October 10, 2006, - 12:08 pm

Phony, Muslim-Dominated Trucking School “Grad” Killed Cop

Remember the Muslim-dominated Trucking School in Missouri?
In February, I wrote about how the . In September, I wrote about how the .
The school, where 60% of those taking the test for Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs) had Muslim and Mid-Eastern names, gave the Muslims the answers to the test, so they could cheat, and committed assorted other frauds.
Well, now, sadly, we have our first killing, resulting from a Muslim “grad” from the phony school, and the victim’s a cop.

Trooper McClendon, Killed by Muslim Truck Driver w/Fraudulent CDL

My friends, Michael DelGiorno and Gwen, on the morning show on Tulsa’s KFAQ FOX News Radio 1170 alerted me that, on October 1st, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper William Lloyd McClendon, 37, was killed by Hussein Haji-ege Osman, 25, a Kenyan Muslim. Osman was one of the many who was being asked by the State of Missouri to retake the test. A letter to that effect was scheduled to go out to him later this month.
But that’s too late for McClendon–who was killed, along with Osman, in a crash a few miles from the Will Rogers Turnpike. And too late for his family. From Tulsa World:

McClendon, who was driving a 2006 Dodge Charger, had his emergency lights and sirens activated when he tried to make a U-turn from an outside lane and collided with the 2002 Peterbilt tractor-trailer driven by Osman, who was behind McClendon in the same lane, OHP spokeswoman Kera Philippi said.
A concrete median wall with gaps every 1 1/2 to 2 miles separates the four-lane highway, she said.
Osman’s truck veered into the left lane, and the vehicles collided, said Philippi, who said the speed of the vehicles and the distance between them could be included in a full investigative crash report that hasn’t been released.
An inspection of Osman’s Peterbilt showed some mechanical defects with the braking system, which were a “contributing factor” to the crash, she said.
Emergency vehicles can legally make U-turns, Philippi said.

More disturbing are these facts:
* Osman listed his residence at Kansas City, Missouri on documents for his CDL, but he actually lived in Columbus, Ohio. Why did he lie? And how many other Muslims who cheated on their CDL exams at this school (and other schools) provide fake addresses on their CDL documents (so we can never locate them)?
* Osman planned to bring his wife and four children, all Muslims, to the U.S. from Africa. But it’s not even clear if he, or his aunt–Sulekha Ismail, who lived with him in Columbus–are even here legally. Where’s ICE Office of Investigations and Detention & Removal Operations when you need them? Attention, , , and .

Hope McClendon’s Trooper Husband is Casualty of Fraudulent Muslim CDLs

Equally disturbing is this fact:
Oklahoma’s Tulsa World is publishing a storm of sob stories about the Muslim trucker. Why? Why should we cry over a Muslim, not necessarily here legally, who apparently cheated on his CDL exam to fraudulently obtain a CDL, and then killed a cop?
And what about the cop? In a story on his children, who are now fatherless, the paper blames him for the accident.
Trooper William Lloyd “Bill” McClendon’s funeral was Thursday, and he left three children. Donations to help support them can be made at any SpiritBank location in Oklahoma or mailed to the William McClendon Children’s Fund, attention: Brandi Haskins, 1800 S. Baltimore Ave., Suite 1040, Tulsa, OK 74119.
If the FBI and the Dept. of Justice had done something on this school earlier, the death might have been avoided.

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16 Responses

Why are we importing Muslims into this country? They will never assimilate. They will always be loyal only to the “Muslim Nation.” The West is committing suicide. We don’t need to wait for them to cut our throats. We’re cutting our own throats right now.

FreethinkerNY on October 10, 2006 at 1:31 pm

How are we “importing” them?

