America would be to remove Brian Moskowitz from his current duties. Yesterday, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff said, yesterday, “We will continue to . . . help rid our communities of this malignancy.” In the heart of Islamic America, the malignancy is Brian Moskowitz. Taxpayers, citizens, and ICE agents, themselves, won’t be safe until he is disciplined–and removed.

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