September 29, 2006, - 1:45 pm

Jihad’s Media Suckers: The Morons that Run Local News; Fake MSNBC Story Still Up

**** UPDATE, 07/02/08: ****
What happens when an Islamist charity funding terrorists is raided by the FBI right before the big giving season of Ramadan?
The charity’s dishonest supporters’ feed fake news stories to the media alleging the charity has been cleared by the FBI. And local news media eagerly gobble it up, with the national news media not far behind.
Take (close bud of fed immigration official ) and his buddies at the Southfield, Michigan-based charity that is the largest Islamic charity in the U.S. that is still open . . . for now. Almost 2 weeks ago, the charity was for apparently funding terrorists. The charity has close ties to HAMAS and Al-Qaeda and openly gave millions to HAMAS’ Jordanian outfit. The FBI investigation is ongoing.

NOT Cleared: Imad Hamad (left) & Islamofascists at LIFE Charity Spread Phony Story (Debbie Schlussel Islamofascist Fan Club by David Lunde)

But “former” Islamic terrorist Hamad and his buddies at LIFE aren’t letting facts stop them. They are funneling fake stories to the media that the charity has been cleared. As late as yesterday, sourced say Hamad phoned a local Detroit area reporter to tell the reporter the Islamic charity was completely cleared by the FBI. Hamad, the sources say, was trying to get reporters to print the phony story. But the story was a lie.
on Tuesday, but now the fake news reporting has grown to epic proportions. And so has the moronism of local news editors and producers. Welcome to Detroit, where if jihadist propagandists say something, it’s reported as the gospel by all the media. They’ve been co-opted.
Apparently, though, one Detroit TV station took the bait and didn’t do any investigating. They just ran with the story, and other media outlets–also too lazy to do reporting–also ran with it. If terrorist Imad Hamad–who was engaged in a sham marriage to fraudulently obtain a green card–said it, it must be true. Right?
On Tuesday morning, Detroit’s WDIV-TV/Channel 4 ran Hamad’s phony story on its website. Website editor Barb Roethler, a member of Channel 4, Detroit’s NBC affiliate’s newsteam, did not seem to think that she should call FBI Michigan spokesman, Dawn Clenney, to confirm. No. Why bother checking the facts. Imad Hamad and the LIFE gang funding terrorists would never lie, would they? So she ran with it, posted it on the site, and left work for a few days.
Then, MSNBC picked it the phony story and ran it on its site, because if its affiliate in Detroit printed it as the truth, then it must be so.
Then, Imad Hamad and his buddies at the ADC (falsely named American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) sent out an e-mail citing the fake story they created as confirmation of their fake story, sending out the MSNBC link to other news outlets.
That night, Detroit’s FOX News owned and operated WJBK/FOX 2 News ran with the story toward the beginning of its primetime newscast, with Anchor Monica Gayle telling viewers that LIFE was cleared of all ties to terrorists by the FBI, “who concluded their investigation” (the same investigation that actually has just begun). I called FOX 2 News, where Executive Producer Debra Dubicki stated that she put the story on the news, “because ADC sent us an e-mail.” I asked this moron if she believes everything she gets in an e-mail. She claimed she did not. But the proof is in the pudding . . . and the newscast containing a fake story.
The problem with FOX 2 News is the news operation’s cozy and inappropriate relationship with Hamad and ADC. Two anchors, Lee Thomas and Fanchon Stinger, hosted awards ceremonies for ADC. Ironically, Stinger hosted an ADC Martin Luther King, Jr. essay contest, for which Blacks were not eligible. When I spoke with Stinger, a complete airhead, she didn’t seem to think there was a problem that, at the time, Hamad and ADC were boycotting banks that sponsored a pro-Israel event. Even though it was a headline all over Detroit papers, she denied it was happening. And she wasn’t bothered by ADC’s support for Hezbollah and HAMAS. She enjoyed being the token Black hosting an event for a group that supports the Arab oppression of Black Muslims and Christians in the Sudan (now, all of those Christians are dead).
The day after Hamad’s phony story ran on FOX 2 News, News Director Dana Hahn, claimed that she was going to hold a meeting to find out why the fake story ran, and that “we never run e-mails as news when they weren’t verified.” Uh-huh. She also claimed that her anchors would no longer host events with ADC. We’ll see.
Back to the morons at Detroit’s NBC affiliate, WDIV, who caused the fake story. They continued to run the phony story on their website. I called them to ask why. WDIV news assignment editor, Matt Triplett, told me that since they removed the fake story from their homepage and search engine, it did not matter that the completely fake story was still up on their site and accessible. WDIV website editor Christina Ulaj insisted on the same thing, that they could not take the fake story down. Anyone with a website knows that’s not the case. After 20 minutes of arguing with these two brain-dead people who run one of Detroit’s major TV news operations, I finally got them to take the fake story down.
WDIV Assistant News Director Bob Ellis told me he’d contact MSNBC to have the fake story his news department created taken down from the MSNBC website. He didn’t do so. The fake story is still there and still attributed to WDIV and its Click on Detroit website. But, by gosh, Bob Ellis is sticking by the morons in his news department. Ain’t loyalty grand?
Bob and I were on the high school newspaper and in journalism class together, but apparently the part about checking the facts and notifying others that your story is false is now lost on him. Instead, he asked me, “Why is this story so important to you?” The question should be to his news department, “Why is this disinformation so important for you to spread on behalf of Islamists?” Or, “Why is this fake story so important to you that your incompetent news staff couldn’t make a single fricking phone call to the FBI press office to confirm its veracity before rushing to post it?”
Imad Hamad and the jihadists in Detroit got what they wanted: fake stories spread around America and locally that their terror-supporting charity was cleared (when it was not). All because local news personnel are too lazy to check facts and too eager to please their friendly, local Islamists.
Clearly, the Detroit media–in the heart of Islamic America–is co-opted by Islamists, to the point where you cannot believe anything they report. But is this phenomenon coming soon to your local TV news?
Count on it.

