August 30, 2006, - 8:22 am

Islamic Terrorism By Auto: 3rd Incident in a Year; “Living While Infidel”

When I first read about a San Francisco motorist who deliberately drove into lots of people and murdered at least one, critically injuring many others and ending in front of the Jewish Community Center (JCC), I wondered what the man’s name was. Was it a Muslim name?
Yes, it was: Omeed Aziz Popal, an Afghani Muslim. The BS reason given by his relatives for his attempt at mass murder of non-Muslims: He was upset over the start of his stressful arranged Islamic marriage. “Religion of Peace” displaying yet more “Peace.” Hate of American Infidel victims had nothing to do with it, right? That’s why he drove far from his home in Fremont to the San Francisco JCC.
And, uh, wouldn’t the stress be on the Afghani bride shipped here to become his instant sex- and house-slave?
It’s not surprising that he turned out to be a Muslim, because Popal’s method isn’t new, in terms of Islamic terrorism in America.
In fact, it’s the third such incident of Islamic Terror by Auto in the last year. You’ve heard of “Driving While Black,” and the alleged “Flying While Arab”? Welcome to Living/Walking While Infidel (or trying to live, anyway).

Islamic Auto Terrorist Omeed Aziz Popal

In March, , an Iranian Muslim–inspired by Allah and hatred for America–purposely drove his Jeep into students at the University of North Carolina.
And in December, , a Palestinian Jordanian Muslim, drove his car into a Home Depot in Arizona, for the purpose of mass destruction of the store and those in it. He wanted to set the place ablaze. He, too, inspired by his anger toward America and his Koran in his trunk.
And then, there are the other incidents of Dr. Wameeth Fadhli, a Muslim medical doctor in Texas, who did a drive-by, “random” shooting of a bicyclist (tip from Sue Bob’s Diary). A Muslim in Baltimore, Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar, shooting and murdering a Jewish guy at a movie theater. A Pakistani Muslim, Naveed Haq, in Seattle shooting women at the Jewish Federation, murdering one.
But these are all lone, random guys. And all of them just happen to be “mentally unstable” Muslims who deliberately target non-Muslims. Right, ? The latest one ended, by “coincidence,” at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, where he mowed over two people–7 are now critically injured, one dead. But it and the Seattle incident and the Baltimore incident (and the before that) have nothing to do with Islamic anti-Semitism.
Right, ? Just asking.
**** UPDATE: KTVU-San Francisco video reports that Omeed Aziz Popal declared himself “a terrorist.” But police say he isn’t. Whatever. Thanks to reader Jeff for the tip.
**** UPDATE #2: Reader Kenneth H. writes:

I know my way around SF very well. The SF
Bay Area news channels and politicians are
being intentionally vague about where/why
the Driver attacked.
A few stations reported that he struck in “Laurel
Heights”. What they are *not* reporting was
why he chose that location. He drove along
the front sidewalk of a new, prominent JCC.
One station rolled video of the crime scene.
The camera showed bicycle wreckage with
a brick wall in the background. The wall was
cut off at the top of the frame – slightly higher
than the mangled handle bars. Actually, the
wall rises two stories. It’s the front of the JCC!
A few stations reported that he also struck
at “California & Fillmore”, a yuppie area.
Unfortunately, none are reporting the precise
spot where he jumped the curb. Two doors before
that intersection, on the same side of Street
the criminal was driving on, is the front of a
rather large, ornate Refom Synagogue (Cong
Sheerith Israel).
The Mayor of SF is saying that the path of
destruction was “random. The reporters are
telling me that the Driver was mentally unstable
(they used the same spin to excuse the Muslim
fellow who shot up the Seattle JCC a fews ago).
I am so sick of obfuscation.
Back in the old country the criminals are not called
deranged. They are called martyrs.

AMEN to that last statement.
**** UPDATE #3: Reader Kenneth H. writes again to correct some of the above:

in a previous e-mail i wrote that Cong Sheerith Israel was
only 2 doors away from the intersection of California & Fillmore.
actually, the Synagogue is a BLOCK from the intersection.
according to yahoo! maps, the block distance is 0.10 miles.
i *believe* that the Synagogue is currently closed due to
seismic concerns. next door to the sanctuary (on California St.)
is the Cong’s social-hall/classroom building. i do not know if
that building was “Open for Biz” yesterday.

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Ah, I’ve only used that once or’s kind of impractical/outdated. The much better way to spoof ip addresses would be to use a proxy..though I don’t think you can connect to three proxies simultaneously.

Descent on August 31, 2006 at 9:15 am

Definately easier to use a proxy…I was just trying to inform not make it super easy for someone to do 🙂
Regarding proxies, you can connect to multiple proxies, download firefox and get a list of them and you can log on to as many different ones as your computer can handle at one time.

