August 17, 2006, - 2:06 pm

Just a “Crazy” Lady?: New Info About Diverted Heathrow/US Flight; No Air Marshals Aboard, Items Eluded Security

****UPDATE: Confirmed that there was no Federal Air Marshal on the diverted flight. Federal Air Marshals say the man the press reported as being an FAM was merely an applicant to become an FAM and it is unknown if he has even been accepted. ****
Here is information I obtained that was provided to Federal Air Marshals, regarding yesterday’s diverted London-to-Washington flight, featuring the “disturbed” woman–hardly a ringing endorsement of airport passenger screening at London Heathrow Airport, less than a week after Operation Bojinka 2 was foiled (she can take screwdrivers, but no lipstick for us):

The passenger in question had these possessions on her person according to CounterTerrorist Intel:
Per CBP/NTC [Customs & Border Protection/National Targeting Center], the subject involved in the incident that occurred onboard UA 923 LHR-IAD [Dulles International Airport] was found with several objects on her person when she was taken off the aircraft in BOS [Boston]:
* 4 Lighters
* Matches
* Petroleum Jelly
* 6-inch screwdriver
* Chapstick
* Car alarm remote

It shows that screening of passengers and their belongings is not exactly on par at London Heathrow. And certainly not as strict as the mainstream media is claiming to be. If she could get these on board, so could anyone else.
So much for George Naccara, federal security director for the Transportation Security Administration for Massachusetts Airports, who yesterday, told AP, she wasn’t carrying any of these items (and flat out lied), when, in fact, she was:

An airport spokesman previously said the woman was carrying Vaseline, a screw driver and matches, but backed off the statement, and Naccara said it wasn’t true.
“I don’t know what she had on board with her, but we have been told she did not have a screw driver, she did not have any liquids such as vaseline, and any notebook she may have had, it did not contain an al-Qaida reference,” Naccara said. “This is still playing out, of course.”
“There was speculation in the beginning of all those items, but those have been proven untrue,” he said.


Just Checking?: All Luggage from “Crazy” Lady Flight

Inspected @ Boston Logan Airport Tarmac

Since he lied about what she was carrying, did TSA’s Naccara lie about the note, too? Just asking. And why–if she was just a crazy lady–did they line up passenger’s luggage on the tarmac at Boston Logan Airport and inspect each piece. I mean, that’s usually what you do when it’s just a crazy lady and not an Islamic terrorist threat. Right?
The woman apparently originated from somewhere other than the UK and they are apparently still trying to ascertain what the deal was.
While media reports claimed there were Federal Air Marshals on the flight, Federal Air Marshals say there were no Federal Air Marshals on the flight–which is interesting considering the mass plot regarding flights from Britain to the U.S., last week. Federal Air Marshals are wondering why there were no Federal Air Marshals on a passenger-heavy transcontinental U.K. run just a few days after the “giant wake-up call” in London.

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They’ll not only ban Debbie Schlussel’s deodorant, now they’ll ban her lipstick! This is crazy. Its the exact opposite of what the TSA needs to be doing. Last time any one checked a Jewish woman in her 30s isn’t exactly fitting a terrorist profile. Our clueless feds overdo the wrong things at the airports and do none of the right ones. That’s my beef about how the security is being handled right now.

NormanF on August 17, 2006 at 7:52 pm

Your columns make me sick. Not due to you; but to what you report. I wish I could say the Dems will be better (could they be worse); but they won’t and in any event, if 9/11 didn’t kick sense into the FBI and DOT, what will? An atomic blast over Washington?
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for writing what have. Too bad we can’t clone you.

Seymour Paine on August 18, 2006 at 11:28 am

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