October 13, 2006, - 5:20 pm

Wall Street Journal Reporter Needs to Check Facts on Terror-Funding Charity

Somebody needs to teach Wall Street Journal “reporter” Sally Beatty how to report. It means checking facts, investigating, not just regurgitating. Just trying Google would be a start for this woman.
In today’s Wall Street Journal, Beatty’s “Giving Back” column is subtitled, “Nonprofits Fight Terror Guidelines.” In it, she sympathizes with a host of lefty and Islamist charities on our shores who don’t want to do due diligence on their recipients, who are often terrorists or terrorist money launderers.
That’s bad enough. But, then, this airhead “reporter” goes and quotes extremist, terror-apologist lawyer Ihsan Alkhatib, general counsel for Islamic charity LIFE for Relief and Development, as an example of a Muslim charity that has “struggled to comply” with U.S. Treasury requirements to root out terrorists:

Islamofascists Lie for LIFE for Relief & Development

(Debbie Schlussel Islamofascist Fan Club by David Lunde)

“Even if you comply with all of these, there is no guarantee you won’t get in trouble,” says Ihsan Alkhatib, a lawyer working with Life for Relief & Development, a Muslim charity in Southfield, Mich.

Puh-leeze. Doesn’t this woman do a speck of research? LIFE was raided by the FBI just weeks ago. And as I wrote on this site ( and ) and in the , the “charity” hardly complied with the laws against funding terrorism. They skirted them. The charity apparently violated embargo laws against dealing with Saddam’s Iraq, funded HAMAS through its Jordanian operation, had ties to Al-Qaeda, and laundered money to Al-Qaeda terrorist insurgents blowing up our soldiers all over Iraq.
The charity openly embraces Islamic extremism and terrorism. One of its key employees fled the country, and another one of its apparent terrorist money-launderers to Qaeda in Iraq was recently shot to death there–a start.
Had this “reporter” done the research she’d know at least some of this. But she didn’t. Talk about journalistic malpractice. The Wall Street Journal’s reporters are generally top notch in investigating, verifying, and reporting information. This woman is a clear aberration who does not belong at the venerable national newspaper.

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3 Responses

Debbie, IMO these are not innocent omissions or laziness on the part of our greatest national treasure and best and brightest: The MSM…
It is is a purposeful concerted effort by these American Fifth Columnist Dhimmi Leftards to deceieve, dupe, trick and fool us in support of the jihadis

ted on October 14, 2006 at 9:03 pm

The media have either become incredibly sloppy, or intentionally so. Whether it’s the Foley “scandal” or reporting about the leftist insurgencies wedded to Democrat fundraising and terror groups fronting themselves as “charities” and/or “advocacy” groups. The media continues to drop the ball on analysis and instead devotes columns to “unnamed sources” when speculating about their political enemies (Republicans) alleged malfeasance regarding Plame, Foley, Hastert, WMD & voting “irregularities” in Ohio.
There seems to be unlimited space in papers and on TV for these fictional projections, yet little space or time devoted to sorting out the myths from what’s factual.

P. Aaron on October 15, 2006 at 8:57 am

IF i had a dime for every inaccurately researched story i saw on Fox “news” i’d have Katie Couric money by now!!!
As you so astutely pointed out, HOW THE HELL can anyone broadcast such major inaccuracies when Google is right at their fingertips???
CBS’ broadcast of the Bush National Gurad records was unforgivable, but so was Steve Malzberg [then with WABC Talk Radio in NYC] reading FROM HIS OWN COPY and blithely saying, “FOIA, whatever that means” as he tried to pontificate against a news item based on a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT finding!
i don’t know about you, but i KNEW what the FOIA was by the eighth grade—what your homegirl, Ann Coulter, calls “opinion journalism” as she derisively proclaimed ‘the liberal media don’t GET’ is not journalism at all!!!
BOTH sides of the media aisle seems to have lost their way…as they used to say in “Dragnet”—Just the facts, ma’am—but it looks like FACTS have been lost somewhere along the INFORMATION HIGHWAY…wtf???

EminemsRevenge on October 16, 2006 at 12:06 pm

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