August 15, 2006, - 12:28 am

Stay Tuned: Charges Dropped Against the Dearbornistan Boys . . . For Now

I’m getting a lot of gloating e-mails from friends and close relatives of who lied to police and bought multiple cellphones. They had almost $11,000 cash and Metro Detroit Airport security information and passenger lists.
The gloating is because the terrorism felony charges have been dropped against them. They can gloat all they want, but the fact is that the charges were dropped WITHOUT PREJUDICE. In legal terms, that means they can be brought again, while the investigation continues. And, make no mistake, it is continuing.
Here is the key phrase from WTAP’s coverage of this latest development:

Prosecutors are saying there is enough evidence in support of probable cause, but not enough to prove charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Not Out of the Woods:

Even if enough solid evidence can’t be found eventually, that doesn’t mean they weren’t involved in a terror plot. They likely were.
There is plenty of suspicious stuff on these guys, like the fact that they used the “my father is a construction worker” story. And the fact that Houssaiky’s mother, , claimed she needed the passenger manifests and security info because she was in some sort of training (she’s been in the job loading Royal Jordanian passengers onto the flight manifests for years–yet suddenly she needs to train for it). We know a lot more stuff about her, and it’s frightening. The woman should have been banned from Metro Detroit Airport long ago.
And why did the two 20-year-olds get paid a check for $5,000 (the check was introduced in court by their soon-fired attorney) for wasting a lot of gas over a tiny profit? A lot is going on here, and it’s not good.
And there is more. Stay tuned.

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Have you considered reporting these and the other fine lads from Caro, MI. to the IRS? I would do it but I’m not sure if they would even listen to someone who could be construed as just having a grudge against muslims. Do you think they would audit them for underreporting income? I mean, come on… 1,000 cell phones being sold for $40 each? Wow… that’s $40,000. As much as I make in a year busting my ass as a paramedic.
Now we both know, those phones aren’t headed to Texas for resale, but wouldn’t an IRS microscope be a nice inconvenience for the lads in an effort to verify their story?
Btw… one of the Texas boys who was most unfortunate to get caught up by Caro Police and Michigan Highway Patrol, (Adham Abdelhamid Othman) is such a fine upstanding citizen that got convicted in Texas as a Sex Offender.
I’m sure that was all a misunderstanding too, but he is registered none the less. That fine piece of info was found out by our good friends to the north in Canada as reported in “Soo Today’s” online edition. In case you didn’t get to read my post on another article earlier today regarding that, I posted it again, below.
Warm regards, and keep up the good work! The price of freedom is Ever Vigilance!
Semper Fi
-Bark’n (see earlier post below)
{Hey Debbie,
Our good neighbors to the north (Canada), the folks at Soo Today performing due diligence in their reporting was able to ascertain that one of our friendly “would be terrorists”, (Adham Abdelhamid Othman) is a Registered Sex Offender in the state of Texas.
See story from Soo Today here –>
Those wonderful Canadians even provided a link to the Texas State Sex Offenders Database page where he is listed here –>
Now who doubts that some low life like this could even remotely be involved with the “wrong crowd?”
Btw… those innocent young boys claim that they have been “hassled” and questioned in every state they have bought cell phones in. Surely they know there is a War on Terrorism in progress. And that the prime enemy being Young Radical Muslim Extremists, and that IED’s used in homicide bombings throughout the region are often triggered by cell phones or parts of cell phones. My question is, Why would they continue with such an “innocuous interprise” as buying thousands of cell phones for no purpose other than re-selling them to good ‘ole boys back in Texas? Naahh… I’ll stick to believing that the intended purpose for the phones was for nefarious uses abroad. I believe they continued their buying spree because they are “dedicated to their cause” like all little terroists in hopes of meeting Allah one day. Oops… Did I say that out loud?
Debbie, keep up your tireless vigilance. We need good people like you!

Bark'n on August 15, 2006 at 1:42 am

They dropped the charges for lack of proof but its not the same as innocence. They Islamofascists like to rub this in Debbie’s face. One of these days, she’s going to have the last laugh. On Ali Houssaiky and Osama Sabhi Abulhassan. Not exactly American names. Even my father Americanized his first name when he settled in this country, may his memory be for a blessing. The larger question is: do these Arab Americans identify with this country? They’ve demonstrated by their conduct what they really think of it. And that’s more damning than the usually spurious innuendo from anti-Semites accusing Jews of “dual loyalty.” Betcha we won’t hear that thrown against our own home-grown Islamofascists.

NormanF on August 15, 2006 at 2:09 am

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