Descent on October 10, 2006 at 1:35 pm

Import; the opposite of deport!
Ahh the hell with it

Walt from michigan on October 10, 2006 at 2:24 pm

This is insane, she takes every single accident, murder and put a racial and religious tone to it. I do not see her reporting on the killing of the Amish girls, or the killing in Colorado. Or the Waco texas Killing of the Fundies
Debbie is irrational and see thinhs

thirdgoat on October 10, 2006 at 2:44 pm

Hey thirdgoat,
Debbie specializes in islamofascist wackos. Osman was a Muslim, driving with an illegally obtained CDL, driving a faulty vehicle, and didn’t seem to know how to drive an 18 wheeler( he veered into the left lane) First point, when you see a cop with his flashers on, you(1) slow down/stop, (2) pull over to the RIGHT, and not veer to the left, (3) keep out of the cop’s way. Second point, it is the DRIVER’S RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the vehicle is in proper working order, so his faulty brakes are a MAJOR REASON that the cop is dead. Third point, Muslims have one goal in life, and that is to offer three choices to every non-muslim. Choice #1-Convert to Islam, choice #2-pay a tax if you do not convert, and be a second class citizen who cannot celebrate your own religion, choice #3 War with Islam (and ANY war the Muslims fight with anybody is TO THE DEATH).
So Debbie doesn’t take EVERY accident/murder on, BUT SHE DOES, RIGHTLY AND JUSTIFIABLY, DISCUSS EVERY SITUATION IN WHICH A MUSLIM IS INVOLVED, AND WHICH WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO AN AMERICAN. And I don’t need to hear the nonsense that these are “fringe radicals” and not “mainstream”. The so called moderate muslims haven’t said a word to shut these wackos up, so it is obvious that they AGREE WITH THE WACKOS.

Codekeyguy on October 10, 2006 at 5:02 pm

Debbie, this is truly tragic for the family of Trooper McClendon.
And sadly, we can now expect the rationalization of allowing immigrants of dubious status to not follow the rules. We can expect local, federal, and state authorities to come up with their justifications for not immediately following up on investigations. (Why is the letter informing the driver of the truck that he retake the tests, scheduled to be mailed later this month?) TulsaWorld.com and other news media will continue the sympathetic spin towards Hussein Haji-Ege Osman.
Thank you for all the good work you do.

Rocky on October 10, 2006 at 5:48 pm

Again, another opportunity to defend my legacy Customs brethren now hijacked into this lunacy called ICE.
Again, ICE OI gets the proverbial shaft from a frustrated and (rightfully) angry public over the death of this fine LEO; of course, I, and all of my colleagues, mourn his death. Furthermore, we will always be haunted by the circumstances under which he died.
Howver, yet again, the public misplaces this anger against ICE Special Agents, who are burdened with 100% more work (Immigration AND Customs), and only 33% more staffing (and collapsing daily) and who knows how much less funding (much of which will go to bail out other misfeasant ICE entities like FPS for their financial mismanagement). SAC offices around the country must make daily decisions on how to prioritize a non-existent mission vis-a-vis their staffing and funding levels. Unfortunately, everything is important to everyone, but noone, especially Congress or an apathetic and pathetic public wants to give ICE OI the tools it needs to do its job.
My condolences to the family and colleagues of Trooper McClendon. However I, and many of my legacy Customs colleagues, go to bed with a clear conscience at night knowing that we have done the best we can given the odds stacked against us. If you want to extract accountability here, may I suggest asking our PRESIDENT, our CONGRESS and a LIBERAL, CRY-BABY, WISHY-WASHY AMERICAN PUBLIC why they don’t want strict, by the book, immigration ENFORCEMENT in this country, and ask what consequences this has wreaked on our nation (By the way, may I remind you of the two recent line of duty deaths of a police officer in Houston (by an illegal who was re-entry after deportation and in Polk Co., FL by an individual most likely an illegal alien (still being confirmed)).

4EVERCUSTOMS on October 10, 2006 at 6:04 pm

You really believe Debbie was right and justified when she wrote the headline back in August: “Inside Scoop on Islamic Cell Phone Buyers Who Planned to Blow Up Mackinac Bridge”
After hours and hours of questioning, the terrorism charges against these guys were dropped. Did Debbie issue a retraction? No.
Or how about when Debbie wrote this whopper of a headline, also in August: “All-American Terrorists: How Dearbornistan Boys Went From Football Field to Islamic Terror; TracFone Detonators & Passenger Lists”
Same story here. Terrorism charges were dropped, but no retration from Debbie.
Libel is right and justified? Since when?
“I don’t need to hear the nonsense that these are “fringe radicals” and not “mainstream”. The so called moderate muslims haven’t said a word to shut these wackos up, so it is obvious that they AGREE WITH THE WACKOS.”
Nonsense. Here are scores of links to Muslims denouncing terrorism and extremists:

