August 18, 2006, - 6:58 pm

UH-OH! Northeast “Intelligence” Network Steps In It: Fake “Terrorism Expert” Douglas Hagmann Admits Plagiarism, Fabricated Info

Uh-oh! Fake “Terrorism Expert” Douglas J. Hagmann and his lawyer finally admit that he plagiarized my work. And then, Hagmann–a fake investigator–makes up new information.
On Wednesday, I posted an item about how –who is positive that UFOs and Bigfoot exist but knows little else–. Yes, he and his falsely-named Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN) a/k/a HomelandSecurityUS are bastions of plagiarism. By stealing my work, he opened a can of worms and keeps stepping in it.
The guy has no shame. He rips me off and then keeps on whining about it, several days later. It’s like the kid who stole the cookies from the cookie jar and keeps on whining about it when someone caught him. Only that kid is a lot smarter and more deft than Douglas J. Hagmann. His trail of crumbs is a lot less obvious.

Like the thief-with-chutzpah that he is, Hagmann got mad that I caught him with his pants down. He’s now trying to cover his very exposed rear and can’t.
First, Hagmann demanded I take the post about his outright theft of my work down. Then, he threatened to sue me, claiming he got the information he plagiarized from me from “news sources” and “a federal source.” Of course, he would never sue because we would depose him and force him to produce the non-existent sources. And he’d have to admit the extremely obvious–that I’m the only one from whom he got the info.
Then, he had his silly “lawyer” send me an e-mail in which he basically admitted that his client, Douglas Hagmann, stole my work but that he gave me tiny credit for “developing the same information” that he ripped off from me. So that makes the theft okay. Right?

I have reviewed what you have reported . . . and I believe he has adequately given credit.

Ri-i-i-i-ight. If Hagmann had only resisted the urge to rip off others and had given me proper credit, I’d never have had a reason to expose him as the uber fraud that he is–something I’ve been hearing about for years. But now, his continuing lying and fabricating of information is betraying his phoniness even more.
In a post today, Hagmann admits he’s a plagiarist. He names a number of plagiarists and then states, “I am in good company.” I’m so glad he’s finally told the truth and admitted it. But he still has not changed the entry he stole from me–neither crediting me with the work he shop-lifted, and printing a retraction.
Then, there is the new information that Hagmann makes up. His fabricating skills show us in spades what kind of “investigator” he is. As in, one who can’t even read English and is too lazy to do any real work. Apparently, when he is forced to do his own work instead of stealing it from others, it’s kinda tough for him to perform. No wonder the apparent UFO/Bigfoot afficionado quit “working” as a private investigator. Who would hire him?

Hagmann claims that I said that MSNBC’s Monica Crowley and the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby and Cathy Young stole my work. That’s libelous. In fact, I never said any such thing. He’d know that–if he bothered to do real research instead of the phony tripe suckers read on his site.
In August 1999, the Wall Street Journal apologized for running an article about Nixon by Monica Crowley four days earlier, because Crowley plagiarized the whole thing from Commentary Magazine’s Paul Johnson. Details, by Tim Noah (a REAL investigator), are here and here. Hey Douglas Hagmann, last time I checked my name is not Paul. Some “investigator” you are.
In 2000, Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby was caught plagiarizing an internet article apparently written by Rush Limbaugh’s grandfather, detailing the fates of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The Globe suspended Jacoby for four months for the plagiarism. Not only did I never accuse Jeff of plagiarism (and certainly not of lifting my work), I made the mistake of defending him. Hey Doug Hagmann, last time I checked, I’m not Rush Limbaugh’s grandfather, either. Nice “investigation.” Bravo.
Then, there is Cathy Young. In 2000, she was caught “writing” a column in The Detroit News, half of which was plagiarized from a USA Today editorial written by Duane Frees. Yes, I’m the one who caught her plagiarism of someone else’s writing, and Frees was not too happy she stole his research and work. Young also ripped off a column of my own, not long after. People who plagiarize, like Cathy Young–AND DOUGLAS HAGMANN–don’t just do it once. It’s a lifetime career of intellectual property theft.
Finally, there is Jerome Corsi, who on Neil Bush–reworking the words and “writing” it three days later. Just like Doug Hagmann. Corsi was caught not by me, but by Radio Talk Show Host Pat Campbell, on whose show Corsi had appeared, peddling my hard work as his own. That’s the same Pat Campbell that Hagmann features on his site. So, Doug, are you calling Pat a liar? I’m sure he’d find that very interesting.
These are all the plagiarists, whom plagiarist and now-fabricator Douglas J. Hagmann says he is like and with whom he claims he is “in good company.”
Douglas Hagmann, plagiarist, fabricator, and defender of fellow plagiarists. Well, if the shoe fits . . . . Don’t waste your time at the Northeast Plagiarism Network. Or is that, the Northeast Fabrication Network?
Douglas Hagmann is upset that I write movie reviews. I can’t help it if I have multiple talents, while he has just one–plagiarism. Or two–plagiarism AND fabricating information. I can see how it would bum him out that despite my concentration in many areas, I get many interviews and a lot of recognition for my work on terrorism. Yet, he gets very little. Must be tough. Green is your color, Doug.