PsychoKat on August 31, 2006 at 9:24 am

Ah. Well, in any case, I have nothing to hide, and therefore no use for multiple screen names. Good to see that someone else know’s what they’re talking about computer-wise.

Descent on August 31, 2006 at 9:33 am

“M- Mentally
U- Unstable
S- Seemingly
L- Lone
I- Islamic
M- Militant

SickBoy on August 31, 2006 at 9:40 am

After reading all this tripe, I am sooooooooooooo DEPRESSED!
(Debbie, as a lawyer, does that pretty well cover me and my futher interaction(s)with jihadists)?
All I hope is all these interprising young Arab gentleman don’t fart without an FBI agent smelling it or call an Islamic brother to wish her/him a happy martyrdom without us knowing.

Grateful1 on August 31, 2006 at 12:42 pm

After reading through the comments on this page two in particular caught my attention and illustrate a couple of profound truths that show the predicament we are in today i.e. the life-and-death struggle that is beginning to evolve here in the US. Truths that I am convinced many of our politicians and the average person in the USA simply does not understand.
One was the 9:25 PM post by Thee_Bruno regarding the “Immigration and Naturalization Services Act of 1965” (Courtesy of the Gin swilling fat bastard Ted Kennedy)
The other was related and was posted at 10:27 AM by NormanF Regarding the “JDS, is about looking the other way and denying we’re at war and there are people [that] want Jews and non-Muslim Americans dead, in our midst.”
First, The Immigration and Naturalization Services Act of 1965 was of extreme importance for the reasons Thee_Bruno said it was (see his remarks above). We are in trouble now with the IslamoJihadis and things are going to get worse because of the mental conditioning (read brain-washing) that we have been taught through the public school system and through the MSM for some decades now. Things we used to know and recognize prior to the 1960s we no longer do and we have suffered because of it. Republicans are bad enough at knowing these things but the Demoncrats are a nightmare. Unless we recognize the things I’m about to say we might as well give up now and get out the prayer rugs and burquas.
Let me start by saying, I have friends of every race, religion, and ethnicity on an individual basis both in this country and others. Many of them are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. The last thing any of us who are normal and decent Americans would want to do is offend anyone because of their race or the way they happen to look. But to truly understand our current problems we must also recognize some simple truths about ourselves.
Namely, each racial group of Americans are different. We are different culturally, genetically, and psychologically at least to some degree. This is not necessarily bad or good and it’s not racist to recognize these things and you certainly shouldn’t hate someone simply for being different. Rather, these are simply facts. For those who are atheist you could say that nature designed us that way. For those who are spiritually inclined you could (and should) say that G-d designed us that way. And that He had reasons for doing that. That’s also the reason countries have borders by the way.
Now, suppose you are the Government in charge of controlling millions of different people. How can you get them to willfully cooperate with each other, remain peaceful, obey the laws, pay their taxes, etc. etc.? Think about that for a minute. How would you do it? Of course it would be MUCH easier if all the people were from the same background — racially and culturally. But we know that is not the case here in the US and so things are more difficult and will get even more difficult if the new immigration/amnesty program passes congressional approval (and it appears it will).
The way our Government has tried to tackle this problem has been primarily through the education system. Teaching that all people are essentially the same and to think otherwise or even to notice differences is racist and not to be tolerated. It has gotten to the point now that books like “Heather has two Mommies” are recommended for very young kids to read. That homosexuals should be allowed to marry just like heterosexuals, ad infinitum. Anything that promotes our belonging to specific groups, which of course we do, is to be considered evil and wrong because we are much harder to control by the government that way. And of course, the MSM has done everything within their power to promote these things too but for different reasons. Their reasons relate to their hatred of all religions and their own amoral beliefs.
All of this is known as “Political Correctness.” And this is what hinders us from doing the racial profiling that we should be doing in airports. This is what allows President Bush to push his insane amnesty program. It is why the media focuses on the recent Mormon polygamist case while basically ignoring the Muslim attack on Jewish women in Seattle in which one died from a gunshot wound and on and on. And we are apparently expected not to notice that nearly every terrorist plot is planned, designed, and carried out by Muslims and Arabs.
If we, the people of the United States, don’t start getting these leftards out of office and start electing people who understand the problems we are facing and are willing to act on them then we will become a third-world country ourselves in short order. With neither the will nor the inclination to defend ourselves. Those in the MSM should be called out by name whenever we catch on to their schemes too.
We’ve heard of Stephen Murphy III on this site. Is there anyone less deserving to sit on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals? Yet how many of us have even bothered to email members of the Judiciary Committee about him?
All I’m asking is that each of us get involved in whatever way we can. Talking about problems just isn’t enough. We’ve got to do something, anything. I don’t mean to preach at anyone but for some reason tonight I began to think about these things and how much worse things could get if we don’t start getting involved.

Phoenix on September 1, 2006 at 3:16 am

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