September 29, 2006, - 4:12 pm

Good News for Arizona, Bad News for MI/OH: Immigration Trouble Spot Gets Great ICE Leader

We’ve been writing about the immigration enforcement troubles in Arizona ( and ). Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge of Phoenix Roberto Medina refused to deport aliens capture in Maricopa County by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and my friend, Prosecutor Andrew Thomas. They and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano complained to Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff a/k/a Mr. Burns, about Medina, because ICE chieftess, a/k/a The ICE Princess, was (and is) too clueless to do anything about him.
So Medina was finally deposed, at Chertoff’s behest. We know that our own least (and Islamists’ most) favorite ICE Special Agent in Charge, a/k/a Abu Moskowitz was jockeying for the Phoenix ICE job. And we’d heard (and were hoping) he’d get it. There are a few less Islamic extremists he could befriend and help in Phoenix than here in the heart of Islamic America, Southeastern Michigan, as he’s been doing.

Al Pena, New Phoenix ICE Chief (left) Shows Promise

Unfortunately for us, Abu Moskowitz is still here–and probably pretty upset about it. He did not get the job. We found out on Monday that a classy, experienced ICE agent, Alonzo Pena, will now be the nation’s top immigration enforcement official in Phoenix, and oversee much of the illegal alien problem in Arizona. That is good news for Arizonans who are fed up.
We’ve heard so many great things about Mr. Pena. We believe he will be able to work with local law enforcement and more adequately handle Maricopa County’s burgeoning illegal alien problem.
Here are what some ICE agents we respect have to say about Pena and his abilities to handle the illegal alien emergency infesting Arizona:

Pena is a real good guy . . . . He’ll be good for Phoenix, much more laid back and experienced as an agent and manager than Medina, this should end their problems with the State, I’d think; Pena will work out a deal.
Al Pena was the SAC with the really glum face standing behind Julie Myers at one of those photo ops. I believe you put sacks over their heads. He’s one of the few really good, older SACs left.
Al Pena is a class act!!!! I know him and respect him a great deal.

Unfortunately, Mr. Medina is now the Special Agent in Charge in El Paso, Texas, another place where he will be a disaster.
And more bad news: Sources inside ICE tell us that Abu Moskowitz–who is the exact opposite of these sentiments regarding Pena, above–is still in the running for some sort of plum position at ICE headquarters. We hope it’s some sort of budget or pencil-pushing job, where he will be less of an unchecked danger to our country and our security.
We were told by ICE sources that his boss, ICE Director of Investigations a/k/a “Peppermint Patty” had a meeting about why ICE morale is so bad among rank and file agents. She brought in a handful of Special Agents in Charge (4 of them) to discuss the not-so-enigmatic matter, among them Abu Moskowitz. Why ask a question like that when two of the reasons–Peppermint Patty and Abu Moskowitz–are staring each other and the rest of attendees in the face? Seems to us a mirror was in order.
She should have brought us in. We could tell her, without worrying about getting on her bad list. We’re already there. And we don’t care. But we do care about stopping America’s illegal alien problem, apparently more so than Peppermint Patty or Abu M.
Good news (Arizona) and bad news (El Paso) for immigration enforcement at the Southern border. Bad news at the Northern Border (Michigan).

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3 Responses

Hi, Debbie:
A meeting on why morale is bad at ICE? LMAO loud, we don’t need a meeting, we need a Congressional hearing at this point, that’s how bad things are.
-Our financial systems have been shut down for a
month: No money for investigative travel, no
money for nominal investigative activities, etc.
-Our staffing levels continue to plummet: Agents
are retiring, transferring, resigning or dying
faster than we can replace them.
-And. finally, we’re missionless and without true
leadership or direction. Unlike the legacy
Customs service, that had a mission to protect
the revenue and protect the borders from the
illegal entry of contraband, ICE is living in the
moment, drifting from issue-of-the-moment to
issue-of-the moment with leadership that is so
far removed from the concerns of the field that
the leadership turns over more than a stack of
pancakes at IHOP.
Money, staffing, mission: This is just the tip of the ICE-berg of what is wrong with us. And, if this continues, I predict and expect (as do many of my colleagues) a full-scale meltdown of the agency, probably within the next one to two years.
AGAIN, IS CONGRESS LISTENING? Oh, I’m sorry, our congressman are either too busy accepting bribes, lobbying for powerful business intersts or sending lurid e-mails to little boys and girls. It’s criminal, that’s what it is – no pride, no shame and no honor. G-d help us all.

4EVERCUSTOMS on September 29, 2006 at 5:52 pm

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” So said Mark Twain. Thanks for putting them on for us Debbie.
Shame on you so called “news people” who treasonously sell out our country by sucking up to our enemies like this! A tree is known by its fruit–there is no excuse for not checking an especially rotten and foul tree like Hamad has proven to be– based on his ACTIONS.
Who can tell me/us what constitutes treason agaisnt our country? If you ignorantly help the ax murderer with blood dripping off his ax–but you didn’t “realize” he really is an ax murderer–are you still an accessory?

BB on September 29, 2006 at 8:21 pm

Debbie…It’s so rare that there is any good news to share when it comes to government buraucracy, hearing about Al Pena is like being granted a breath of fresh air after being under water for ages and ages. Thanks for keeping us posted.

joesixpack31 on September 30, 2006 at 11:10 am

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