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Perhaps the Northeast Intelligence Network should focus upon the uncanny relationship between the PBnJ and the “Count.” Ya know, the “Count” is always going around saying, “Allah peanut butter sandwiches!” Is the PBnJ an al Qeada off shoot? Who is funding the PBnJ? How close are the ties between the “Count” and the “Old World”? I mean, wasn’t Transylvania once occupied by the Ottomans? Is the “Count” still connected back there?
Mr. Hagmann has had PLENTY of opportunities *clearing throat* to “clean up” his articles. NUMEROUS times. Numerous POLITE times. Oh yeah, I have NEVER EVER met, spoken, seen, touched or whatever else to/with Ms. Mansfield. Wanna try it in court? Bring it bro. Ya know, some of Jack’s articles on Jamaad ilFuqrah are eerily similar to those published by Daniel Pipes back in 2003, yet it appears that NEIN didn’t publish “their” information on the topic until 2005/2006. Even some of their stories on the “Tim Horton’s” coffee shop bombing are similar to those found in the Toronto news accounts. …oh yeah, lastly, he obviously “monitors” Ms. Mansfields news forum.
Maybe “Dr. Benson Honeydew” and his assistant, only known as “Beaker”, are covert operatives within the PBnJ? Ya know, all that TATP and possible “American Hiroshima” planning and such… whaddya think bro? I mean, “Beaker” is ALWAYS admitting he is involved, “Meeeee Meeeeee Meeeee.”
Oh, and the Federal Law stuff, didn’t CAIR get smacked down when Anti-CAIR WON the lawsuit brought by CAIR against them??
You have TWO choices Ranger…QUIT, or Ruck up and drive on period.

SickBoy on August 19, 2006 at 1:59 pm

I know this is two years afterward, but I am so glad that I found this post! How is it however, that people continue to believe things that are posted on NIN as though they were the gospel?
The most recent example is the rumored terrorist attack that was supposed to occur yesterday, on OCtober 7, 2008. So many people were sucked in by this rumor started by Hagmann and NIN, and yet, anyone who knows anything about the counterterrorism world already knows that NIN is not a credible source of information.
The Morning After (When the Rumor Doesn’t Happen)
There will be no apologies or retractions from those who continue to cite NIN and Hagmann. As I wrote, people who do so, do the American public and the US fight in the GWOT and great disservice by spreading bad information.

Storm Warning on October 8, 2008 at 12:36 pm

Found this post a few years later Good to see..I had an acquaintance that still believes this nutball. Now he won’t talk to me because he gets all of his “Reliable” information from him. He told me that this queeds latest story is that Fox news is going to do a 180 and roll over to the communist line of thinking and back democrats and Obama and his policies.
When I found that humorous and explained to him what Fox news does. he became nutbag irate and thought I was making fun of him.

Said he would never talk to me again because old Dougy is a investigator extraordinaire. he always imparts his “Inside” knowledge to him.

There are idiots out there that believe this stuff without doing any legitimate investigations. Hagmann has been exposed but he will always have the willing dupes as followers. There is that element out there.

Jay in Arizona on May 27, 2011 at 9:50 am

And what exactly does Fox News do Jay?

Mark Edward Gillar on January 25, 2012 at 12:00 am

Yes; I’d like to know what it is that Fox News “does” as well. Funny how some people who can only slander someone’s character with hollow rhetoric and innuendo suddenly disappear when asked to explain. And isn’t it curious/ convenient/ coincidental.. that this discussion is about credibility in claims of legitimate sourcing?

MikeInMaine on July 25, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Jerome Corsi also stole from me back in 2005 when I broke the story about Rudy Giuliani’s law firm backing the NAFTA Superhighway. He went on George Courey’s Coast-to-Coast show that week when he incorporated my cite into his WND article, and took credit for it on air.

After I was alerted to this by sources listing to Coast-to-Coast, where there was such interest in very issue I reported in numerous conservative media publications, Corsi was asked back on Coast-to-Coast the next night to further discuss Mr. Giuliani’s law firm interest.

I e-mailed Mr. Corsi, informing him that he stole my story and he acknowledged that I did indeed break the story, and in his next article, a month later on WND, noted it, buried in the sixth paragraph.

No retraction or apology to the public in any other way was issued by this thief. So, I am not suprised that he continues to never change the error of his ways, while making big bucks in all platforms of media and with his books, He apparently doesn’t give a crap!

Diane M. Grassi on August 17, 2012 at 7:55 pm

Sounds like you have many people stealing your work, one after another…according to your report. Do you mind if I mention items of concern relative to the IRS scandal?

Dave Bertrand on June 8, 2013 at 6:14 pm

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