September 19, 2006, - 2:14 pm

Michigan GOP Uses Terror Supporter’s Building for Campaign HQ; New GOP Holiday . . . Ramadan

Unfortunately, at Ground Zero for Islamist America, Michigan, the GOP is as much in bed with extremist Muslims as the Dems are.
The Michigan Republican Party, especially in wealthy suburban Detroit Oakland County, panders to extremist Muslims like Yahya Basha a/k/a Yahya Mossa Basha a/k/a Y. Mossa Basha (and many other variations he uses), a Syrian doctor who proudly supports Islamic terror groups. He is involved with so many Islamic organizations that have shut down due to terrorism involvement, it’s hard to keep track. He was the national leader, for example, of the American Muslim Council, now defunct becuase its founder and executive director rots in jail for financing HAMAS terrorists and plotting to murder Saudi then-Crown Prince (and now King) Abdullah. More on . Read the FDA letter citing him for shoddy mammograms.
Hard to Tell: Is it “Michigan” Republicans or Extremist . . .

The Oakland County Republicans–under the “leadership” of Islamopanderer Paul Welday–used Dr. Basha’s office space to run the Bush re-election campaign and the Oakland County Republican Victory Center. It matters not a whit that Basha is an open, unabashed supporter of HAMAS, Hezbollah, etc., etc., etc. He’s a “Republican” and has a lot of money. And that’s all that counts when you are part of the congenital GOP with no conscience.

Yahya Basha: Michigan GOP’s Islamofascist, Terror-Supporting Benefactor

This year, according to Welday’s crony, Oakland County Republican official, Christopher Cummins, they are using the Basha Building, yet again. And Michigan Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos has his Detroit area headquarters in the Basha Center for the Support of Terrorism. Thank Oakland County Republican Chairman Dennis Cowan for that.
We note that Cummins also sent out a list of important Republican events, with an interesting new Republican holiday we’d never new existed in the GOP (the e-mail has been shortened for extreme gobbledygook violations):

From: C.M. Cummins
Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2006 11:15 AM
Subject: Late September Oakland County Republican Update
Hello Everyone,
Its the time of year where we start recruiting people to help out with the Voter Integrity Program. This is also known as poll watching. . . .
Christopher Cummins
SE Oakland Victory Center
Lynn Aronoff ( [She also worked for Detroit’s liberal Pimp Daddy Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.]
30701 Woodward Avenue
Second Floor
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(517) 203-6215
(248) 320-3224
* this is the Basha Building
Listed as follows are a few upcoming meetings and events:
September 23 – Ramadan begins.
October 23 – Ramadan ends.
October 31 – Halloween
November 7 – Election Day
November 11 – Veterans Day (show some respect for our veterans, not to mention the personnel that are still overseas today)
November 23 – Thanksgiving – by now we should be giving thanks that Granholm is out of office.

Of course, no-one accuses this guy, Chris Cummins, of being a “conservative” Republican. Far from it, he has physically shaken conservative activists within the party. And he told one of them, that he (Cummins) would “pee” on his head.
Islamofascism, physical assault, and juvenile, classless threats about bodily functions. That’s the Republican Party at Ground Zero of Islamofascist America.

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3 Responses

Hmmm…I didn’t know Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veterans’ Day, and Election Day were “Republican Holidays” either, Deb!

mxmat2 on September 19, 2006 at 3:45 pm

“November 11 – Veterans Day (show some respect for our veterans, not to mention the personnel that are still overseas today)”
What Cummins should have included with the November 11 platitude is the following:
“Yes, do this as we accept blood-tainted Muzlum money to fund our party. Forget about the fact that our soldiers are over there fighting the very same terrorists that we coddle over here.”
What a phony that Cummins bagman is. That’s all he is: a bagman!
BTW, what the hell does Ramadama-Ding-Dong have to do with a political calendar other than to kiss the guano-encrusted Muzlum tuckas? During Ramadama-Ding-Dong, Muzlums maintain their daily schedule except that they fast only during the day. They don’t take off from work (terrorism) during Ramadama-Ding-Dong.
BTW, fasting during Ramadama-Ding-Dong is not really fasting (it’s a phony fast – just as the “religion” is phony) because once sundown hits, they can gorge themselves as much as they want on food (the bloody entrails of the infidel).

Thee_Bruno on September 19, 2006 at 4:42 pm

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