August 21, 2006, - 4:24 pm

Miami vICE: Did Top ICE Agent/Actor Vouch for Drug Fugitive, Get Him Border Inspector Job?

Remember , the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Miami?
He’s the one who apparently in the “Miami Vice” movie with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. Because the immigration problem was solved and all illegal aliens have been flushed from the country, taxpayers could afford to fund his acting “skills”-in-development.
Well, now, ICE sources tell us that Alonso was involved in another ICE scandal–one that is far more troubling.

Miami ICE Assistant Special Agent In Charge/”Miami Vice” Star Alexander Alonso: Sources Say He Vouched for Drug Fugitive for Fed Inspector Job

In October of last year, we wrote about the story of a/k/a Felix Arango, a Customs and Border Protection agent and inspector in Nogales, Arizona, who was charged with accepting a $50,000 bribe in a cocaine sting at the border. Arango–at the time he became a federal inspector at the border–was already a fugitive in a large drug smuggling case 15 years earlier. At the time, he fled to Colombia.
But, incredibly, this drug-smuggling fugitive was able to return to the U.S., unfettered, and get a job with the federal law enforcement agency that is the first line of defense at our borders–the agency that would have arrested him at the border had he tried to enter through one of their checkpoints.
How did this happen? Arango got the job federal law enforcement job because he was able to forgo a federal background check, upon the recommendation and vouching by a then-unnamed ICE Assistant Special Agent in Charge in South Florida, who helpd Arango get the job. That ICE Agent, we’re now told, is apparently “Miami Vice” actor Alexander Alonso.
We contacted ICE spokesman Dean Boyd, who did not respond to requests for comment on Mr. Alonso’s alleged involvement in recommending a drug fugitive for a federal law enforcement job at the border. He did not issue a denial, either.
We’re told that Mr. Alonso is now serving “punishment” for his “Miami Vice” “sick days” in Madrid, Spain.
Don’tcha just love how our government rewards this kind of misconduct in the federal agency that is supposed to be enforcing immigration laws . . . but hardly is.
First, enlists a “former” Islamic terrorist . And, now, a “Miami Vice” star–who plays an Assistant Special Agent in Charge of ICE in his spare time–reportedly vouches for a drug fugitive so he can get a job as a border agent. Surprise, surprise, that the fugitive then takes a $50,000 bribe in a cocaine sting.
No wonder there are 10-12 million illegal aliens in our midst. And growing.

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