July 30, 2010, - 12:38 pm

Attention, Terrorists, Illegal Aliens: Git Yer US Passport Here

By Debbie Schlussel

As I always say, America’s attitude toward fighting terrorism and the Islamic forces behind it is like the old Adam Ant hit from the ’80s, “Desperate But Not Serious.”  And now we have even more of it.  More of it that puts more lie to the claim that illegal alien amnesty and not enforcing Arizona’s immigration law are in America’s best long-run interests.


Shukran [Thanks], American Infidels, For Making It Easy for Me to Get a Great Satan Passport

Gee, if we can’t even enforce who gets a passport, how the heck are we gonna determine anything under illegal alien amnesty . . . like who’s been here for as long as they claim and whether their documentation of those claims is legit?

Attention, illegal aliens and terrorists:

Posing as someone else and using fake birth certificates and driver’s licenses to get a U.S. passport can still work. For the second time in two years, government investigators exposed a gaping hole in the country’s security by deliberately using fraudulent material to obtain passports.

The investigation by the Government Accountability Office, detailed on Capitol Hill Thursday, demonstrates . . . how an illegally obtained U.S. passport — one of the most sought after travel documents in the world — could provide cover for drug dealers, murderers and others trying to avoid capture.

In the most recent probe, GAO investigators applied for seven passports and received three, no eyebrows raised. In two other cases, the applications were initially approved but later denied when fraud was discovered. State Department officials rejected two other bogus applications.

In a similar investigation in March 2009, government investigators used phony documents and the identities of a dead man and a 5-year-old boy to obtain U.S. passports. One investigator used the Social Security number of a man who died in 1965, a fake New York birth certificate and a fake Florida driver’s license. He received a passport four days later.

In the latest ruse, conducted between January and June of this year, investigators used a fake Florida birth certificate, fake West Virginia driver’s license and a recently issued Social Security number for a 62-year-old applicant. The same picture was used for multiple applications under different names.

It’s no surprise that passport fraud is as easy as it ever was. Hmmm . . . it’s been almost nine years since 9/11, and yet it’s the same ole’, same ole’.

Looks like Barack Obama’s BS about asking for people’s papers at the ice cream shop is even more false than we originally diagnosed because illegal aliens have the papers, including these fraudulently obtained passports.

Oh, and by the way, since passports are issued by Hillary Clinton’s State Department, she’s to blame in large part for this ongoing passport fraud. Whether her daughter is getting married in a multi-million dollar confab, this weekend, is really irrelevant, as America’s borders remain unsafe while she allows this to continue.

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I wonder if those who are promoting illegal immigration into the United States (and by extension, “no borders”) have thought through “the concept.” In “Defeat of the Mind” the author puts together a scathing rebuke in the chapter entitled: “We are the World; We are the Children.” (it’s almost funny — some are, regardless of stated age, the equivalent of minor children/simpletons in their starry-eyed naiveté and one-worldism…just hope it doesn’t end up with mass casualties.)

J.S. on July 30, 2010 at 1:07 pm

I have a secret I need to let everyone know…

I’m a homosexual muslum who’s afraid of my sexual proclivities…

That’s why I spew so much hate…

as goes Israel - so goes the world on July 31, 2010 at 12:34 am

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