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Oh, and umm, speaking of Mormons…
Apparently, it’s okay for a father to “teach his young daughter about his religious belief in polygamy despite his ex-wife’s objections, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said Thursday. The 5-1 decision by the state’s highest court said Stanley M. Shepp, whose Mormon fundamentalist beliefs endorse polygamy, has a constitutional right to express his beliefs about plural marriages and multiple wives even though bigamy is illegal.”
WTF?!? My gosh, you mention “God” in something – or refer to “Christmas” instead of “winter break” and the ACLU has you hog-tied and brought before a Court faster than you can think about that scene in Deliverance when someone “squeals like a pig.” But ANY other religion? Hey, it’s all good…
The link is here:

BT in SA on September 29, 2006 at 3:44 pm

Local reporting has been a joke for years. No investigating facts – just read press releases.

Allen on September 29, 2006 at 4:27 pm

The Holy Koran – new and improved:

DiaperHead on September 29, 2006 at 5:23 pm

Last week, ADC wanted an “explanation” from the FBI regarding the timing of the raids at LIFE. They were apparently annoyed that the FBI raided their terrorist supporters’ offices just before the 40-day prom party of the Mozlums, also known as Ramadan. Ramadan is also a jihadi recruiting period and at that time, Mozlums are invited to fulfil their obligations in various ways recommended by the Koran.
Basically ADC wanted the FBI to WAIT until the jihadi recruiting period was over. So, we need to understand and show compassion for these terrorists because of their religion. Very nice indeed! Cut them out at the earliest, FBI. You guys have been courting Mozlum organizations like ADC and CAIR for too long.
The FBI did a great job by raiding LIFE just before Ramadan. If only they raid other Arab and Mozlum “charities” as well, they will easily recover the costs incurred in the Iraq war!

anonymous twit on September 29, 2006 at 9:01 pm

Here’s an example of media indoctrination.

PJ on September 29, 2006 at 10:04 pm

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” So said Mark Twain. Thanks for putting them on for us Debbie.
Shame on you so called “news people” who treasonously sell out our country by sucking up to our enemies like this! A tree is known by its fruit–there is no excuse for not checking an especially rotten and foul tree like Hamad has proven to be– based on his ACTIONS.
Who can tell me/us what constitutes treason agaisnt our country? If you ignorantly help the ax murderer with blood dripping off his ax–but you didn’t “realize” he really is an ax murderer–are you still an accessory?

BB on September 30, 2006 at 12:14 pm

Uhh, it’s already arrived here in Charlotte.

John Sobieski on October 1, 2006 at 12:47 am

G_d bless you Debbie. You’re standing in the gap for the rest of us lard butts who are standing around with our mouths agape. Thanks for all you do. John

J-Lin on October 1, 2006 at 8:29 am

The LIBERAL media’s new mission statement: ├ČRepeat a lie often enough and the people will believe it!├« – Joseph Goebbels
LIBERALS hate religion, but they LOVE Islam.
LIBERALS hate America!

Thee_Bruno on October 1, 2006 at 8:43 am

First of all, it’s funny you say you are a journalist. You are clearly biased. As far as the website goes, the managing editor and web staff does not investigate on stories themselves. The television news staff writes the stories for the website as they do on tv. So, how you are blaming the web site manager is ridiculous. And she was actually at a funeral when you tried to reach her. But again– you didn’t bother to learn the facts before you published. I know, I know, when you call yourself a blog I guess you don’t need to worry about the facts.

wdiv news management on April 6, 2017 at 5:35 am

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