August 21, 2006, - 12:44 pm

Unsettling: New “Self-Service” Security Aboard Delta Flights

Recently, we noted a New York port where .
And we’re very sure a lot of terrorists and others entering the U.S. from Canada by boat are ready to voluntee their activities and notify us of their entry. Especially since the article noted that many of them are drug smugglers and sundry others from the Middle East.
Well, now, Delta Airlines is utilizing the same “trustworthy” self-service security. ABC’s Rhonda Schwartz (part of reporter Brian Ross’ investigative team) notes that a flight attendant asked passengers to voluntarily hand over their liquids:

Delta Airline shuttle passengers on a flight out of Washington, D.C., this morning were asked to turn themselves in if they had violated new security measures.
“Would anyone who has improperly brought a liquid or beverage on board kindly ring the call button and identify yourself,” a flight attendant announced.

Schwartz reports the predictable outcome of that dubious request:

No one did, according to passengers on the flight.

It’s the same as those silly questions you used to be asked after 9/11 by ticket and/or gate agents at the airport:
* Did anyone else pack your luggage or give you anything to put in your bags?
* Was your baggage in your possession at all times?
Mohammed Atta: “Why yes, you sweet gate agent who was forced to ask me this silly question by the government, I have a bomb in my suitcase that my gay, vegan cell co-leader Ahmed packed for me, while I asked him to watch my bags overnight.”
That Delta has its flight attendants ask for self-service security on a flight taking off just about a mile from the White House is kind of scary, less than a month before 9/11.
First, ,” and now self-serve airline “security.” Will the last non-terrorist left in the U.S. please turn-off the lights?

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A very easy and secure way to guarantee air travel safety is the following;
There should be a religious designation on all airline tickets. Those who subscribe to Islam should be directed to a different line and be forced to endure a strip and body cavity search, women included. Their carry-on bags thoroughly searched, and de-loused.
For those sneaky Muzlums who declare themselves Sihks or Buddhists, there is an easy way to ferret them out: All those people standing on the non-Muzlum lines would be put through a corridor with its walls lined with cartoons of Mohammad, and a loudspeaker blaring “Islam is a false religion”, and “Mohammad was a demon-obsessed pedophile.” Since there is no Muzlum on the face of the Earth who could contain himself upon seeing and hearing this, he would immediately reach for his matches, knives, box cutters, guns, explosive liquids, and bombs in an attempt to blow up the airport and kill the infidel. Viola, you have your Muzlum – he has exposed himslef.
This is the only sure way to keep air travel safe.

Thee_Bruno on August 21, 2006 at 1:18 pm

Here’s the best way to secure the flights. Issue everyone a loaded .44 mag upon boarding. After a few flights like this, the terroist bull s**t would come to a screeching halt.

Swamp Rabbit on August 21, 2006 at 3:23 pm

Brilliant idea Bruno..
You know I think I heard that before…oh yeah. Hitler did it to the Jews.

Descent on August 22, 2006 at 2:55 pm

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