Avalon on October 10, 2006 at 6:19 pm

First, I just reviewed the scores of links denouncing terrorism. The bulk were dated within two weeks of 9/11/01. Very few post that date. Does this mean that Muslims condemned the 9/11 terrorism but don’t condemn later terrorist acts? The butchers in Iraq, Afganistan, Somalia, are still killing “in the name of Allah”, and are allowed to continue with the tacit approval of “World Islam”.
If you have any recent postings decrying the butchery of Hamas, Hesbollah,the Iraqi insurgents, the Taliban in Afganistan, please forward to me. If you have any information showing ANYTHING being done BY MUSLIMS or MUSLIM COUNTRIES to root out and incarcerate terrorist organizations within their borders, please forward to me.
Second, In Michigan, because the US establishment there is TOTALLY POLITICALLY CORRECT. Muslims will get a pass, right or wrong.
Third, CAIR supports terrorist organizations, so anything said in its name is suspect at best, a lie at worst.
Fourth, yes I do believe Debbie when she writes. She does her homework, gets first hand information, and being an attorney, knows the proper way to present the facts to avoid accusations of libel ( even though she is accused of it regularly, I don’t see CAIR, or any of the other people she has supposedly libeled bringing charges. Could it be that they are afraid of what would be discovered when UNDER OATH?).
Sorry, Avalon, but I feel that Islam, from the 7th century to date, has only one goal: to convert the world to Islam, and to eliminate all who do not convert.

Codekeyguy on October 10, 2006 at 8:19 pm

Descent raised an eyebrow over the word choice of “importing” Muslims. That seems to be the net effect of American immigration policy. Here’s a Western nation that seeks to import Muslims:

Jeremiah on October 10, 2006 at 9:25 pm

This is just the beginning not only are we importing muslim drivers, who obviously can’t drive, the administration is trying to get OTR drivers from Mexico, and the new border fence Bill has NOT been signed by the President.
It will be people like Avalon, Gregn, Descent and turdgoat who have so much empathy for terrorists, or for that matter anybody who trashes this country. That they do not want to defend this country but would rather sell it down the drain in defense of the very people who will kill even them. It this empathy or sutpidity.
One thing to remember if you are a liberal you are still considered an ‘Infidel’ therefore, you are on their list too. Also remember they get the virgins, you do not.

mark on October 11, 2006 at 9:20 am

Great line, Mark.
Of course, liberals don’t get virgins. They are usually deflowered BEFORE the liberal gets them.

Loser on October 13, 2006 at 12:06 am

I highly respect Debbie’s opinions and read her column regularly, but in this case I have to disagree with her take on this tragic accident.
I have driven trucks in the past and the trooper is at fault for pulling out in front of the truck. Troopers regularly park on the shoulder with lights flashing while ticketing motorists and traffic is not expected to stop. There is no way the driver could have known the trooper was going to attempt a u turn right in front of him and it is obvious the trooper didn’t see the truck or he wouldn’t have pulled out.
It is standard practice for truckers to change lanes to the left when passing cars on the shoulder for safety and courtesy so whoever wrote he was at fault for that is wrong. The trucks faulty brakes are a big no-no, but may have played no role in the wreck at all, because the truck was likely in the trooper’s blind spot and hitting the brakes would have been hopeless.
The trooper should have made his u turn from the fast lane onto the inside shoulder, through the median barriers and then onto the opposing lanes.
We had a police officer die in the exact same type of u-turn incident and the truck driver was not cited.
This isn’t to say the school isn’t a fraud at all,
and I’m not a fan of Muslims, but this driver should not be chastized for the trooper’s fatal mistake.

Broncodawg on October 16, 2006 at 4:29 pm

Broncodawg have you tried to make a u-turn on a turnpike? I don’t think so cause if you have you would know that you cannot make the turn by being in the fast lane. The trooper was not at fault. The truck driver failed to yield to an emergency vehicle. You don’t know anything about the wreck so don’t be putting blame on a highly trained trooper versus a poorly trained un-registered, un-licensed truck driver. Give me a break.

OHP2B on December 18, 2007 at 5:29 pm

Miss Schlussell,

I respect you for your honorable position on the horrors that happen to Christians at the hand of terrorists.
I wish there were more people like you.

winnie the pooh on May 29, 2011 at 12:49 pm

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